About Us

We started in 2009. The Team consisted of a group of enthusiasts, who were fighting for their health, and did all they could to lose weight. On their weight loss journey, they were using weight loss drugs, and decided that they should share their success stories and mistakes with other people to help them improve their life quality.

Australia weight loss community was initiated on Facebook, and many many people all over the world appreciated the assistance and dedication of the Team. Later, the community was banned because of the trademark issues.

And this is when Weight loss Forum Australia was born! It took time to attract new active members and professionals in various fields of weight loss to gather as much useful information for the Forum Members, as possible. We went through ups and downs, introduced changes, and tried things…

… 2019, and here we are, a large Australia Weight Loss Community, with ten thousand users, and we can proudly say that our Forum, Forum Team and Forum Members help new members achieve their weight loss goals and never give up on their weight loss dreams, no matter what happens.

Due to trademark owners’ warnings, we had to switch to a new domain in order to maintain our weight loss Forum alive. DuromineForum.com has switched to ngu1.team, and we’re going strong as ever.

Support is an indispensable aspect for a successful weight loss campaign, and you can be sure to get the support and motivation that you need to keep going.

In addition, our Forum became a safer place thanks to the Team of forum defenders, known as the Slayers Team, which is headed by a notable Forum Member – Dre. Together with the Forum Administration and other dedicated men and women, the Slayers catch scammers and help us all feel safe and sound.

If you need to find the answers to your questions on weight loss or get an expert review on a weight loss diet or other weight loss pills, you can find them here, on ngu1.team. If you don’t find them, you always can ask, and get a comprehensive answer or review soon.

You get the access to information about the main aspects of a weight loss drugs, possible side effects, and ways of coping with them, as well as general notions on a healthy lifestyle and the possibility of meeting new people.

We invite you to ngu1.team weight loss forum and wish you a pleasant journey! We are sure that you will enjoy the time you spend here. Welcome and best of luck!