Day 5 - need help!



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Sep 27, 2022
Hi, I started this as I need to shift approx 10kgs as I suffer from chronic back pain. Day 1 to 3 were ok symptom wise EXCEPT Insomnia, approx 2 hrs if that a night, last night I took a Melatonin sleeping pill but that only gave me 2 hrs sleep so I took another one 3 hrs later as I knew I needed sleep, I woke up ok but now i feel awful, high temp, chronic headache but im not sure if this is the melatonin or because I stopped my eclitalopram yesterday and only took half a tablet this morning of ecitalopram as i have heard that the two combined can cause insomnia, I need help as its defintiley helping with my food habits and energy but I need sleep, does it get better? and if so by what day? as I cant continue if I feel like this everyday?