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Jan 13, 2017
Hey, Duromine Month Three is your finish line!

I am sure you've lost a good amount of weight during these months. :party:Do you feel like another person now?:innocent:
Look what people say about their three months (or even more) experience on Duromine:

  • They share their ‘before and after’ pictures
  • Describe their monthly progress
  • Tell about their ups and downs
  • Share their diet plans and physical activities

What are their main fears?

  • Last weeks’ weight loss is incredibly slow
  • Weight can come back fast and even double after stopping Duromine
  • There appear new adverse reactions

At the same time, most people lose approximately 20+ kilos during these three months. And the third month is usually the easiest one. Your body gets used to Duromine and a healthy lifestyle. You don't have so many cravings. All you need is to continue your healthy diet and workouts.

Some people don't stop taking Duromine after the third month. However, according to medical recommendations, Duromine can be used for no longer than three months in one course. If you need to take it longer, you'd better consult your doctor.
If you are still reading this, then you have something to say. Don't hesitate to ask the community or share your own experience!
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Hey Stacey-Lee, thanks for sharing your story & being so honest. I can relate to a lot of what you've gone through. Hope you keep blogging during the rest of your experience.
I agree that the obsession with food and weight loss is the worst side effect! Whenever I am trying to lose weight it is all I can think about! I'd love to hear how you are going now?
Thanks so much for sharing this I just want to tell you that when you finally do get to your goal weight dont just stop taking duromine. You need to slowly ween your self off of them or you will gain weight again because you will be super hungry and such. My doctor was telling me that when I get down to about the weight I want she will give the 15mg for two months and in the final month stretch them out. So one ever two then three says and such.

This way, just like a drug addiction, you body wont go into withdrawals.

But anyway I would love to know how you are going now almost three months later. :)
Hey everyone.
Haven't been on for a month or so been heaps busy with work.
I started my weight loss back in june 2013. My weight hit 138kgs or so. I went on Jenny Craig which was alright but I didnt lose the amount I wanted. My doctor started me on duromine in October. And my starting weight was 128kgs

I am half way through my third box/set of duromine.
I am not 118/119kgs.
I have only been walking and eating salads, chicken, some read meats and have cut down my soft drink to 1 or 2 diet/no sugar drinks a day with 1 sugar drink (coke or lemonade) a day due to another medical thing I have where I need the sugar with lunch.

Currently I am working 13 hours a day 5 days a week mon-fri and 8 hours on sat. And I roughly do 12-15k walk/run/work during the day.

Over the november and december holidays (my 21st and xmas/new years) I went from 120kgs to 125/127kgs. And have lost it since then.

So far so good. I still only have the side effect of dry mouth. So no other issues.
What do you think so far?

First images (purple dress) me January 2013
2nd image ( January 2014)

Its a year apart but its a total of 20kgs difference. I think I look different again today then in January as I have lost the xmas feast xD



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Definitely there is a difference!
But you should change coke and sugar drink for something else sweet. IMHO. It gives you not only sugar but loads of calories you don't need. No wonder your weight loss is so slow. Overall, You look soooo different (love the hair color!)):)
I am trying to uo my fruit intake from zero to at least 1 a day. (Eg apple pineapple peach)
Because or the other medication I take I get a low blood sugar level during lunch or just before bed. When I feel low BS I drink coke to up it as that is what I have been told to do from my doctor. I get similar effect as a diabetic. If that makes sense.
But I have decreased it alot over the last few weeks. Working the long hours I dont get a chance to have normal meal times so most nights im eating dinner by 8pm and bed by 9pm to be up for 5am. Once my hours of work decrease to 10 or less I can regulate it better and cut out sugar drinks for good.

Cheers I like the purple/red hair much more. Plus im starting to find that pinup dresses and styles suit me more than basics. I have heaps more confidence now
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Currently on day 65 on duromine to to date have lost just under 20KG, Now its not ideal to lose that much weight so fast, However i did do a massive life style change.... I changed my diet in every way... No Dairy and everything must be in portion size.... I even keep a diary of everything i eat every day and how many calories i in take each day.

A bit about my past... I packed on 30KG after having my son nearly 4 year ago... I did not realise the weight till i started getting tired and having to many mood swings.... I found it hard to be with my Husband in a romantic kind of way (even tho he never had an issue) and also found it hard to play with my son... I tried all the shakes flat blaster and everything... I just found i was more hungry and wanted to eat everything.... It was not until i seen the scale tip to a 90KG (keeping in mind i am just under 5 ft) thats when i knew something had to be done... I use to be a size 10 i went up to a size 22 in some T-shirts... So off to my docs i went and he put me on 40MG duromine first off and then after my first month put me on to 30MG, With in the first month i lost 11KG with just diet change alone.... The other month i lost another 9KG with diet change and exercise..... I dont work out as much as i should but as we all know being a mum and a wife can take its toll on your day to day life

I would not recommend losing this much weight in that amount of time.... But i am very determined to keep going even after i come off duromine.... I dont want to go back to being that size again.... I still have another 10 - 12 KG to lose and i will be back to pre pregancey weight.
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Gee wiz that's amazing! I am 2 days into week 2 and I have lost 5 kilos although all of that went in week 1 at the start I was drinking mountains of water now I only drink about 1.5 lts.. I need a way to make myself want to drink more than this. Also this week I've been having sultana bran cereal with milk for breakfast rather than natural museli and yoghurt and I find myself snacking on 'low fat' or '99percent fat free' musli bars rather than fruit.. is there anything that will make me feel a little bit naughty when I eat it but its still not bad?
Hello TJDewan,
You are right, it is not recommended to lose that much during the first month. Well, I am actually surprised the doc prescribed you 40mg - the largest dose at once. It's better to begin with the smallest...Ok.
I see you are determined and purposeful, but losing that much in a short time may cause you some issue. You see, I am afraid you can put on weight after you finish the pills. Because this dose eliminates your hunger, but what happens, when there is nothing to help you with your cravings? I might be mistaken and your eating habits changed so that you can eat healthy meals only. Sorry if I'm wrong.
I have one question for you - How do you feel these days? Is it hard dieting? I mean, do you feel discomfort when you don't eat those foods you used to eat before the therapy?
If you feel fine, then I am happy to tell - you can achieve your goal weight easily!:)
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Hi kate,

I do agree losing that much weight it can come back fast and even double, however I do feel that I can fight those craving even now I don't want all the old food I tend to feel bloated and sick like I have over eaten..... However when I have all healthy days I feel in control and on top of everything, don't get me wrong tho there are days where I want to eat bad foods but I don't over do it I might have a mini choc bar and that's it I am done for a while......I have never felt so good I am full of energy and play with my son everyday..... Even tho hubby never stopped loving me but even he is happier that I am becoming the old me happy and full of life..... But I really do recommend any one reading this, yes I lost a lot of weight really quick as mentioned u should not lose it this fast but if u can and keep it off u will feel so much better
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That's wonderful! This is the result you should get from weight loss! Yay!
Congrats, darling, I wish you feel so energetic and happy forever!
Hi people....

I hope everyone is well.. Been a while since I've been on this site.. Been preparing for exams... Anyway..... For those that know me, the last time I posted 2 pics of myself for my 8 week update.. weighing in at 83kg from 95kg.. 12kg loss in 2 months.. I was so happy and confindent and I then decided to take break from duromine... which only lasted a 10 days... and still managed to lose 2kg.... I then started 30mg on the 10 September weighing in at 81kg, and I'm pround to say I'm weighing in at 77.7kg.. 17.3kg total loss so far.. I've got 2 weeks left of my duromine journey and I intend to make pretty good use of it.... Don't know what year last I was under 80kg.... Super excited....

Good luck to everyone.... Have a fabulous weekend...

Oh! Can't wait to go shopping for clothing... Lol.
Yay well done! I'm no longer on duramine. I started the 5:2 diet and have lost 2kgs this week! If you want to maintain or lose more, definitely look in to it.
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Well done Beautiful B! You're absolutely smashing this :) x
Christine, I am really curious about the 5:2 diet; is it complete fasting on the fast days? Also how do you find the fast days as far as exercise goes? I am considering trying this to help me drop the weight. Although I am having trouble finding any studies on how it affects 'muscle atrophy' and whether you burn fat and muscle on those fasting days. Would love to hear how you go with it :) x
I dont exercise on fast days. The general rule is: 500 calories or less on fast days and 2000 calories on feast days. You can tweak the feast day calories, I hover around 1500 cals.
I found the most info on you tube by Michael mosely, the creator of the diet, or you can buy the book.
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Good luck with your journey beautiful b take care kind regards Virginia
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well done, well done!!!:laughing: you have done amazingly well. :):):):):)
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