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Jun 1, 2019


Welcome to a completely new and very much improved you. If you are willing to put in some time and effort, you can lose and keep off the weight that has been holding you back and bringing you down.


Me weighing 322lbs, before I started my diet :eyes:

Before I tell you a little about myself, you need to know something. You are already on a diet. Your diet is what you eat, whether good or bad. Don't think of the word diet and think 'hungry, tired, failure' etc. Instead think of your diet as eating to make yourself feel good, energetic, motivated and positive.

It is a new way of life, not a temporary fix to a simple problem. Your health is extremely important and affects every aspect of your life. Remember this and your weight loss will be successful. I was always overweight. I was a chubby child and throughout my teenage years my weight spiralled upwards out of control. Food always got the better of me, and once the depression kicked in, I was in that vicious circle that many overweight people are very familiar with [pictured below].


I was unhappy at high school and never involved myself in the activities that many others did. OK I had friends and went out socialising, but sports and adventure trips were beyond me. I never had the confidence to talk to girls, and spent much of my time sat in my bedroom on my computer playing games or watching TV or films.

By the time I was 18 years old I weighed 19 stone [close to 250 pounds]. The only thing I looked forward to at all was going to the pub with my mate and getting drunk. A big night out in the city was rare, as I was never keen on going, and when I did I simply got drunk and hid away.

At 22 years old, feeling depressed, inactive, not confident, tired [mentally and physically], single and unhappy with my quality of life, I stepped on the scales to learn I had reached 23 stone – that is 322 pounds.

I had dieted before for short periods, usually ranging from 1-7 days, but had never managed to lose any weight. I genuinely believed it could not be done by me, and at such a weight, this scared me. I felt I may be doomed to be overweight until it finally killed me.

But here I am, 100 lbs down and feeling better than I ever hoped I would. Life is good, and if you feel that excess weight is making you unhappy in some way, then this book is going to help you a great deal along your path. My intention is to share with you the knowledge and resources I have gained, and to inspire you to strive to reach your goal, however far away it may seem.

Please don't let anything discourage you along the way, and trust the words in this book. They are spoken by someone who has been there, done that, and had to buy the T-shirt in XXXL, XXL, XL and L.:cool:

I would be delighted to help you become as happy and confident as I am.

Getting Motivated

Having realised that my weight was so high, and coming to terms with the fact that I might never be happy if I didn't lose the weight and that my future, lifespan and happiness were all in my hands, I decided to do something. This time however, things were different. I set my goals on getting myself a girlfriend.

I did not know at the time, but it was this motivation that pushed me through where other diets had failed.

I set about on google searching the internet for a sensible diet that would work. I did not want to do exercise as I did not have the confidence.

I assumed people would be watching and laughing at me if I went cycling or jogging, and the gym was out of the question. I didn't mind, however, exercising in the privacy of my bedroom at home where nobody, not even my family, would know.

There was little success in finding such a diet. I did find one diet that could be done in such a way, by following a set calorie limit, and doing a small number of push-ups, sit-ups etc., but the diet yielded no results after a couple of weeks, and so my search continued.

Eventually I struck gold with a small handful of websites [which are credited at the end of this book]. They contained much of the information I am providing you with in my book. On top of this, information was gathered from forums, where others losing weight shared their knowledge.

● Find something to motivate you to reach your goal.:sun:
● Think of your motivation as much as possible, to keep you going.
Try visiting Duromine weight loss forums

The Beginning
With all this information I had gathered, I decided to try a calorie controlled diet, with a little bit of cardiovascular exercise [cardiovascular exercise can be walking, swimming, running, cycling etc. - I chose walking as a nice simple starting point].

One website recommended 30 minutes of walking and so I [like a fool]:joy: did the full 30 minutes in my bedroom, walking on the spot.

It was boring, but I enjoyed the food I was eating and so followed the diet. The next day I drove out to the sea front 25 minutes from where I live and I walked along the shore for 15 minutes, and then back again. It was great fun and I was not embarrassed, so two days later [as it is recommended to do [cardiovascular exercise 3 or more times a week]:worried:

I went for a walk round the park, again for 30 minutes. Once again, I enjoyed it. In addition I was doing a small number of strength exercises in my room [push-ups etc.]:oops: on the same days as the walking.

After a week of enjoying the diet and exercise, I decided to see if it was working. I stepped up on the scales, expecting to see the 23 stone mark looking at me again. But it wasn't. It had gone down to 22. So I checked again, and once again, the results were 22 stone. I had lost 14 pounds in the first week. I knew this was it.

My Weight loss, from Start to Finish
Before I discuss what you need to do in order to get started on the same path as me, I will briefly overview the year in which I lost weight, from the moment I realised I had lost that first stone until the end where I had lost over 7 stone [which is approx 100 lbs]:cool: ...

From the moment I looked at the scales after losing 1 stone, I was ready for whatever was thrown at me. I knew I could lose weight and went about setting myself a goal. The goal was to lose 100 lbs. Not a magic number, but a weight I knew I would be healthy and comfortable at, and that I could achieve. Of course, there were sub goals – each month I set myself the goal of losing 8 lbs, although I usually ended up beating that goal easily. People were already noticing the difference in my face - it
was a lot thinner than before.

I increased the amount of walking I was doing and started doing about 40 minutes every day. After a couple of months, I started jogging. I was amazed at my own confidence. I started in the woods, where it was quiet with only a few bird watchers and dog walkers around, and jogged around for 20 minutes. I was tired by the end and had to reward myself with 4 x 30 second breaks in between, but I made it round the woods.

By now I was well on the way. I was still sticking with the diet, the strength exercises 3 times a week, and the jogging and walking. I went and bought a bike [bicycle] and started riding that. By the hot summer I was cycling 50 minutes and jogging 20 minutes every weekday. I felt good [not tired, in fact more energetic].:kissing:

Every so often I would hit a plateau – a period of time in which I lost no weight. These could last from a few days to nearly a month. I continued with my diet, but varied my exercise a little, and eventually bust through the plateaus. I had a really good holiday in June with my mates, I went swimming, went out at night and had a great time. I was confident, energetic and above all had fun. After the holiday, I carried on the diet and exercise, and eventually reached my main goal of losing 100 lbs.

Now I've got my girl:heart:, my life :kissing_heart: and my future:sun:. I love life and live it as much as I can.

You want in on this?:bomb:

:idea: Planning your Weight Loss
You've already got this book now, and so you are already on your way. Let's simplify the process of getting started by following these steps:

1. Decide on your motivation – anything you like.
2. Decide on your goal [this can be a weight, measurement, clothes size or just to feel better.
3. Start eating sensibly immediately [not tomorrow]:zzz:.
4. Start exercising as soon as possible, just a small amount, as often as you can

– this should be easy to decide on. There should be plenty of reasons to lose weight. Here are a few suggestions:

● Improve relationship/sex life
● Gain confidence
● Enjoy time with kids more
● Live longer
● Reduce illness
● Increase energy
● Improve your mind
● Improve mood​

Goal – you can use anything for your goal. It can be easier to use a number such as waist size or weight, but anything can be used to set your goal. I personally set myself a goal weight, which motivated me to do more to reach the goal quickly yet steadily.

Eating – we will be discussing the technicalities of the diet for you to follow later, but for now get it into your head that healthy food [fruits, vegetable, fish etc.] are good for you and should be eaten for most of your meals. High fat meats, fried food, greasy snacks and so on should not be eaten, or eaten in low quantities as some are beneficial. Try to get into this habit and soon enough it will become second nature to you.

Exercising – Try going for a short walk. Perhaps half an hour, maybe more if you can.

:idea:What to expect
So we've covered the reasons you want to lose weight, but before you start losing weight, it will be beneficial to know what to expect during the process.

Firstly, don't be disappointed if your weight loss is slow. Everybody is different, and for some people there may be no difference in weight even after dieting for a while. However, if you are following the diet properly, there will be a difference somewhere, even if you cannot see it. The weight loss will show up sooner or later. For me the results were clear on the scales after a week.

It is also common for the dieter to lose a lot of weight during the start of a diet due to water lost in the dieting process, and also your body's adjustments to what you are eating and the amount of exercising you are doing. This will slow down, hopefully leaving you with a steady weight loss.

Plateaus are the final thing I want to mention in this section. A plateau is a stage in your weight loss efforts where your progress seems to freeze. You may try many variations to your diet and exercise and yet it seems you are stuck at the same weight.

Don't worry – keep pushing on and eventually you will break through the plateau.

:idea:Your Diet
Please consult a doctor before changing your diet. He or she will advise you sensibly and help you to make decisions specific to you. When choosing an effective diet, you need to consider the following criteria. The diet should:

● Allow you to eat enough food without being hungry.
● Encourage eating of a healthy variety of foods.
● Be a sensible diet that can continue for the rest of your life.​

From my endless searching of the web for diets that meet all of the above criteria, I came up with a small selection of sensible ideas. Personally, the two top diet styles are:

Calorie control
– great for the technical minded people who may find that numbers and limits help to control what they eat and the exercise they do. Ensure, however, that you vary your food every day.

Healthy eating – obviously you would eat healthily on any diet, however healthy eating does not require counting of calories. It does require a lot of self control and the understanding of when you are hungry. When you are definitely hungry you eat something healthy. No counting or recording of what you eat if you don't want to.

:idea:Calories? What are they? How many should I have?

So you are interested in a calorie controlled diet? If so you need to think carefully about the number of calories you are going to consume.

You have a few options:

Firstly you could follow the GDA [guideline daily allowance]. This is 2000kcal for women and 2500kcal for men. If you consider yourself only slightly overweight then this seems a sensible option.

Your second option is the work out what you are currently eating, and reduce the amount gradually. Consider your average day – and count very thoroughly being sure to count all drinks, alcohol and snacks, as well as sauces and dressings. If, for example your average day amounts to around 3500 calories you could reduce to 3000 for a while. When comfortable, reduce again until you reach the GDA.

The third option – and one which I recommend all people do when they change their diet – is consult your doctor. He/she will tell you how many calories are right for your size, and will be able to provide you with additional helpful information.

:idea:Plan what you eat
This is a good idea – especially for those doing a calorie controlled diet. Fill out a spreadsheet, write in a notebook – whatever is easiest. Keep tabs on everything you eat, and your diet will be so much easier.

:idea:Exercising to lose weight
Note: Before carrying out any exercise you should consult your doctor. They will provide advice as to what exercise you are capable of doing.

Exercising can seem daunting. You may feel embarrassed about it, scared that you will do it wrong, that it is for thin people and so on. But exercise can be fun. No really! I tried it and liked it. Try this – go for a walk round your village/block/road or local park. Enjoy the fresh air. If you take it easy you shouldn't even find it difficult or tiring. Try to do this 3 times a week [or more if you want – the more the better].

Trust me this is a major step in your goal.

:idea:So you could devote half an hour on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to exercise?
Or maybe Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday? Mornings, afternoons, evenings or nights. It's up to you. Involve others with it. Or do it alone. Just do it though. If you do this you are well on your way.

:idea:Strength Exercises
In order to get the most out of your changed diet and to boost weight loss, as well as keeping yourself healthier and stronger, you need to do some strength training exercises. The reason strength exercises contribute so much to your weight loss is not due to the calories burned during the exercise (which is not as many as during cardiovascular exercise) but due to the fact that it increases lean muscle mass.

Muscles require a lot of calories to function, and so incorporating some strength training into your regime, you will boost your calorie burning [metabolism] during everyday routines.

Again you are presented with options:

Get script and buy Duromine
● Visit the gym:bomb:
● Do exercises that don't require equipment​

This kind of exercise requires a day break between each session, but does not take long. Try to do a little upper body exercises [such as push ups], some work on the middle section [sit ups, crunches], and some leg exercises [lying on your back and raising your legs up in the air and holding the position for 10 seconds].

If using Duromine consult documentation for information on various exercises. Try to do 15-30 minutes of strength exercises 3 times per week, with a day between each session. Don't push yourself too hard – you don't want to hurt yourself or put yourself out of action.

:idea:How much weight should you be lifting?

It is recommended that you lift a weight that you are comfortable with repeating 15 or so times. For example, if you can comfortably lift 10kg 15 times consecutively, and not much more, then you have found a good training weight for that particular exercise. When lifting 10kg 15 times becomes less challenging, try increasing the weight by a small amount, in order that you improve rather than maintain your lean muscle mass.

Remember – if you simply increase your repetitions you will be burning more calories but not increasing lean muscle mass. You need to up the weight and continue doing the same number of repetitions.

Also remember that muscle tissue weighs much more than fat so if you are not losing weight, remember you are gaining muscle tissue. Trust me this is much better that fat.

:idea:Your first day, and planning the rest

Okay so I have provided you with plenty of information to help you get started. Lets
get to it if you haven't already.

It doesn't matter what time of day you are reading this you can still get started. If it is
late you can plan out tomorrows day otherwise plan out the day ahead.

Think about what you would like to eat... cereal for breakfast? How about some healthy cereal like muesli or cornflakes? Why not add chopped banana or apple on top?

Dinner/Lunch could be tuna and/or salad on wholemeal bread or jacket potato. Perhaps tuna steak with boiled potatoes or simply a salad with a small dollop of salad cream or some light dressing. An apple or orange for afterwards.

For your Tea/Dinner you could have some boiled vegetables [or fresh uncooked – up to you], a boiled or poached egg and a couple of sausages [grilled]. Maybe throw in some crusty bread to dip in your egg. A yoghurt and piece of fruit afterwards. Make sure you use all your daily calories [if counting them] but don't go over.

Go for a 20 minute cardiovascular exercise session [even just a walk] and do some strength exercises. Enjoy your food and exercise and you will continue to lose weight until you reach your goal.

The best thing is that when you have lost the weight you will be able to maintain the healthy lifestyle you have attained as you will enjoy doing exercise and eating the tasty food.

So that is a brief overview of your first day. I hope it seems like a positive introduction. Try it and you will be pleasantly surprised. Just remember don't let yourself become hungry, but learn to tell the difference between genuine hunger and being tempted to eat.

:idea:Boosting your Metabolism

Simply put, your metabolism can be used to describe how quickly you burn calories [this meaning is not scientifically correct, but if you hear someone talking about metabolism, this is probably what they are talking about]. Therefore a high metabolism = high calorie burn. So how do you go about increasing your metabolism?

● Eat chilli peppers – this spicy food can boost your metabolism, tastes good and is full of vitamin A.
● Ensure you strength train regularly – three times a week is great.
● Cardiovascular exercise not only increases your metabolism while you exercise, but for some hours afterwards.
● Get plenty of sleep to enable your body to metabolise efficiently.
● Eat all of your meals – this keeps you body rtunning correctly and metabolising efficiently.
● Keep hydrated – key to good metabolism.​

:idea:Hints and Tips

● Brush your teeth or chew mint gum if you are feeling peckish. The fresh taste will likely decrease your appetite.
● Enjoy the food you are eating. Try to add loads of variety to your meals.
● Never miss breakfast. It will fuel you throughout the day.
● Try and find yourself a hobby [the more energetic the better!] to replace the times where you might binge eat.
● Drink less alcohol if possible. Failing that ensure you stay hydrated after a night out in order that you feel ready to work and exercise the following day.
● Vary your workout routing to keep things interesting.
● Draw up a chart of whatever it is you are measuring your success on. For example if you are using weight [as I'm sure most people will] then draw up a weight chart so you can visibly see your progress.
● Set yourself milestones in order that your goal doesn't seem so hard to reach.
● Drink plenty of water. This is very important during exercise, and also throughout the day. The recommendation is eight glasses, although I get through much more.​

:idea:Weight Loss Myths

● Focus training [focusing exercise on a particular part of the body] will burn off
the fat in that part of the body – NOT TRUE:poop:
● Starving yourself will help you lose weight – NOT TRUE:poop:
● Living off elephant tusks and burnt paper to lose 50lbs in 3 days is a good diet – NOT TRUE – ignore silly fad diets:poop:
● If you do not lose weight on a diet, you need to eat less – NOT NECESSARILY – if you are in the early stages or have hit a plateau, you may not lose weight. If this continues take a look at your food and exercise.
Special for :heart:

Me now after losing 100lbs at Download festival with my girlfriend.:kissing_heart:

Wow! What a great story
thanks for sharing all those tips
you did great, man!
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