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Apr 30, 2011
I have noticed that lots of people are still in the first few weeks or days of Duromine but wanted to ask if anyone has had more long term experience.

I took two courses (2 months worth) late last year and lost 10 kgs with virtually no physical effort. There were though all the common symptoms that everyone here is discussing including dry mouth, major sleep problems for the first few days and increased irritability ( and a few more weird ones like changes in urinary frequency and sensation :confused:)

Something I think I should share though is that there were definite reductions in effect over time for me. Whilst I started shedding weight very fast at the beginning, by the end of the 8 weeks it was not moving at all, despite having the same other effects (irritability, loss of appetite etc...).

I can only assume that my metabolism had adjusted to the new intake level and so it wasn't having the appropriate effect. I don't doubt that I would have probably kept reducing weight if I had kept up a dedicated exercise regime but that didn't happen.

My question now though, five months later is that I still need to lose another 10kg to get to a healthy weight level and I have a script for two more courses but unfortunately I cant find any information on whether I can do another Course of Duromine or not?

And my GP was also unsure.

Does anyone know if there are any restrictions on how many courses you can take or how close together you can take them?
Hi, I am no expert but I have done A LOT of research into Duromine as I was thinking about starting it (I am now only on my second day on Duromine) but from what I have read and from what my Doc told me was it is OK to start and stop but don't take Duromine for a prolong period of time, say... for over 3 months. Because it is no good for your body to be on it for long periods. But if you have only taken it once before I see no reason for taking another course, unless you get really bad side effects :eek:

Also, try to WALK not run for at least 30mins a day and if you really want to drop the weight fast try only eating lean protein and vegies ;) As I said... I am no expert but I lost 15kgs in 12 weeks by living on eggs, rump steak, chicken and veggies and walking 5 days a week. But that diet is pretty expansive and time consuming. I would do that diet again but I have 3 kids to look after now and no time as my wife and I work full-time with no help from babysitters.

Just my two cents worth... good luck mate :laughing:
Why said:
My question now though, five months later is that I still need to lose another 10kg to get to a healthy weight level and I have a script for two more courses but unfortunately I cant find any information on whether I can do another Course of Duromine or not?

And my GP was also unsure.

Does anyone know if there are any restrictions on how many courses you can take or how close together you can take them?

You can find info on the internet where they recommend not to use Duromine for more than 12 weeks because of addiction possibility and to keep about 6months between the courses. On the leaflet, which comes with the tablets there is no mention of this, just info it should be strictly decided by your doctor for how long to take it and what dose to take it.

I didn't know about Duromine until my family doctor prescribe it to me. Before she decided to prescribe it, she sent me to do all sorts of different and detailed tests, including checking my heart condition.
Afterwards, I was told my weight loss program is going to take 6 months. I have to visit my doctor every month to check the progress and my health.
Everyone is different and I think you need a doctor who knows what he/she is doing while prescribing you the tablets, otherwise don't take the tablets for longer then the 12 weeks.
Greetings :)

I took Duromine from Oct 10 - Feb 11 and now im back on it again.

All up in three months I lost 20kg, I had no side effects, lack or sleep etc. I felt as though my body was use to them. When I was first on them losing weight was a breeze but towards the end I really had to push my exercising to drop the numbers.

Some tough bits for me were I use to be a smoker and this time and last time...all I feel like doing is smoking. Its weird. I have to ignore the feeling but still its annoying.

When I was on my first course I ate little at all I think in the first week I ate one meal. After that I made myself eat.

Today I took my first tablet of my second course and I feel like they are working again but I know next week I wont feel any different. It wasnt till I was off them for about a month that my appetite came back and I realised the effect that Duromine was having on me. No wonder I lost so much weight.
Hello, i was given a box of duromine off a friend who just found out she was pregnant, i know this is illegal and stupid but my doctor doesnt belive in duromine and told me diet and excercise will do the trick, but with a wedding in 8weeks i need to drop the kilos fast. Anyhow its a box of 40mg and im scared whether this may be too high dosage for me. Im 81kgs and am 163cm, are the larger doeses for larger people or it doesnt matter? Am i able to break the capsule in two and into an empty capsule? I know some people will judge me but any help would be appreciated..
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Hi Lewdaw....i wouldn't recommend you taking 40mg off the trot without having seen your doctor. From what i have read, people who have started on the 40mg experience extreme side to start from lower dosage. The dosage doesn't matter in terms of larger dose for larger people. I guess the choice is yours, but please be cautious and careful
Thanks Archer, i dont really have a choice as it was given to me from a friend, im still deciding what to do, i may try seperating the capsule and see if that works so having 20mg. Thankyou for your reply.
Hi Lewdaw,

Before you split the capsule, make sure you know the chemical properties of the drug. Some medications have different properties, ie. slow release, different areas for absorption (stomach, liver, duodenum etc) and make sure you know whether the contents is evenly distributed. Splitting the capsule may cause more problems for your body, and increase the rate and severity of any side effects. I would suggest visiting another GP and seeing if they will prescribe it to you. If yes, then you've just saved yourself some money thanks to your friend!

Hope this information helps.
Hi there
I have tried duromine for 4 weeks. Spent 1 week 15mg, but had absolutley no effect, went up to 30mg, had some effect, lose of appetite (not complete lose thou) and then, after a week at 30mg, increased to 40mg.
Was on 40mg for about 13 days. By about day 10 on 40mg, felt not much lose of appetite, in fact, would wake up hungry, have breakfast, and be hungry again only 2hours later. My meals for certainly smaller thou.
I quit taking it because of the dizzy spells, and hot/cold flushes, and nausea that i started to experience. I almost would of put up with it if it wasnt for the fact that I didnt feel it was working for me, over the period of 4 weeks, i would of been lucky to loose 2kg. So, not worth it really.
My question is really, how long does it take to come out of my system. Today is day 2 of not taking it, i still feel dizzy, and nauseas.
Can anyone offer any suggestions or advice for me..
Thanks muchly,
Hi my name is Leisa.
I am 47 most of my life I have been 55-58kg at that weight I feel healthy and donot look too thin. Over the last six years be it from a hyterectomy and hormone tablets I cannot lose weight no matter what I do have tried starvation, liquid diet, atkins u name it. I deat moderately mainly vege and salads little meat. only sugar is in my coffee. Walk the dog 6 klms every second day and work physically during the day for my job. I am to a point of not wanting to go out as I am now 78kg and am heavier than when I was pregnant. After reading some blogs on this sight I have thought Duromine might be my answer. Iam only 5ft 4inch. Not sure if I am considered overweight and if the doctor would even listen to my pleas for help. My husband not meaning to be mean asked me the other day when the triplet were due. Desperate to shed my weight and get back to normal.

Any help appreciated. Not sure of what mg of duromine to ask for.
Hi Leisa
My advice would be go to your doctor and discuss with them going on Duromine. Some doctors are dead against it, whilst others have no hesitation in perscribing it. After reading this forum for a while now, I must admit I am absolutely stunned that some doctors to perscribe duromine with how much they weigh. If your doctor is thorough he will check your blood pressure, will take your weight and measurements, and discuss your previous medical history, if there is any heart problems I would definately not advise you to go on it. With you not being that much overweight and you having not tried Duromine I would ask for a one month script only of 15mg, just to see how you go. You may only need to go on it for one month to kick start your weight loss, however with what I am reading you sound like you are doing everything right, again speak to your doctor about this, there could be an underlining issue you could have, such as an underactive thyroid. Lets us know how you go, good luck:)
Thanks Razza,
I have made an appointment with my doctor unfortunately it is not for two weeks but will keep it posted as to how it goes. She is normally very good with things. She is the only doctor with my migraines that will prescribe endone when they are severe. So here is hoping.
Hiya my names Mallissa and I'm 22 years old. After weeks of trying to convince my doctor after he told me weightloss surgery would be my only option he's finally given me a 1 month supply of duromine. So a it about me is I'm 170cm tall and a massive 144.7kg was my starting weight two weeks ago. After losing my baby at 19 weeks I was hit with depression really bad, then my little girl came along and she is special needs. So being a single parent was hard. Food was my comfort,. Anyway I started my duromine journey on the 15th July 2014 and I took them for 7 days. In that time I lost 4.5kg. I then stopped them. This was to ensure that I could maintain a week of no weight gain, no cravings and noooo junk and proud to say weigh in this week proved it. I'm down to 138.7kg. So I am thinking I will do one week on one week off. And only take the tablet every second day.

Does anyone have any ideas for exercise?
I am currently doing 100 step ups
20 sit-ups
20 repetitions of my daughter as a weight
10km bike ride
These are my daily plus cleaning.(duromine has bought out the OCD)
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Hi, Malissa
Why would you play with the pills this way? One week on, one week off... Duromine is a medication you cannot just decide how you want to take them. I'll explain why it is potentially dangerous. First of all, when you take the pills every second day the effect is slower. But if you take them one week after another - I can't even imagine how your body will be stressed... First it gets used to pills, and then you suddenly stop taking them, and then again... Don't forget about side effects.

I suggest you to take the pills four weeks in a row and then stop and see, like you wanted, whether your body can or not struggle with hunger on its own. As for exercises - I love your plan. It is great that you can do more than just walking outside.

Wish you the best, please take care of your health darling!
Hi Kate, it was actually a suggestion from my gp just to make sure I don't have any side effects from coming off them. I just had to do it that once. And no side effects so I'm allowed to continue taking them daily until my script runs out. He was only willing to prescribe a month as he is against use of duromine :)
And thank you :) it's taken a lot of willpower to get out and do all that but I'm determine and the fact it's actually coming off makes me feel heaps better putty I can't see the changes though :(
You will make it. Believe in yourself. It's just a start - which is most difficult. But then you'll get used to your new diet plan.
Hi, so after the doctor reluctantly moved me from 15 to 30mg, because 15 wasnt working so i doubled the dose, but now on the 30 i still dont find it workin great, i have a massive appetite which im tryin to curb drinkin loads water, but i never feel full!!, im wondering has anyone doubled the dose from 30 to give them 60mg, advice please?
Also the doc i go to is a pain in d ass, her old weightin scales are like 10 pound out so shes tryin to tell me im 10 pound lighter than i am, told her they were wrong n she said i dont care sure youve lost weight....
so im not long in WA, and if i change to a new doctor will the new doc be able to pull up records than im on duromine?
Hi Biddy... to be honest 60mg sounds hectic and I honestly dont think its a good idea...... Tell me, are you perhaps on a multivitamin? sometimes the body just lacks something... Tell me about your diet...what and when do eat? You also mentioned that you never feel full... so are you still hungry or are you just use to the feeling of being stuffed... sorry to sound so....I know when I started D, it was kinda weird because I would eat really small portions and also wouldnt feel full.. then I would ask myself " am I hungry?" and to be honest, I would not be hungry.... It was habit... I was just use to eating that i would stuff myself and i use to eat until I felt completely full... nowadays, for me its really just about closing that hunger hole in my stomach...
I think duromine has strict guidelines for doctors to prescribe. They must have known you for a fair amount of time, have seen an effort on your own part to lose the weight other ways etc.
The drug does not even come in a 60mg dose, the highest dose is 40mg. I would strongly advise you not to keep upping your dose. I certainly would advise you against taking 60mg when 40mg is the highest safe dosage. Bearing in mind it is similar to the illegal drug speed, and the possibility of cardiac arrest surely you wont risk it?
Out of curiosity what is your kJ intake? What food are you eating? How much water are your drinking? How much exercise are you doing and are you doing it daily?
I am eating a 1200kJ diet, and following it strictly. I am drink 4+ ltrs of water a day. Im doing at least 45mins a day average of cardio.
Try drinking a glass of water before you begin a meal, eat a third of it and drink some more water maybe this will help you feel more satisfied.

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