Duromine Day 4



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Jan 13, 2017
It's your fourth day on Duromine, right?

It seems that you have lost some kilos these days. Ace! If you didn't lose anything, you need to reconsider your daily routine.
First of all, you need to eat—bloody oath. Don't skip your breakfast or dinner, and don't forget about healthy snacks during the day. Don't forget about water intake to avoid different adverse effects like dry mouth.

Some people here still experience bad adverse reactions:

  • Dizziness and lightheaded
  • Parched mouth
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating and getting hot
  • Panic attacks and others

People share their daily routines, achievements, and worries on Day 4 on Duromine in this thread. It may also be helpful for you if you have PCOS. Many users diagnosed with PCOS take Duromine and lose weight successfully. You will know better how to use Duromine effectively and to avoid all the adverse reactions.
Hi Emily, I too have just started Duromine 30mg. Im on Day 4 today. Thats a great result on the loss of cm's! Excellent work :) I wish you well on your journey!
@Mum of 3

Hi there :) how are you feeling after day 5?? Any bad side affects? Hope all is well and good luck on your journey too :laughing:
So today is Day 6 and I had a little panik attack, couldnt get enough oxygen in my lungs resulting in my heart fluttering... well i think it was my heart... i felt a lil bit weird afterwards but not been experiencing it too much so should be ok :) Hears hoping i'll have lost a big amount :)

Luv Emz xx
Hi all, just wanted to start my own post on this subject.

I am new here and have been doing research for days on end about the best weight loss product to use for rapid weight loss. So with most people recommending Duromine, I went with what people suggested and got my prescription.

Although I do not have allot of money, I managed to save R270 in order to purchase the month supply of Duromine 30mg.

I have PCOS and still have to take a test for my thyroid as the doctor suspects that I have an under active thyroid, but haven't gotten to that yet, test cost R400, that is a bit high for me.

I am a mother of one 2 year old and stay with my parents in law. I weigh 100kg and have been this weight for almost 6 years now. This is why I need support and recommendations from all who will be willing to share.

Anyway that was just a bit of history.

I started taking my Duromine 30mg capsules on Monday 15 October 2012.

Day 1 - I felt no hunger, ate nothing, drank only water and 2 cups of coffee (2 teaspoons Ricoffy, 2 teaspoons sugar, and 1/3 cup milk) believe me, this is my weakness. I felt like sleeping the whole day and had a bit of a headache.

Day 2 - Same as per day 1

Day 3 - only drank water and the 2 cups of coffee, until I got hungry at 23:00, so I warmed up some mac and cheese with 2 slices of bread. After eating that, I began feeling so guilty that I then came to this site looking for support and inspiration.

It is now day 4 but 1am in the morning, - have bit of insomnia even before I started Duromine, so not stressing about that.

The Duromine does not give me allot of energy, just takes my appetite away!

I currently weigh 100kg and my goal is to loose at least 20kg by December 2012

Thank you for reading and for future support and o yes, I'm from South Africa.
Hello first of all you must eat on it !
Think about it once u stop taking it will u be able to maintain not eating anything all day ?
Deffiently not ur just going to stack it all back on!
That's why u need to start training ur body for the long run while u have a little bit of a push you have to remember duromine also speeds up ur matabilism a hell of a lot so u burn pretty much what u eat anyways.
Also u will burn a hell of a lot more if u do ur cardio workouts you will notice u can push yourself harder and loner too.
I've got a few tips on my blog about my past 3 days on it and I've already dropped quiet alot.
Any questions just ask :)

But don't give up and remember we're all in in for the long run we can't all take duromine for the rest of our life x
Thank you for your response Jessykah.

I went to read your blog post, and it sound amazing for you! Congrats so far!

I however have difficulty exercising alone, I feel like I need someone doing it with me to keep me motivated!

As for the eating I am planning on eating something later on this morning for breakfast, not sure what, but I'll see. Even before I started Duromine, I would normally just eat once a day!

But I'll keep you posted!
Okay great you'll be suprised how much you can do at the gym while on duromine since I started I've been lifting heavier and working out longer
Believe in yourself you can do it !
Otherwise do it with a friend :)
Yes keep me posted!
Hi :)
Yes you definately need to eat! Even if you aren't hungry, eating something small every few hours will help to speed up your motabolism which will help you when you decide to stop taking duromine. I always try and have things like nuts and fruit with me to snack on (almonds and apples are easy) and though I'm a vego alot of my friends have things like tins of tuna for an on-the-go snack. Definately ditch the mac and cheese and swap white bread for rye or wholemeal- you'll be surprised how energised you feel when you start feeding your body with healthy and nutritious food!
Good luck on your journey :) xx
Thanks for your support and suggestions, I have started a blog for my experience with duromine, so will be giving updates there.
Hi everyone,

I'm a 26 year old female starting weight 91.7 kilos and I'm 170cms. I am on day 4 of duromine and currentley weigh 89.4 I'm pretty impressed with that in 4 days!

I am finding it hard to sleep, but always energized! My mouth is so dry but I'm drinking lots and lots of water with cut up lemons just to give it taste!!

I am loving the results but today I am feeling quite hungry, not starving but I have a rumbling tummy, is this normal?? I still eat my 3 meals but a lot smaller then normal, and I'm exercising a lot more too.

The one thing I have learnt is how much I snacked, I put on 20 kilos over the years and it's my aim to loose that weight, but duromine has made me realize how bad my eating habits were before and I thought they were ok!

I am looking fwd to my kick start on duromine and my new life 20 kilos lighter :)
morning I had the same on 30g, so I went up for 40 g and have not had a problem since. but iambic much bigger than u . tidy and have ur pill as early as u can and work out in the late afternoon/evening's if u can :) good luck
Ok great thanks for your feedback, seems I was up so early this'
Morning I had them around 6.30am. Il see how I go..
So far so good, did you get any headaches for
Duromine? I did the first 2 days and I am
Getting really hot and sweaty fast, Anyone
Else experience this too???
I would try and have ur duramine about 5.30 am if u can. I have mine by the bed so I can go back to sleep if I want. but I'm so use to waking up at that time now, I'm up and going lol. yes u do sweat more and much quicker, it's just one of the side affects. I guess because everything is speed up so is us getting sweaty. I live in Qld so I don't look out of place :). headaches (mild) for three days, now they have gone. back from gym and lost 1.4 kgs so I'm down 14.9 kg in 10 weeks. ur weight loss does slow down but it Deff does not stop.
Hope this helps :)
Wow 14.9 kilos is amazing congratulations!! Great work! Yes il try and take it as early as possible so I might get a better nights sleep lol..
I can't wait to see results like yours!
Dose the Nashua feeling go away too?

HEY! I am 2 weeks in on the 30mg, after having a 'trial' pack about 6 months ago.
After the trial I did things on my own - clean eating(look it up or ask me about it if you don’t know, hard but worth it) and going to the gym.

However I have found it REALLY REALLY hard to budge the weight and even had to get some blood tests as even with all the food and exercise changes it still stuck to me. So went back to the docs to give it a real try and am now just under the 3rd week. I don’t have HUGE losses but as I normally work my butt of (my gym sessions are with a PT so there’s no chance I’m slacking off) and have TOTALLY changed my food habits, I’m happy with any lose, and as I was stuck at 85.3 for about 3 months in the last 3 weeks I’m now down and have stayed at 83.3. I know that is SO small in comparison to other peoples losses but I have read ALOT about doing this correctly if you want it to stay off, so I’m ok that it comes off slowly - cos I really don’t want it to come back :)

Anyway... sorry... that’s just a bit about me, I only actually joined RIGHT NOW as I wanted to reply to your post (have been to lots of forums to read and learn before and normally they are so old or not really similar to me that I don’t consider doing anything, however) your starting weight and mine were similar and we are a similar age, so I thought maybe we could be support buddies for each other?

Anyway... so I am 27 and started this year at 92.1. I am stronger and fitter and my skin looks great, but the weight was not budging so I am giving duromine a chance to help with the fat! :)

The sleeping issue will die down soon I would say in fact sometimes I feel SOOOO tired it like I’m not on it any more... so don’t worry, it really does calm down soon.

Do you get any heart palpitations? I sometimes do, only very mildly but still notice them.
When I did the trial I had a few more noticeable side effects but this time I have been fine.
Sometimes I feel myself getting warm but then I am ok.
I still have the nausea now, so not sure if/when that goes away...

Glad you are still eating properly... sometimes it’s hard cos you REALLY don’t want to, but it’s really better in the long run

As for the tummy rumbles - glad you asked, maybe someone will answer... I get that too...I think its cos maybe my tummy is use to filling up more and although my head says it’s not hungry... my stomach is still use to being fed more? maybe with time that will go away... maybe that and the nausea will ease together? lol...

Anyway... whoops this has gotten really long and not sure if it’s helpful or not but - Hi! Let me know if you want to chat :)

M xxx
Thanks for the advice, nice to meet someone in a similar situation.. Would love to have someone to chat too.
Yeah my sleeping patterns have gone back to normal it great!!
I am also eating healthy but 3 melas a day just cutting out the snacks and lost 5 kilos. Loving duromine so far!
Goodluck cAbt wait to hear your success
Hey Stella, so 5 kilos in how long? thats really good!!
Keep in mind you should have snacks, just healthy ones.
Depending on if its something you can do you should have 5-6 meals all the same size throught the day, so your snacks become like meals and your meals into snacks...? :)

If you find that hard, make sure you are still eating snacks, your body doesnt like to go to many hours without fuel and while on D the mind makes you forget about the in between time, but when you come off thats where the problems is cos you just snack in between all over again cos you feel hungry again... hope that makes sense... let me know what your doing/decide.
Hey... are you trying new foods with this, old food just smaller portions or old foods re-healthified? lol?!

Chat soon,

keep up your good work and stay strong!! :)
Well 5 kilos in 10 days so I was happy. Lol
Yeah your right I should start snacking, I eat a lot less carbs and more protine these days. Tuna Eggs ect
How about you?
How long have u been on duromine for?
about 21 days, and I'm not sure what my weightloss for this amount of time is, as I have a VERY slow metabolism and have struggled to lose weight all year so am trying to stop weighing myself so much ( only recently i was doing it every morning, sometimes more than once a day - which is just crazy cos totally incorrect reading as the day goes on...) but I know I am at almost 10kilos for this whole year and most of it has been on my own.

I also looked into the blood group diet and doing that for only a week i lost 2 kilos also... I know my 10 kilos doesnt seem too good when you look at yours of 5 in 10 day but I am happy, and you should be too! good on you!!!
I think Im the happiest as I have also managed to maintain the weight the whole year there has been no crazy spikes where i have had to get it back down, its just been REALLY slow in going down, but atleast constant :)

Keep strong babe, and keep chatting :)

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