Before And Current Photos - 159 Lbs Lost



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Nov 21, 2009
I found another before photo while looking for my son's birth certificate (he got his driver's permit last week and needed it for that). I couldn't help comparing it to my now photos. I thought you all might like to see them also.

Ignore the big green arm in the before photo. My son was dressed up in a "Froggy" costume (from the Froggy children's books) and we were having our photo made together.

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oh my go you im impressed
That is fantastic. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing. :)
wow. you won the battle!! looking healthy & beautiful :laughing:D
That was a battle indeed!:)
Hi Congratulations, just want to know if you picked up any wait and if you struggle to keep it off?
Thank you. I'm not sure I understood what you meant, eh whatever...
Since I managed to lose all this weight, I've been trying to keep my schedule stable. Including the diet, exercises, yet no pills this time. Of course, I gained some kgs since then, BUT all those were just 2-3 kgs, no more. This usually happens in summer, I don't know why
But I lose them quickly once start exercising on a regular basis again.
I hope you got the answer to your question, Lelani. Take care!
hi Just started today, I still feel hungry!! Im sure it takes a few days to work, can I ask how long it took you to loose the weight?
Well, honey... I say about year and a half - two years. Don't be scared, this is just my journey, yours may vary. But I got lots of kgs to lose, so it wasn't easy at first and I did went through certain difficulties. As for the hunger feeling, yes you will feel no changes at first, yet some ladies noticed appetite suppressant effect from the very first intake. Depends.
ps. I suggest you to schedule your week: diet, exercises, pill intake. The best way to begin - take pills / eat meals / do exercises at one and the same time every day. So your body can adopt and get used to your new lifestyle. This way you will notice the difference and feel that you are actually losing weight.

Good luck, hon!;)
Wow, you are a wonderful role model. You must be so happy n proud to have achieved the outcome you have. Congratulations you look Beautiful and Happy!
Looking great, Cant wait to see my own transformation WELL DONE
Thank you ladies! I wish you too the same results!

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