Duromine and Metformin

Ellen Moran

Ellen Moran


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– Updated February 15, 2022

Duromine and Metformin. Which medicine for weight loss is better and why?

What to consider when choosing a medication to lose the extra pounds? First of all, you should analyze the impact Duromine and Metformin have on your body and learn about each drug’s side effects and possibilities. After all, patients are focused on the result, and the right choice of medicine can definitely help with it. 

Metformin and Duromine together

What is Duromine?

Duromine affects the area of the brain that sends out signals when and how much to eat. It helps patients overcome binge eating disorder and take control of their appetite. The key effect of Duromine is making a person feel less hungry. Patients don’t limit themselves in food because they don’t want to eat everything at once. They are not stressed and don’t feel miserable. 

When you decide to choose Duromine, you may wonder – “Where and how to buy it?”. NGU team experts made a detailed guide with the answers to all the questions related to the drug purchase. 

What is Metformin?

Metformin is a medication that helps to lower your blood sugar level. It was initially designed to treat diabetes. However, it’s often used in overweight patients.

 So, why is it prescribed together with weight-loss medicines?

The thing is that, unlike its analogs, Metformin doesn’t cause weight gain during diabetes treatment. It decreases glucose production and redistributes it to cover energy expenditure during muscle activity. 

The only similarity between Duromine and Metformin is that both of them can affect weight loss. But for Metformin, it is not the primary purpose of the medication. A person can lose a few kilos during diabetes treatment. Besides, one of the side effects it may cause is loss of appetite. 

Many people with obesity and different types of diabetes discuss drug interactions at the forum. You can see patients sharing their experiences here

Both drugs significantly affect the body, and inappropriate usage may lead to severe consequences. Only your doctor can decide whether you can take Duromine and Metformin together. 

Even if you are allowed to take Duromine and Metformin simultaneously, you should be very careful and consistent. When fighting obesity, your health should always come first. If you ignore experts’ advice, you won’t lose weight quickly.

Be responsible, and the result will not be long to come!


When choosing between Duromine and Metformin for weight loss, it’s essential to understand their distinct mechanisms of action. Duromine acts on brain signals regulating hunger, thus controlling appetite. Metformin, primarily a diabetes medication, does not cause weight gain and may induce modest weight loss. While both drugs could aid weight loss, using them concurrently should be under close medical supervision. Ultimately, patient health should be prioritized above quick weight loss outcomes. Always consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice.


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