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Jan 13, 2017
It's your Duromine Week 3! Wow! :party:

I guess you feel better than you felt during the first few days. Dry mouth, insomnia, and other occasional adverse reactions are pretty normal for the third week on Duromine. But I should notice that some people start to experience constipation.

Let me share some tips to avoid constipation:
  • Eat more vegetables, fruits, herbs, and grains
  • Do not forget to eat pumpkin, as it has a good laxative effect
  • Buy dried fruits, like figs and prunes. These contribute to an increase in intestinal volume
  • Drink a glass of warm water with honey on an empty stomach in the morning
Did you notice that your weight doesn’t move on week 3? Yeah, sometimes it happens. First of all, don't forget about water weight. I would also recommend you increase your calorie intake for a few days to boost your metabolism.

Read this thread to find out about others' experiences. People share their meal plans and fitness apps here and how they deal with all the issues on the third week.
You will never find better motivation than people who understand you, struggle like you, and know how challenging it is to stay on track. Don't forget to reward yourself for weekly victories with something nice (not food).
Good luck on your journey!
you are doing fantastically Yvette.
keep up the good work hun and watch those kilos melt away :)
I am joining roxibutterfly, you did a fantastic job Yvette!
Even I couldn't do better than you did when composing your daily menu. I'm proud of you lady! :eek:
I started duromine today too...hopefully I get some results too. Well done Yvette.
At the end of week 3 I had a good loss of 1.3kgs taking me to 4.8kgs total loss since I started. I was super happy but dammed that 200 grams I missed out on to reach my first goal of loosing 5 kgs.

I had a sneaky mid week weigh in this morning and I got that damn 200 grams AND 200 more! ^_^

I can now officially say I've lost 5 kgs and 200 grams lol

Very happy this morning ^_^
Awesome :) So happy for you! Congrats :)
Yay! It's the little things! I love mini goals! Good work! I keep setting mini goals,,bmi under 30 is one :)

Yay! A moment for sure!
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Hi ya so i started just less than 3 weeks ago, doc put me on 15mg but i took 2 tablets as 15 wasnt doin anything for me, yesterday she upped me to 30mg .
Startin weight was 87.5
Yesterday weigh in 82.5 is this weight loss bad or good for 19 days??
Hi, I think the amount people lose varies. I believe the biggest losses are in the first week, and then it tapers off. But if I understand correctly you should be consistently losing, if you're eating a low calorie diet and doing your exercise, you will lose something each week it may be as low as as 100grams or as much as a kg or more. :)
that's pretty good for 3 weeks :) as melmo said it varies alot from person to person
good luck with your journey :)
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Well done! 5.7kg is awesome :) Great to hear you've met your first goal :) You're doing a great job. Keep at it, you're smashing this :) x
:) good work! What a great start, look forward to seeing month 2, my one month weigh in is tomorrow!! Eeek
You've got this!!

Are you seeing your doc for another script?
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KaylaLouise, I am daily logging on my info page on here at the moment, but I use the myfitnesspal to log my weekly weight as well as the duromine livinglite website cause they have a graph :) Im on my second week at the moment and will do my two weekly weigh in on Wednesday. I'm trying not to expect too much cause I don't want to feel let down x

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