Duromine Day 6

Thanks Kyles. Hope you travelling well to your goal as well.
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Well week 2 down and I am now 118.5kg. That is 6.3kgs down. I am feeling great. I have been on my rowing machine everyday increasing to 23min a day. I am drinking crazy amounts of water. I am not getting cravings at all. Managed to take kids to Maccas during week and didn't order a thing for myself. And it felt great. Bring on another week.
kazzbah said:
I am so happy for you Butterfly78! ! :)
My journey is due to begin tomorrow and I wish I could fast forward a couple weeks and feel as elated as everyone else with their results :)
Watch this space lol ;)
Good luck not that you will need it. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
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Well it has 2 weeks since last post and that makes this week 4. I am down to 115.8. So 9 kgs so far. It has been a crappy 2 weeks. Separated from partner and moved house. So my exercise has been nothing. But I must say instead of going for the good old chocolate I have just had water. Had a drink of soft drink and could not believe how sweet it was and not touched again. Can't wait to get back on track with exercise. But I am still feeling good. Bring on next week
I'm also sceptical about it but I'm gonna start tues and if duromine don't won't then I give up as I've been struggling to lose my pregnancy belly for ages now luckily I had been reading all the good reresponses and I'm looking forward to starting it.
I can honestly say the 6 weeks of my life has been a emotional roller coaster. I have had to learn weighing myself everyday is not a good thing. But I can honestly say I duromine has made fab. The weight is coming off. I am down to 111.4kg Down from 124.8kg. I was excited to get under the 120 but now I can't believe I am tinkering on the 110. I am starting to become confident again and loving life. If I feel like this now look out when I get to my goal. 13.4 kgs down AMAZING
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A bit about myself
Hello everyone! I'm Rei. I'm a 24 years old female from Malaysia. For the past 2 years I've been stuck at the weight of 75kg. I stumble upon Panbesy then Duromine after a couple of research. I went to my local clinic last Tuesday and got prescribed a month of 30mg Duromine. I study for 2 days and work in an office for 3 days in weekdays, for weekends I'll be slacking on the PC. My activity is sedentary.
SW: 75
CW: 75
FGW: 65
LGW: 60

Effects of Duromine on Me
I only had insomnia on D1 and still felt energetic on D2. Mouth dryness happens within 5 minutes of consumption. The increase of heart rate/beat is more frequent in the evening. Other than that, I don't experience anything else.

My progress
I'll consume the pill after my breakfast, either cereal or bread with egg. For lunch will be biscuits and beverage (chocolate + malt powder with no sugar/Milo). For dinner will be a small section of rice with assorted condiments. With the help of MFP, I try to keep my daily calorie intake to 1330. Yet, after 6 days on the pill, I'm still hard stuck at 75kg. Even after exercising on the elliptical trainer for the past two days, there aren't any changes so far.

I heard tons of stories where people start to drop within the first week. I've no idea what's going on or what I'm doing wrong at this point. But most likely I have to change my meal plan/exercise more at this point.

End Note
I'll update the thread weekly for the progress changes (if there's any). Thanks for reading!
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One week passed, weighted myself and still 75kg.
I give up.
Hormone imbalance probably the main reason I'm not losing and being stagnant at this weight.

Good luck with your progress everyone.
How was your Day 6 on Duromine? You can share your sixth-day experience here.

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