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Jan 21, 2013
Hello everyone,

My name is Alex and I am 19 years old, last week I got prescribed Duromine because I am 20kgs overweight, and I'm short! I currently weigh 85kgs, need to be 65kgs, height it 158cm.

I've found out that there are some really bad side affects... But the main reason why I'm doing it is to suppress my appetite. I eat too much! I have a black hole for a stomach, and I wish I had a body I could be proud of...
I used to be 93kgs but I lost 8kgs without the help of any medication or diet, which I'm proud of, but I want more and I've hit a brick wall.
I have a concern... Since I have always eaten big portions, I have heard that when you stop using duromine, your real appetite comes back. Is this true?

Hello Alex! Welcome to our family! :laughing:
You are so young, I understand your appetite problem. What is it that you do? Work? College? Personally my appetite became a disaster while I had to stay at home with my first child. That was the first alarm bell for me!
Side effects...hm..they are different, some people have them, others not.. As far as I understood, you consulted a nutritionist, well then he knows best.
As for the last concern, I don't think your appetite comes back after you stop taking the pills. Because mine was stable after I finished Duromine) ) and I know people, who don't have troubles with it either.) )
P.S. If you afraid of side effects, just give it a try. You'll never know until you try it.
Hello Kate. Thank you.
I am young, I've been struggling with weight my whole life, as family have struggled financially, and as we all know, healthy food is not the cheapest if you get me...
My appetite has always been a problem. I usually eat when I'm bored, or not feeling my best, and a big problem is that I'm more hungry during the night time than during the day time, which is not good, and that is when I usually find myself overindulging.
I currently attend nursing school, I don't have any commitments apart from that, which is good.
I used to go to the gym but I canceled because I couldn't afford it anymore, but it's a waste of money anyway, and the hardest thing is when I'm still hungry. I hate that feeling when I'm trying to eat healthy.

The biggest problem at the moment is that I can't purchase Duromine because it's too expensive. :( It's $102!! I don't currently have a job. :(
Hi, AllyC. I'm sorry to hear your story...
I understand you very well. The reason why I asked you about school/job is that I was mostly hungry when spending my time at home. No matter what I was doing, cooking, cleaning up, or simply watching TV, I was thinking about the fridge all the time! And the problem is the more you eat the more you want. But when I went working again (after having a child) my day was totally busy, and no fridge at work. I had to move a lot around the city, so...
What can I say, it's really hard to get rid of hunger feeling by yourself without any pills, considering your level of weight at the moment.
You must have a strong motivation and will power, because nothing is achieved by magic!
Don't worry about gym, lots of people can't afford it either but exercise at home or outside.

Start with refusing all BAD products, like fried, salty, spicy and sweet. I know it's hard at your age to stay away from chocolate, french fries, soda and ice-cream (hope you don't eat burgers, do you?!) .
You live with parents, so it might become a problem to eat healthy, if they don't support you... Well then try to eat separately.
Make a list of breakfasts, lunch, dinners (from the web or ask girls here) counting calories and say yourself that this is your new diet plan.
Ok, that's it for the start, I hope it is any helpful!

Keep in touch!
Hi everyone,

I've just started Duromine two days ago. I've never even heard of this stuff beforehand but my dr recommended it to me as I need to lose a bit of weight before surgery in May.
I weighed 77kg two days ago, today 75kg & am hoping to get down to 63kg.

I'm having 15mg a day from the 30mg capsules - so safe half for the next day. It's working a treat. I have no appetite whatsoever nor side effects.

I do have a few questions:

1) What should my daily calorie intake be in order to lose weight?
2) How long does it take for the weight to drop off?
3) Will I expect my biggest weight loss in the first week?
4) Is there anyone out there of similar weight as me using Duromin?

Thank you for reading

Just realised that there are hundreds of people who view these posts but only a handful that reply! Hmmmm
Hello newbie RedBlackWhite!

Have no worries that not so many people reply here. My name is Kate and I always try to comment or reply all messages and therefore help somehow.
I am surprised doctor prescribed you the pills, since you are not extremely overweight... But you've said the surgery is coming, so probably the doctor knows best.
15 mg pills are most safe so it's OK you have no side effects. Still, I suggest you to drink more water than you usually have.
As for your questions:

1. Different people need different mount of calories every day. For example you can count them according to this formula:
your weight (kg) / 0.453
x 14= your daily norm. The result would be calories you need to keep your present weight stable.
If you want to achieve for example 60 kg, then you should count:
60kg / 0.453 x 14 = 1848 kcal (just an example)

2,3. Again, it depends on a person and his metabolism. Some girls lose 3-5 kg per month, the others 1-3kg per week and so on. All I can say for sure is that the first week/month the weight comes off faster. Considering your data, I think yes, you can lose most at the first week or two.

4. My Duromine journey passed long ago so nowadays I try to keep it stable. So I have changed my lifestyle once and for all, no fried and fatty foods, no fastfood, no soda, etc.; only fruit, vegetables, dairy, nuts, fat-free meat, all steamed, boiled or fresh.
But I'm sure there are some ladies here with similar weight as yours and they'll help you more!

Cheers and good luck! :eek:
Hi newbie:)
Welcome, feel free to ask me anything about duromine but please understand I have only been taking it for 3 weeks now & it's still early days for me. Honestly try your best to read people's blogs because that's how I learnt more about duromine and the annoying side effects you may get. Trust me there's not a day I don't have a side effect, however the end result for me personally will be worth it.
Good luck, i wish you all the best, stay in touch:)
Hi there, iam also new to duromine, iam on the 30mg and have lost 7kgs in my 1 month. Hoping to continue to lose the same amount in the next month.
Wow that's great you've lost so much! I'm praying I'll get good results like that. Can I ask how often do you work out? and what was your eating like?
wildthing081 said:
Hi there, iam also new to duromine, iam on the 30mg and have lost 7kgs in my 1 month. Hoping to continue to lose the same amount in the next month.

Absolutely incredible! Not many can lose that much during their 1st month. Congratulations, honey, and welcome to our big family;)
Hi i didnt work out at all. Breakfast is normal Special K with little milk no sugar. weekends it may be bacon and egg, no toast. Lunch would be a sandwich of Low GI wholewheat bread with cheese and tomatoe, or chicken salad. supper meat and vegs or salad. Being sick i have sometimes had low-cal jelly and low fat yohurt. I dont get hungry at all, so i dont nibble at all. Have a very dry mouth, but due to the throat and ear infection i have being drinking very little liquid. I also have Lite cup-a-soup for either lunch or dinner if my mouth and throat are to sore to chew.
wildthing081 said:
Hi there, iam also new to duromine, iam on the 30mg and have lost 7kgs in my 1 month. Hoping to continue to lose the same amount in the next month.

Congratulations! I have just gotten my prescription filled for 30mgs, finding it very interesting reading everyone's opinions on here, can't wait to see what my results will be... keep up the great work, you've inspired me! :)
wildthing081 said:
Hi there, iam also new to duromine, iam on the 30mg and have lost 7kgs in my 1 month. Hoping to continue to lose the same amount in the next month.
Hi Wildthing 081,
wow thats amazing you lost 7 kilos:) i wish i can do that:)
good luck losing more weight, i can't wait to hear about your progress or your secrets to losing alot of weight:)
Hi everyone,
I started duromine 30mg on Friday 29/11/13, I filled my prescription in 5 weeks before earlier but decided not to start taking the medication as I was fearful that I may be causing myself more harm than good as I was also commenced on hypertensive medication. I went back to my GP and she asked how I was going with duromine, I explained my fears and she laughed and said that starting duromine would not effect my high BP. Following the visit I commenced duromine.

My starting weight is 103kg and I am 159cm tall, I am seriously depressed about my weight and have tried to loose the weight without any medication intervention but nothing worked.

3 days on duromine has been amazing...........I have not experience any side effects at all

I have absolutely no desire to eat but I force myself to eat small regular amounts, food doesn't taste very nice and its a real effort sitting there chewing and swallowing, but I'm doing it because I know that my body needs some fuel.

I haven't had any desire to exercise and am hoping that comes as I need to decrease my health risks and increase my health gains.

I still remain anxious over the side effects and possible implications duromine may have on my high blood pressure but thus far all seems well.

I am scared that my inability or lack of desire to eat will impact on my health, how do other people deal with it?

Good luck to everyone xx
Good luck to you, too, darling!:)
Tomorrow will be my second week...my eating habits have changed dramatically...
I no longer have the cravings for sweet or savoury..I think about it but don't have the urge to eat it..
Is this the tablet or me getting in the right mind set..
I am also more prepared for my meals with healthy eating..
Previously the many times I have tried to lose weight I wasn't eating healthy and the right mind set hadn't been there....
So my fear is when I stop taking Duromine will I fall back into my bad habits and cravings...
tomorrow is my second week too, and like you my eating habits have changed dramatically as well, im am taking duamine for 12 weeks and i guess by then my old habits will be well and truly broken, im not worried as i have no plan of ever going through this again. i will control my weight
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I am hoping I will be successful this time...I want nothing more to be successful in leading a healthy life..
But in the back of my mind..because I have tried so many times before and failed, will this just be like every other time...
I am staying positive, but doubt is always there...
Good luck with your journey..
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thanks hun, i know what you mean, i have failed sooo many times but i really feel this time i will succeed, duramine has changed things
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