Qualified nutritionist

Jodie Theia ANutr, GDipNut, BSc, BA, Nutrition


“Vibrant health is holistic; there’s no other way around it!”

Meet Jodie (ANutr, GDipNut, BSc, BA), whose story began as a professional dancer, coach and choreographer. Right now, she has grown into a postgraduate university qualified nutritionist, personal trainer and mum with over 13 years’ experience in the fitness industry.

If you’ve been looking for a coach, who can make you continue working no matter what, yet is always ready to give you a helping hand and compassion, Jodie is the one to reach out to.

Jodie’s mission is to empower women to feel vibrantly healthy, bursting with energy and liberated from body image concerns.

My Moving Journey…

My journey to my present self was not a sunny and happy one. I had to struggle a lot. It was constant misunderstanding with the food, body image, self-confidence, PTSD and gut problems. One day, I committed myself to learn all I can about the science of nutrition, cooking techniques and healthy eating. I managed to get rid of toxic relationships, lucrative scientific scholarships, starvation and chronic stress.

As I implemented these changes in my lifestyle, I achieved a momentous shift in my outlook and health. It was not a one-month process. It took me years to learn viewing food and exercising at a different angle: not as self-punishment or the enemy of your freedom, but as a source of nourishment, enjoyment and self-care. Moving Nutrition is an evolving manifestation of my journey, discoveries and passions.

My history began as that of an elite athlete, dancer and coach/choreographer. I worked as a coach in cheerleading for the Melbourne Tigers and other reputable sports teams.

The thriving Cheerleading Club at Monash University that I founded became famous for multiple international and championship titles earned by the teams that I coached. You can check out a YouTube video of us competing at Dance Worlds here.

The love for sports at a young age was the merit of my passionate and athletic mother. Ever since early childhood, she has encouraged me into a number of sports, such as netball, softball, basketball, tennis and calisthenics. This is where my knowledge of fitness and movement roots in.

Being a happy mother to a beautiful toddler and an advocate for mental health, it is incredibly important for me to promote awareness about lifestyle and nutrition for depression and other mental health challenges.

I went through a very tough period in my life, when I suddenly and tragically lost my mother to suicide in 2004. I spent a decade trying to find my way out of PTSD and all of the “wonderful” issues that adjunct. My healing journey wouldn’t come to the present landmark, if I wouldn’t have embraced food and movement as medicine + most importantly, if I wouldn’t be sharing that with other people.

About my professional qualifications

The moto of my first and most beloved university summarizes beautifully my philosophy of education: ‘Ancora Imparo’ (I am always learning). I do my best to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings within the constantly evolving health and wellness industry, as well as emerging nutrition science. Still, I am just a human being and a new mum with new responsibilities, so am limited by time and resources… but I always remain humble with my level of knowledge and embrace the opportunity to learn together.

About my current qualifications

  • Postgraduate Diploma of Human Nutrition from Deakin University (2015)
  • Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts from Monash University (2012)
  • Certificate III & IV of Fitness from FIA Fitnation (2015)
  • Associate Member of the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA)
  • Member of the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA)

About my areas of specialization

I specialize in a few areas and I mostly focus on these themes.

  • General nutrition advice
  • Gastrointestinal (gut) health
  • Mood (anxiety and depression)
  • Sports nutrition
  • Strength & conditioning for dancers
  • Weight concern – loss, gain, non-dieting approach
  • Women’s health
  • Preconception, pregnancy and beyond
  • Body image positivity
  • Wellbeing
  • Chronic stress
  • Healthy ageing
  • Functional training
  • Resistance training
  • Group fitness
  • Core strength & flexibility

Each area of specialization stems from either a deep personal experience or a well-developed education.

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