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Hi Everyone!

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Also, before I begin. I am not insisting that Duromine is right for you, or that you should take it, or anything like that. I simply want to share my experience with it - the bad and the good about it. I know when I first started to think about using it, I was worried about what it would do to me and I was curious about the typical results on it.

Firstly, I'm a 19 year old male and I’m 175cm tall. Late 2007, I weighed 83 kilos. I felt really unhealthy and fat, I smoked, I drank all the time – I felt like crap. As my New Year’s Resolution, I made a decision to change my life and be healthy.

After 2 years of smoking, I quit on New Years Day 2008, but in the following 2 months, I gained 4 kilos (taking me up to 87 kilos). All I could think about whilst fighting the nicotine cravings was food. So I ate and ate and ate! I was already slightly chubby before quitting, but after gaining the extra kilos, I was very unhappy with my weight.

After hearing about Duromine off friends and family, I went to my local doctor and explained my situation. I was completely honest about the smoking, my situation, everything. I went in there specifically wanting Duromine, but I figured that if he would not prescribe it for me, that he had his reasons and the doctor knows best about my health! After completing some tests (ie. Blood Pressure, BMI) he said he was more than happy to prescribe me one months worth of 30mg Duromine. I set an appointment to come back after 30 days for a follow-up.

For the first few days, I felt like I was on speed. I took the pill at 6am in the morning, it takes about an hour to kick in. It gave me lots of energy and made me extremely happy in the mornings. Also in the first couple of days, I had trouble sleeping. The speedy-ness and the sleeplessness only lasted for the first few days. (Note - Another way to avoid the sleeplessness is to take it really early. I usually set my alarm for 6am to take the pill, went back to bed then woke up at my usual time of 7am to get ready for work)

During my first week, I didn't eat much. Just maybe a sandwich for lunch or something. People say that Duromine completely suppresses your appetite, but that simply isn't true... I still felt hungry. After 7 days of taking Duromine, I weighed myself for the first time. I was 81 kilos. So I pretty much lost almost a kilo per day. No exercise, just going to work as per usual.

Although, I felt like I was gonna die. I was shaky, I didn't have much energy and just generally felt like death. I figured it was because I wasn't eating right; I was literally living on nothing. The doctor did say that I would need to make a conscious decision to eat food because I wouldn't feel like eating whatsoever. I don't think that is the reason I didn't eat, because I still felt hungry. I think I was just so determined to lose as much weight as possible and talked myself into thinking that the best way to do that was to not eat anything.

So from Day 7, I started eating properly (almost no fat in my diet, carbs only before 1pm and lots of protein) and began some light cardio exercise (30 - 60 minutes of walking/jogging) 5 days a week (Monday to Friday, Weekends off). Although I felt much better now, I noticed that I was getting really really cranky in the afternoons. For no reason I'd be angry, I'd snap, be short with people. I'd look around the room at people looking for something to get angry at. Even though it makes you so happy in the morning, in the afternoons and night, it made me a complete asshole.

From Week 2 to the end of Week 3, continuing light cardio and a good diet, I lost an extra 2 kilos, bringing me down to 79 kilos.

However, I noticed in the afternoons when I turned into a asshole, that whenever there was loud background noise (traffic, people, music etc. etc.) or when I was stressed with work, study etc. I felt really really sick, and it was like I could feel my blood tearing through my veins. I knew one of the side effects of Duromine was high blood pressure, so I went to the doctor to have it checked. As I suspected, my blood pressure was 155/95.

The doctor said that because I'm young, having high blood pressure was okay for a short period of time because my veins (or maybe it was arteries – I forget which one he specifically said it was) are still somewhat flexible, but to cease taking the Duromine immediately. It may be relevant to note that high blood pressure does run in my family, although when the doctor tested me before beginning the Duromine, my levels were within the acceptable range.

So that was the end to my Duromine experience. During Week 3 I began doing some weights 3 times a week. And now after completing the course of Duromine (well, only three weeks of it) I now do cardio 3 days a week and the weights 5 times a week because I want to build some muscle. A week aftering stopping Duromine use, I went to the doctor to get my blood pressure checked, and it was all back to normal, although still in the higher ranges of what is acceptable. The doctor said that the smoking could still be affecting it slightly, so not to worry too mcuh for the moment, and come back each month to get it checked.

Another random thing to note, I wouldn't go to see a movie at the cinemas whilst on Duromine. I went with some friends in Week 2 and seen "Cloverfield". I think the loud sounds and the fast moving picture on the screen had some effect on me, and I felt like I was dying afterwards. My heart felt like someone was squeezing it and I felt extremely sick. I spoke to a friend the following day who was also taking Duromine, and she said she seen a fast-paced movie too, and it had the same effect on her. Not sure why it does this, but I don't think it was just me. So I wouldn't recommend seeing any kind of action movie in the cinema.

Overall, I'd have to say that the Duromine was a good thing for me. Even though it ended badly, I still don't regret doing it, because it was a great kick-start to my fat-loss. One thing I would definitely point out... Don't use Duromine as a wonder-drug that sheds the weight off you and expect to continue living your life without changing anything. If you're eating bad food and not exercising, and you take Duromine, Yeah, You'll still lose some weight. But after you come off it, you're going to stack it right back on.

I used Duromine as a kick-start to change my life. I changed my eating habits, I started exercise. I made the decision that I wanted to lead a healthy life. One thing I've learnt is that being healthy isn't easy, it’s damn hard in today's world, but, it’s worth it. I've never felt better, I have so much energy, and my self-esteem is through the roof. And I'm happy. Very Happy :)

Hope this helps any of you who are thinking of taking Duromine. Like I stated previously, Duromine may not be right for you, and thats why its a prescription drug (Well, at least here in Australia anyways, not sure about anywhere else) Any questions you may have about using Duromine or about my story, just post them here and I'll do my best to answer them for you.

i am currently taking duromine

After two years of fatigue and incredible wieght gain (while upping my excersise and changing my diet) i finally got diagnosed with polysystic ovarian syndrome.
The symptoms of this are wieght gain fatigue mood swings excess facial hair etc etc.
After talking to my GP we decided to embark on a short term period of Duromine.
Prior to taking this I would get up and walk the dog for an hour deal with three kids house husband etc but was not living. I was just exisiting. I had no energy for anything but the necessary. Afternoon naps were common and i was in bed and asleep by sixpm most nights sleeping through to six am.
I have been on Duromine for four and a half months now.

The benefits are:
I have lost two kilos but have not put on - so i see theis as a bonus.
I can stay awake all day and spend evenings with my husband and kids.
I feel like i have a life again.
I am able to do more during the day than just the necessary tasks.
I have been able to increase my morning excersise and feel healthier.
I am still sleeping well at night.

The down side
I am beginning to become angry over nothing and am aware i am reigning my temper a lot. this is not who i am.
I am loosing the happiness that i used to walk around feeling.
i am beggining to feel constipated.
i have started having headaches regularly.

Dont know if this will help any one with the same condition as me but i am about to stop using it as i think it's effectiveness is wearing off and the side effects are becoming to hard to deal with. I miss who i was/am.
I am hoping that the food and my excersise will keep the wieght off but am dreadding a return to nothing i do making a difference. i still think i will enjoy being happy again though.

i feel it was worth a go and after four months off it i will post again to say if it affected my syndrome in any way. would love to know if any one else with PCOS has gone this route?
Dear Susan,
First of all, your benefits are great. You are well-done. Your life seems to be full now. As for your sad thoughts: I see here several reasons. I am sure that your said disadvantages are not related to Duromine use.

First of all, what about your ovary syndrome? Are you treating it? Women are very sensitive to any hormonal disorder. And we have to fight against any kind of depression. Your achieved result in losing weight will help you to enjoy your life.

Then, pay your attention at your food. If you experience constipation it can affect your mood. People suffering from constipation are moody and have a gloomy appearance. Try to eat healthy food rich in cellulose to make your bowel movements regular.

And another thing, you are now active in the evening with your family, consequently, you experience usual problems of routine life and it may cause headache.

Try to accept a thing that our life is not a bed of roses, but nevertheless this axiom should not spoil your life. Just be proud of your result, enjoy your new lifestyle, and love your family. Good luck, everything will be alright and you will overcome your temporal mood swing.
hi there aren

I am a 23 year old female ! I've been struglng with my weight my entire life !!!
I've just been diagnosed with polisistic.o.s ! Someone told me about duromine and I'm starting the course in 2 days !
I'm afraid bcos of all the negative comments I've seen from peopl who used duromine before !! I want to use duromine
Only to start a better healtier lifestyle ! The doctrs said that if I don't do something about my weight I may struggle with having children someday !
Do you have any suggestion for me please
I was debating whether or not to have duromine since there is alot of contradictory information out there, but today I went and saw my GP and got my prescription (even though I still have mixed feelings about it) I felt that everyone is different and I should make this my own personal experience.
I have been prescribed a lower dosage(15ml) for the first two weeks which will hopefully let my body adjust and I suppose help me with having less severe side effects.
I was wondering whether everyone started on a lower dosage and what were the effects of it, if any????
Hi, Crisangel,
So, two weeks passed, how do you feel now? Is there any progress? :)You better avoid gap between drug taking, cause 2 weeks is not sufficient period for the treatment.
It’s hard to say about effects of low dosage for you, because everything depends, everything is individual. how many pounds you want to lose? are you healthy enough? did you combine pills with sport or low-fat diet?
Anyway, keep going on, well-done)))
hi all!

My names candy, I posted a new thread yesterday about me. I started Duromine yesterday and here's how my day went!

Weight: 78kgs ugh 167cm

Morning: first thing I made a doctors appointment after googling 'prescription medication for obesity' and my doctor was happy to prescribe me Duromine, yay!!!!
Mid morning: haven't taken Duromine yet, just bought it along with an Atkins low carb diet bar from the chemist ( 150 calories )

Lunch: 1 took 1, 15mg Duromine tablet at 12pm with a big glass of water and no food

Afternoon: very thirsty all afternoon, keeping hydrated, dry mouth and NO APPETITE AT ALL!!

Night time: Still no appetite but I don't want to starve myself and put all the weight back on so I make a healthy dinner of beef strips with a big green salad (let's say 500 calories)

After dinner: this is when I get the most cravings!! I'm a really bad compulsive eater, most days I eat around 600 calories for each meal :( so I'm so so happy I haven't had cravings or an appetite all day! Now I'm just eating to live and this is what we should be doing anyway!

Dessert: small pear (50 calories)

Night workout: 30 mins exercise bike- burn 300 calls

So the first day, I ate less than 1000 calories BUT what's the point of forcing ourselves to eat 5-6 times a day and tonnes of calories if the main point we are on Duromine is to lose weight and the point of Duromine is to stop our appetite? Anyway I'll be sticking to about 1000-1200 calories per day of healthy foods (if I can reach it daily) and working out at least 1 hr a day

Side effects- no headaches during the day, but if dry mouth no big deal, no real burst of energy as I'm only on 15mg to start, seriously loss of appetite and cravings YAY, no sleep problems! - I went to sleep at 10pm and I'm normally so drowsy when I wake up, this morning I woke up at 5.30 with my fiancé and I was wide awake and ready to start the day!! But I ended up giving Bub a bottle of milk and going back to sleep until 7.30 when we both start our day :p still woke up feeling great and full of energy!!! I think the 15mg is perfect for me to start :)

Weightloss : 1kg down in the first day!

Also I just started 'that time of the month' so I normally gain 3kgs during this week and bloat, let's home these pills keep my bloating and cravings at bay!!
Will be updating weight weekly :)
Good Morning
I started using duromine 30mg Monday and have been eating very small portions and at least tried here and there to eat healthy and have been doing 1 hour exercise but haven't lost any kgs so far for 4days now is there something I am doing wrong? anyone to advise me on what i should do to start loosing kgs? would gladly appreciate it
candycrush said:
Good Morning
I started using duromine 30mg Monday and have been eating very small portions and at least tried here and there to eat healthy and have been doing 1 hour exercise but haven't lost any kgs so far for 4days now is there something I am doing wrong? anyone to advise me on what i should do to start loosing kgs? would gladly appreciate it
It takes time, do not weight yourself for the first week. And do not compare your results to other's. We are all unique and different.
Take your measurements as well. When I started on Duromine I was so depressed the first two weeks because I only lost 2kg. But then someone told me to take measurements and I could really see the cm's dropping off all over.
Keep at it and do not give up. You are doing great and will soon see amazing results.

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