Duromine And Herbex Detox Tea



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Jan 25, 2018
Duromine and Herbex Detox Tea
Hello there to everyone on this mission. I started using Duromine 30mg this week and so far so good besides the side effects and it's day 4, changed my diet too. I would to ask is it ok to drink Herbex Detox tea while on this meds. I felt like I over ate and needed to detox, I normally drink the three times a day . Will the meds still work?
Hello Gab! Well, any detox tea might result in a faster elimination of Duromine from your body. So you’re basically wasting your money AND time that you could use to lose more weight.

Ok.. I decided to avoid any ungrounded assumptions and did a quick research on your tea, and namely its ingredients. First, the promised effects of this tea are not backed up by any scientific grounds. Second, most of its ingredients contain caffeine. The tea is loaded with caffeine and ingredients, which cause such side effects as BP increase, heart rate increase and, among others, stomach irritation and diuresis. Sooo… I would not advise anyone to take it at all… And I definitely do not recommend taking this highly stimulant tea with such a potent stimulant as Duromine. Besides, Duromine requires a sufficient water consumption. When you drink this tea, you “dry out” your body.

If you want to help your body detox, then drink more water. If you have problems with bowel movements, better buy a mild laxative or try eating prunes and kiwis.

This is my opinion, and I really don’t recommend taking Herbex Detox Tea with Duromine.
Thanks a lot for your advice. I'll definitely stop the right away....
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