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Check our sellers' prices. Duromine 30mg price starts from 490 AUD/1 box

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Register or Login on the forum

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After you become a Registered Member go to the Proven Sellers section on the forum. Choose the seller and contact him via a private message. Sellers should answer for your request within 48 hours, but typically reply in 8-12 hours. If you haven't received an answer from the seller within 48 hours, please contact the forum administration

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Agree on the details for Duromine order with the seller and pay for it

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Get your Duromine delivered in 3 days (Australia) and start your weight loss. If you face any difficulties, we are available for you in the Live chat

Who are proven Duromine sellers

Proven Duromine seller is a registered forum user, who sells Duromine to other forum users.

But before the seller becomes a proven one, he goes through rigorous testing by the forum administration.

During this testing, the seller sends a trial package of 5 pills to a designated forum user, thus proving that he is actually capable of delivering the pills.

Once the designated forum users receives the pills, he announces the adminstration of the forum about the successful delivery, and whether the pills are geniune.

Only after such confirmation, the seller becomes a proven one and is allowed to start his own thread.

But that’s not all!

The seller has to provide proof of the stocks availability by attaching photos of the stock to his thread. This allows the users and the administration see that the pills actually are in stock.

Such measures were taken, because we want to save our users from scammers, which are plenty out there.

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Trusted duromine sellers


As you can see from the reviews above, all buyers are very happy with the services of the proven sellers. The best news is that the delivery is indeed fast, if you choose to buy with local Australian sellers.

Thanks Charlotte! ☺️ Quick delivery. Arrived in a few days. Sent Thursday and arrived Tuesday (Monday being a public holiday).
I would like to recommend @Anne_R She is so lovely! I've already received my Duromine Thank you so much for your help!!!
@Anne_R Received my pack yesterday. Need one more! Please contact me. I want to purchase one more pack from you 🙂
Highly recommended seller, very quick and easy transaction. Received within 2 days (considering current AUST Post processing times), product as pictured in the add. No complaints. Will use again.
Great service, highly recommend. Delivered within 2 days. Very responsive to messages lovely to deal with.
Charlotte, thank you very much, super fast delivery Original product.!
Highly recommend Anne! She posted my pack at 2:30pm Wednesday, I received it at 2:30pm the next day!!! She was a pleasure to deal with and made everything super easy, will be buying from her again for sure 🙂
I’ve made 2 painless purchases with Anne. Highly recommended.

Why is it convenient to buy Duromine online at a proven seller

Visit a doctor
You don't have to visit a doctor to get a prescription
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You can buy Duromine 30 mg and 40 mg online
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You can choose the vendor, whose offer and services you like the most
No customs clearance
2-3 days delivery time

Buy Duromine Online in Australia

When you buy Duromine online, you want to be sure that you receive a 100% authentic product from a proven seller.

Here are the most popular questions about Duromine online purchase.

How can I buy Duromine online? is a unique place where you can safely buy Duromine online and receive it within 2-3 days. Moreover, on our website, you can find different generic brands.

Duromine tablets or capsules?

Original Duromine is released in the form of capsules. You can find Duromine capsules online on the Forum or ask for the Phentermine or Metermine 30mg price from the proven sellers. All you need is to follow the instructions above.

How can I buy Duromine online in Australia?

You can buy Duromine online in Australia from our Australian proven sellers who provide express shipping. Your order will be delivered in 1-3 days. Many customers interested in uromine buy online using this option. Feel free to check the customers’ feedback on the Forum.

What is Duromine 30mg price?

Our sellers can offer you different Duromine 30mg prices. You can ask the sellers for Duromine 15mg price as well. The costs vary from 480 AUD to 530 AUD per pack. The price includes express shipping in Australia. According to our practice, these are the most popular customers’ dosages.

To buy Duromine 30mg online, please follow the step-by-step guide above.

What is Duromine 40mg price?

As mentioned above, Duromine’s 40mg price depends on the seller. The average price per 1 pack is 600 AUD. The price includes express shipping on the territory of Australia.

Important! We kindly ask you to think twice before you buy Duromine 40mg. 40 mg is the highest Duromine dosage. We would recommend you try Duromine 15 mg or 30 mg if you take it for the very first time.

What is the price of Duromine at a chemist warehouse and online?

At first sight, the price online may seem to be higher than at the chemist warehouse. But don’t forget, when you purchase Duromine in a chemist warehouse, you need to have the doctor’s prescription. At the same time, not all pharmacies have Duromine for sale. However, using the online option, you can save time and money. You don’t need to pay for a doctor, and you don’t need to go to a chemist’s warehouse. You receive your order in 1-3 days in front of your door. Besides that, you can always find the support of our Duromine community.

Can I buy Duromine online with my Tether (USDT)?

Of course! You can buy Duromine online using Tether (USDT). To find more information about payment options, you can contact our proven sellers.