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Apr 3, 2011
Anyone experienced this?

If so which dosage are you on and when do you take it?

Yes, I do. I'm on 30mg, on Day 5. I take it as soon as I wake up, because taking it later may even be worse for insomnia. Lots of people however, are advising to gym/ excersize as it resolves this. Going to the gym tonight, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up on some much needed sleep tonight.

Hope you're able to sleep soon!

Kind Regards.
ADSL said:
Anyone experienced this?

If so which dosage are you on and when do you take it?

No , I don't. I'm on Duromine 30mg for the past week and before that I was on Duromine 15mg for a month. Before taking Duromine I've suffered from insomnia from time to time for the past year. Now after loosing my first 6.5kg my insomnia seems to disappear. Did not have a problem with sleep for some time.
I am on day four of taking 30mg and I have not slept a wink! Yesterday at about 4pm at work I had an overwhelming need to sleep but of course I couldn't. By the time I got home and it was bedtime I was wide awake again! I think I'll take advice from some other members on here at set my alarm for 4am and take it then.

I can't believe, considering my lack of sleep, how much energy I have. I am literally buzzing about everywhere, cleaning, tidying and achieving quite a lot! My son laughed at me yesterday as he had never seen anybody make a coffee in 3.5 seconds before! I am drinking SO much water. I go through at least 3 750ml bottles a day. I have zero appetite but my stomach still growls so that is a weird feeling. I am making sure that I keep my body 'fueled' with three small meals a day even though I'm not hungry. I am also taking a multi vitamin. My way of thinking is that, even though my mind says I don't need the food, my body needs it to function properly. I want this time on Duromine to start healthy eating options so that when I stop taking them I can continue my healthy new lifestyle.

Oh...and another thing...I went to the supermarket the other day and walked down the lollie aisle and didn't even look at them. Wasn't interested in buying even chocolate and I am a terrible sweet tooth. The though made me feel ill. WOW!! That blew me away!

Side effects so far have been: extremely thirsty, dry mouth, sleeplessness, dry eyes (I wear contacts so I will buy some liquid tears to help with that), heavy feeling chest but not too bad and a little short of breath. I get asthma anyway but feel like I need just one extra puffer and then I'm ok. I can handle most of these as I'm zipping about so much I don't notice them much but the sleep deprivation is doing my head in. I was thinking about not taking the tablets this weekend but changed my mind as I read that it does get easier and I didn't want to start back at scratch again. As I mentioned earlier, I will set the alarm for 4am and take one then and see how it goes.

My starting weight was 92kg and I am 5ft 8 in tall (172cm). I want to lose 20kg in total. After just three and a half days I have lost 2.5kg. I haven't had a chance to do any real exercise but I am very active atm haha :)

I love that this has forced me to drink more water too. Water is essential for weight loss and flushing out toxins and fat etc but I've never really been able to drink much. That has changed now and so I'm happy about that.

I hope everybody gets good results....and sleep!!

Will keep you posted about my progress. Thanks for reading this. I think I might go and clean out some cupboards and rearrange some furniture or something now hahaha :)
Just an update - last night I got my first nights sleep since I started taking Duromine and it was wonderful!! I was going to take today's tablet at 4am this morning but thought sleep was more important so I took it at 8ish. I've been getting some whopper headaches the past few days. I'm not sure if its related but I'd like to know if anybody else is getting headaches too. Also seem to be sweating buckets but it could just be that its really hot here atm.

I got on the scales again this morning after promising myself I wouldn't until Wednesday but was happy to see that I've now lost 3kg. Even if I don't lose anymore between now and Weds I'm going to be very happy as that's a good weightloss in less than one week and if I continue like this I can easily see myself reaching my goal of losing 20kg. :)
Well done kazba keep up the good work! Nice to see someone starting out around the same time as me and seeing the results seems like I'm on the right track

Im at my 5th day on Duromine - Im 161 cm and 81 kilos...a BMI of 31, I'm looking to get back to 60 kgs, but would probably be happy settle around 63...and fit into size 10 again. I gained 15 kg pretty rapidly after getting sick at the end of last year, forced me to stopped focusing on calorie counting to loose weight and focus on getting healthy, for the benefit of my health, Id been prescribed everyday medication to take in effect for the rest of my life and I figured if I could get my body right, maybe I wouldn't need them at all. Been exercising 5 days a week and eating healthy - 5 meals a day simple protein complex carbs, swapped meat for fish/chicken and vegetables, no sauce lemon and pepper ...try and get 7 serves of fruit/veggies a day. I feel (and look according to the Dr.) much healthier than I have ever been but I havent budged from 80 kilos.

First few days on duromine were less than ideal for me - I felt dizzy, weak and nauseous,and my eyes feel hazy at points I had next to no appetite (struggled to eat half a plate of salad) and had no energy to go to the gym, constantly feeling thirsty...

As far as energy is concerned I initially felt very week..and didn't really think it was effecting me, and doubted the drug, but seeing the change in the scales was motivating for me to keep going and hope it would get better...My energy is up, although im not bouncing off the walls or anything like that - I'm a very organised person @ work, and i find that by the time I finish and come home, i just want to crash on the couch. Have noticed that I've been alot more productive at home, and instead of struggling to make it past 8, im wide awake and focus on al the things I need to get done. However I had about 3 - 4 hours sleep last night. Tomorrow/Today I have an early start so im hoping to get to the gym in the morning, and take my pill around 6 am, so hopefully i Can sleep tomorrow night.

Trying to keep up the healthy eating and eating regularly through the day because I definitely dont want to put the weight back on when i stop. I found the apetite suppressant wore off for me after a few days I still get hungry my tummy rumbles etc, and I went out last night for dinner and was worried that I wouldn't be able to eat much but surprisingly I didn't hit a wall or feel full I just stopped b/c I want this to work and I didn't want to overeat.

I seem to be immune from sweets and lollies although i have had a few pieces of dark chocolate, i stared at baked goodies at a cafe today and while im often tempted to have some banana bread or a raspberry muffin as a treat when i've been good, nothing, everything looked pretty, but that was it, i didn't have to draw on any will power i just didn't want it... further i love chocolate and usually when i see it on special i buy a block and stash it in the cupboard for a day when i need it... didn't even look appetizing to me.

As for the weight loss... Dropped 2.5 kilos in 2 days...(I presume mainly from not eating, b/c I haven't had a chance to get to the gym) Im at a total 3 kg lost at the moment, only been loosing a few hundred grams a day for the past 3 days i can see the weight loss in my face and a bit in my stomach wish i could see some in my butt and thighs, but hopefully that will come.
Hi Kady and thank you for your reply. I haven't been on here for almost a week as I've been so busy at home and at work. I haven't had a chance to do any exercise until today so I won't be surprised if the scales will reflect that at my next weigh in on Wednesday. I actually feel a lot healthier and like you I don't hit the wall when I get home - my energy remains until I go to bed. I also had the hazy eyes on the first day I took Duromine and my ears felt like they had cotton wool in them but that has eased now. Still have the very dry mouth. I have a tongue stud that I got about ten years ago and its hurting my tongue - probably because I'm always kind of sucking on my tongue when I'm thirsty if that makes sense. Will probably have to take it out.

I've also been eating healthy and I love that all the foods that I used to crave have no appeal. Like you, I can look at delicious looking pastries, chocolates and even takeaway and don't even slightly find that I 'need' to have them. They look pretty, as you said, but that's it! I don't crave nor want them (and I'm normally a terrible sweet tooth so its bordering on a miracle!!).

The sleep thing has gotten easier for me (thank goodness!). Some nights I may get 7 - 8 hours but then last night I probably only slept 4 - but I'm not lying in bed with my mind racing at 100mph so that's good.

Now that work has slowed down a little I'm going to try to fit some walking in of a lunchtime and try to work out at night when my son goes to bed. Today I went for a 40 min walk during lunch and then was rearing to walk again after work before getting my son from creche and still had energy. This is something I think I'm going to miss when I stop taking duromine. But I'm hoping the weight loss and healthy eating will give me the energy that I've been lacking to date.

Congratulations on the 3kg!! That is awesome and even better that you can notice it. I don't think I can notice my loss yet and nobody has made any comment so I'm going to keep plugging away. I think when people see you every day they don't notice it as much so hopefully I'll bump into somebody I haven't seen in a while and they will notice hahaha :)

Some days I feel like the appetite suppressant isn't working as well as it used to but i guess if I'm not craving sweets that's a huge bonus. I'm also not feeling as 'wired' for want of a better word, as I did when I first started. I've slowed down to a normal pace and thankfully the urge to clean and tidy everything has passed haha :) I find though that I tend to sweat a lot more on duromine. Do you have the same reaction? Its as if my metabolism has sped up.

Anyway, I'm going to jump on the exercise bike now and try to work off some kgs.

Thank you again for your email. Please keep me posted on how you are going.

Kind regards
Week 2 weigh in and I've lost a total of 5.5kg in two weeks which is almost a stone so I'm pretty chuffed about that. Starting to be able to exercise more now as work has slowed down a tad and I think that will make a big difference. Feeling good although tired this morning. Looking forward to my long weekend and maybe a bit more sleep tonight. Will be ok once this morning's tablet kicks in :)

Starting weight 92kg
Today's weight 86.5kg
Hi Karen! I just started taking Duromine yesterday. I had about an hour sleep last night and I feel a bit of a wreck. I have a 10 month old bub.
I noticed that our goals are very similar. I am starting at 90kg and want to loose 15-20kg and I am also exactly 172 cm :)
How are you doing now? And what is the best time of day to take the pill have you found for sleep at night?
Best of Luck with your journey!
Congrats on the weight loss to date! Thats amazing! im 3 weeks in had my checkup yesterday, and ive lost 3.5 kilos, little disheartening, b/c it seemed to fall off very quickly and then the last week has been slow or no effect. He asked if i wanted to go up to the 40 mg, but i think given how bad the side effects where ill stick it out another month and try harder @ the gym, everything i so hectic atm, havent really been able to focus as much as i could when i first started on shifting the pounds. Heres to loosing some more :)

Starting 80.
Current 76.5

Goodluck Linds! Im finding less effect from taking it as far as sleep but i generally finish work go to the gym, cook dinner clean up and im pretty exhausted after that, i fall asleep around 11. Although if i dont go to the gym im bouncing off the walls! so i guess I should keep that up :) i tried getting up at 6 taking the pill going to the gym etc... didn't notice any difference in sleeping pattern from waking up earlier so i didn't keep that up for long.
Last night was my first night with Duromine. I am on 30mg and could not fall to sleep to save myself. I actually don't think I went to sleep at all! I was tired and relaxed, comfy and warm but just lay there with my eyes closed waiting to sleep which never came. I took my pill yesterday at 6am as the earlier the better for sleep, or so I have read. This morning I took it at 5am so fingers crossed by taking it earlier and already having one sleepness night I will get some shut eye tonight. Hope you have a good sleep!
Hello Aimee, We must be twins. I took my first tablet (30Mg) about 9am yesterday as I was tossing up whether too as I was quite unwell with the flu... side effect wise everything is good - no heart rate gain, a little mouth dryness, no tremors etc... slight headache at times, bit pingy yesterday but good today but I don't think I slept at all... quite worried as I get dizzy if I don't get enough sleep. Weighed myself this morning and it showed I had lost 2 kilos but thinking the scales must be a bit dodgy lol... hoping I can sleep tonight or I might have to go to every 2nd day.
Hi all

I am thinking of going back on Duromine. I was on them a few months ago after putting on 30kg after quitting smoking. It is a long story so won't go into it but when I was on them before as you are all aware I had many sleepless nights just tossing and turning after speaking to my Doc today he said that some patients set there alarm for early in the morning eg: 5.00am to take the duromine so that come night time they where able to get sleep. Has anyone tried this or does anyone have any other suggestions am desperate for some answers.

Thanks in advance
Kazzaa :eek:
Hi Kazzaa,

Wishing you the best on your weight loss journey. You and I share the same weight loss goal and hope we both will stick around to share the day we achieve it !

I have only started taking Duromine (30mg - Day 4) and so far I have only had one truly restless night. My sister took it and had the same side effects - she then took 2 days, skipped one and that helped her. Guess its worth trying if the sleeplessness gets too bad.

((My sister also mentioned being very energetic on these pills but up to now I am still waiting desperately for the energy to kick in !!))
I've been taking mine at 4:30 am, I also have been working 14-15 days to the sleekness has been minimal thus far. Some nights have taken a little longer to get to sleep though...

Good luck !!

Hi ladies ,I started "D" last Friday. Trying not to weigh myself until this coming friday.. I Have been having trouble getting to sleep,Has anyone else had this side effect? And if so did you find a way to get to sleep easier?
Hope your all doing great. :)
Hello Nessa22!

Yes, I guess we all (at least most of us) had sleep problems during the therapy. That's why they suggest to take the pills in the morning, or at least no later than 4:00pm.
The only thing that helped me was reading. Reading in bed always makes me sleepy. I know it's individual, but still try.

You have a great day and much kgs to lose!
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The earlier you take your tab the better. I take mine at 6am when i get up. Try to not have any coffee etc after 2pm either, might help :) good luck! Im on day 4 so a newbee too
Hello guys!

I'm taking duramine 30 mg and today is my 5 th day.. I have lost around 2 kgs so far!

But the last 5 days I have hardly got more than a couple of hours of sleep!!! Today I am feeling extreme weakness and having blackouts!! Also my mood has gone for a six! I'm cranky and depressed... Has anyone felt like this? Any suggestions???

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