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Duromine: Know Your Weight Loss Pill Before You Use It

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Ellen Moran


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Brand name: Duromine [djˈʊ͡əɹəmˌa͡ɪn]
Generic version: Metermine
Active ingredient: Phentermine [ˈntəmɪ:n]
Schedule: S4
Manufacturer: iNova Pharmaceuticals

This Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) is intended for persons living in Australia and New Zealand.

Consumer Medicine Information (CMI) summary

On the next page, you’ll find the whole CMI. For any concerns regarding this medication, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Leaflet with consumer medicine information

Before taking Duromine, please be sure to read this leaflet thoroughly.


Why am I using Duromine? What is it used for?

Duromine is an anorectic drug suggested in the therapy of obesity as a short-term adjuvant to exercise, food (caloric/kilojoule restriction), and behavior change in obese individuals. The leading indicator of obesity is a BMI of 30 kg/m2 or above. Overweight people with a BMI (25 to 29.9 kg/m2) that increases the risk of morbidity may start Duromine. Before prescribing the medication, a doctor should exclude secondary organic reasons for obesity.

Body Mass Index Calculator

BMI Calculator

BMI is calculated by dividing your weight in kilograms by your height in metres squared.

Enter your measurements and click ‘calculate’ for your body mass index.

If your BMI is above or below the normal range but you consider yourself to be of normal and healthy weight for your height, chat with your doctor about any potential health concerns.

This calculator has been reviewed by NeverGiveUpTeam experts and is based on reputable sources of medical research. It is not a diagnostic tool and should not be relied on as a substitute for professional medical or other professional health advice.

What should I know before I take Duromine?

Precautions before taking Duromine

Tell your doctor if you answered “yes” at least to one question. Duromine isn’t suited for people with particular illnesses or must be taken cautiously.


Do not use Duromine if:

Do not take this medication if the container is damaged or exhibits evidence of manipulation.
Return expired or damaged medications to your pharmacist.

Consult your doctor if you take other drugs or have:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, see your doctor. If you’re planning to breastfeed or are already doing so, make an appointment with your attending physician.

What if I am taking other medicines?

Tell your doctor or pharmacist about taking any medications, including vitamins and supplements. Some drugs may impact how Duromine works.

We talk about:

How do I take Duromine?

How much to take

When to take Duromine

If you forget to use Duromine

If you use too much Duromine

You may need urgent medical attention if you think you have taken too much Duromine.

You should immediately:

Phone the Poisons Information Centre (by calling 13 11 26 in Australia or 0800 764 766 [0800 POISON] in New Zealand), or contact your doctor, or go to the Emergency Department at your nearest hospital.

You should do this even if there are no signs of discomfort or poisoning.

What should I know while taking Duromine?

Things you should do

Call your doctor straight away if you:

Things you should not do

Driving or using machines

Drinking alcohol

Looking after your medicine

Getting rid of any unwanted medicine

Are there any side effects?

Every drug has adverse effects. Minor side effects are usually transient, but some do need medical care. If you have concerns regarding side effects, contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Less serious side effects

Less serious side effectsWhat to do
feeling more awake than usual and trouble sleeping;
your heart seems to beat faster and harder;
your blood pressure may be raised slightly;
irregular heartbeats;
feeling restless;
feelings of extreme happiness followed by depression and tiredness;
tremor (shaking);
diarrhoea or constipation;
stomach cramps;
dry mouth or an unpleasant taste in your mouth;
you cannot exercise as much as you usually can;
difficulty passing urine;
skin rashes;
changes in sexual drive;
swelling of the lower limbs;
swelling of the face;
sudden or rapid weight loss.
Speak to your doctor
if you have any of these less serious side effects and they worry you.

Serious side effects

Serious side effectsWhat to do
heart attack;
chest pain;
myocardial infarction;
difficulty breathing.
Call your doctor immediately,
or go to the Emergency Department
at your nearest hospital
if you notice any of these serious adverse effects.

Reporting side effects

After seeking medical advice, you may report adverse effects to the Therapeutic Goods Administration  in Australia or Medsafe in New Zealand. You can help determine the medicine’s safety by reporting adverse effects. Before stopping any medications, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

To better understand the adverse effects of the medicine, we conducted a poll of our forum members. Here is what we’ve got.

Side effects of Duromine

Chart with real user feedback, based on 126 votes.

What Duromine contains

Active ingredient (main ingredient)Phentermine
Other ingredients (inactive ingredients)lactose monohydrate;
liquid paraffin;
magnesium stearate;
gelatin capsules hard PI (1947);
titanium dioxide;
iron oxide black (CI 77499);
sodium polystyrene sulfonate.
Duromine 15 mg also contains:brilliant blue FCF (CI 42090);
iron oxide yellow (CI 77492).
Duromine 30 mg also contains:iron oxide red (CI 77491).
Duromine 40 mg also contains:erythrosine (CI 45430);
sunset yellow FCF (CI 5985.
Potential allergenssugars as lactose monohydrate.

What Duromine looks like

Duromine capsules are available in three strengths in packs of 30 capsules and two strengths in packs of 7 capsules.

15 mg - AUST R 10941
Grey and green and marked DUROMINE 15
15 mg duromine effectiveness
30 mg - AUST R 76680
Grey and reddish brown and marked DUROMINE 30
duromine capsule 30mg
40 mg - AUST R 10942
Grey and orange and marked DUROMINE 40
weight loss duromine 40 mg

Who distributes Duromine

Location:AustraliaNew Zealand
Company:iNova Pharmaceuticals (Australia) Pty LimitediNova Pharmaceuticals (New Zealand) Pty Limited 
Address:Level 10, 12 Help StreetChatswood NSW 206774 Westney Road, Airport Oaks, Auckland
Phone:Tel: 1800 630 056Tel: 0508 375 394


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Healthdirect is not for emergency usage. Call triple zero (000) if you have an acute sickness, overdose, or emergency.

When created, correct information was provided. This material shouldn’t be used to replace medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please see our T&Cs.

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  1. Very informative, thank you. Handy for me was the info about side effects. It is good that everything is assembled in one place.

  2. Everything is simple and straightforward. But I was surprised that you can take pills before breakfast. Isn’t it strange? Is it possible to take medication on an empty stomach?

  3. WoW! So many precautions before using it. Suggests the doubt… Probably I should be more serious and talk to my doctor…

  4. I find it so annoying I should tell everyone I take Duromine, even a dentist. I get the importance, but still. It annoys me a lot. Who can relate?

  5. Oops .. And I shared my medication once. Well, that person had the prescription earlier, and I just gave her my pills cause I didn’t need them. Not a big deal. I don’t see any reason why I wasn’t right.

  6. I can’t exercise while I take Duromine. The article advises calling a doctor. My doc said it’s OK. Should I change a doctor then?))

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