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Jul 31, 2014
I'm from SA and would like to share my experience with Duromine. After I had my son, I had luckily lost all 20kgs I put on while pregnant. Then my dermatologist suggested I go on the 3 month injection contraceptive, resulting in me putting on almost all the weight again. I tried so many things and then I read about duromine and thought I would give it a try. After spending almost 10k in 6 months on pills and treatments that didn't work and bordering depression. I started on duromine end of Feb this year and by April I had lost 10kgs. Almost 2 months on it and just in time for my sister's wedding. By the 3rd month I had lost 15kgs. This was brilliant and I was ecstatic finally something that worked. I have been off it since end of May and I am now 18 kgs lighter. I have no time for gym and not a fan of diets so I did none of that. It may not work the same for everyone but if definitely worked for me. So if anyone wants more info or looking for it send me a pm. Good luck to everyone!
your story is so inspirational! I really hope I have similar results to you. So what was your starting weight?
Starting weight 86kg.
All the best. How long have you been on it so far? I see that some lose kgs 1st and cm later as in my case. And others cm's before losing kgs like in my sister's case.
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Congratulations on the weight loss... However I'm a bit concerned that you aren't exercising at all. If you are just losing the tablets to lose weight there's every chance you will put the weight back on once you stop taking them. It doesn't have to be much exercise - I never used to be able to, but now I walk/run for about an hour every day. If you start now, it will be a habit you carry on long after the tablets.
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You are an inspiration Benjlo7 :)
I have discovered today that I am at my heaviest I have ever been. My GP
has prescribed Duramine and I look forward to my first goal of 15 kg.
Hoping that when I next see my family around Christmas they will notice a difference. Hoping by my big 4.0 in May next year I will be once again fit fab and fun ;)
SW : 107.5 kg
GW : 70 kg
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