Should I Keep Taking Duromine While I Have A Cold?



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Nov 6, 2012
Hi fellow Durominers,

I have been on Duromine 1 week and 1 day now, the first 3 days I felt an energy burst in the mornings which was great as I am a busy Mum and need my energy. But after the first three days I have begun to feel this side effect that comes and goes its like a foggy feeling in the head like slightly stoned bit tired feeling. I don't like it and I am wondering if this happens to anyone else and does it go away when you have been taking it a little longer. Yes I have lost weight but this side effect is a little annoying as I have a busy life and a lot to do.
Yes I get that feeling from time to time. I only feel that way for a day or two and it has long gaps in between. I've often wondered what it was all about though!
I had it the worst the first week and it's now lessening but I'm very tired on it. But yep "stoned and foggy" was the exact way I described it to my hubby, I was on a cloud and nothing could bother me the first week, I'm still much the same but more alert this week and more able to concentrate or command focus from myself. Not for long but better that week 1. Small amount of irritability that was in fact PMS....
Hey what dosage are you taking? I have noticed similar thing but after 4 weeks on 40mg
Other thing I noticed is lack of calories coming in caused me to feel quite dizzy and fatigued later in the day.
I owuld eat some complex carbs and bam within a few minutes felt 50% better :)
Today is my first day on Metermine, I took the tablet around 6:30 this morning, how long until the tablet becomes effective? I'm still feeling a bit tired and I was under the impression that metermine is meant to keep me awake and energised.
Welcome newbie!
You see, everybody wants to know how fast the pills will act. But the truth is you cannot predict their effect on your body. Everybody's different. Just start it and wait until it works, sometimes a day, sometimes two. As for the energy, you will have it just make sure you change your life style a bit. Because these pills are not magic pills. Plus they can cause some sleep problems after some time, so you should have enough rest.

Don't worry, we all were at the same boat! You'll do great!;)
Hey , I'm new to this page and looking forward to sharing experiences with other dieters. I have used duromine a few years ago and lost weight and felt very energetic and generally not hungry at all. I am on day 10 of the 30 mg and feel really tired and unmotivated ?. Do I need to go to the 40 mg or will this pass??? Any help greatly appreciated!!!
Hello, Kathryn!
Tiredness comes due to different reasons, maybe you need to sleep more? Or eat more protein and carb foods before noon? You know it helps))
I don't think you need 40mg now, because it can increase these side effects even more. Unless your doc decides to prescribe you this.
Also, walking in the fresh air (morning/evning) helps to feel good. Eat more fruit and a tiny piece of chocolate, or no! - hot chocolate drink will improve your mood! Helped me.
Unfortunately we all need to do home routine, work too... But hey, if you have some spare time - gym classes can increase your energy. I don't mean stressful workouts, but something more like yoga, zumba, pilates..

I hope some of these will help..
Thank you so much for replying . I had a baked jacket potato for lunch and just feel absolutely exhausted , I m just perplexed because I never had this problem when I used duromine before (although that was a few years ago ) I have severe athritis in my knee and in my lower back so hoping a weight loss will help ease the pain .
I really hope this tiredness will pass , I can't function at all well, so am eating chocolate when I'm not even hungry :( . I work in a hospital kitchen and it is very fast paced . It's my first day back at work tomorrow ?
Need some advice please form others who have been on duromine longer than I. My family has a virus going around and I'm sure I have been coming done with it for a few days. I took day 1 of duromine yesterday and other than energy boost for the day no side effects. My question is should you stop taking duromine while sick? I feel if I take it I might over do it exercise and energy expenditure wise and thought rest might be good for a few days. I didn't covert his either e do and it is time to take my pill now. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
if you have no side effects,from D stay on it ,just take your day slow, if your body is sore flu like symptoms then skip exercise, but keep eating right , you going to get sick SOONER OR LATER ,once you reach goal weight and off of D, SO IT is good to make good habits now, while you on D and sick, some people do not eat when they sick, but when they better they eat the wrong foods or they drink the wrong drinks , if you do not have a chest cold ,or head cold, yet, light exercise is fine, not elevating your heart rate, as that is usually dangerous if you have a virus or flu ..drink all your water, it helps with recovery when you ill ..if you taking other meds for the virus, then consult your doctor first, or maybe Kate can give you advice here about that ,I did notice that many people on D show symptoms of flu , and complain about sore ears, and sore throat, not sure if these are Duromine symptoms for some people bodies reacting to the D or if it is just coincidence that people got sick when starting Duromine..Kate and your doctor would have better advice for you on this question..
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Thanks. Bit the bullet and decided to take it. I'm only on the low dose 15mg and between a sleepless night up with sick kids before day 1 and getting a walk in I found that it was wearing off come about 4 in the afternoon and I was feeling tired. This is fabulous for me as lack of sleep sets off a migraine. So hopefully between the pill and minimising my energy output if needed I should still be able to sleep well again tonight. Down half a kilo form day 1 so it is encouraging. Thanks for the input.
you doing fine , and only you know your body and its limit, so continue to do what works for you , try some Magnesium if you struggle with migraine, I have found it has helped my migraines, and loads of water and fresh air do too .. if you only feeling tired and not hungry after 4 that is not a bad thing at all, as some people struggle to sleep and do not have a suppressed appetite on 15mg, so the 15mg must be enough for your body for now, keep going you can do this .. :)
I have found less than appetite suppressant I simply have no cravings. Which means that whatever I do eat satisfies. I don't eat fat due to gallbladder issues so sugar has been my downfall when having cravings. These cravings are gone so am able to eat meat and salad and this satisfying hunger and I don't need the sweets.
Excellent, I have had the same as you , and I love it... I used to be a savoury person , then when I turned 40 I SUDDENLY started to crave sugary foods, not sure if it had to do with hormones, and my thyroid ,but it was terrible to control , I am not a snacker or take out food person, and do not usually grab a slice of cake or cookies like some people who love sugar, mine was always chocolate... lol .. since D not once have I wanted or asked for chocolate, I have reduced my sugar intake in my coffee and have none in my herbal tea now, so far so good, hoping these will be lasting changes once I am off of D ,I have also found my cravings for carbs, bread, rice potato, is not significant either , which has been my reason for weight gain, I USED TO love a carb overload,Especially on weekends ... now EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK is the same for me .. consistency is key for me, just need to get my calories in check, not eating enough, and not doing a full 45 min workout, I am aiming for 45 minutes 5 days a weeks and 1200 calories everyday,I keep skipping lunch , or forget to eat. small changes but hopefully big results, D is good that it stops cravings, I think for most of us overweight, cravings has been our downfall, and overeating of course, lol..HAVE GR8 WEEKEND ,and I am sure we are going to read more about you weight loss and success soon, as you doing so well so far .. take care, chat later ...
Today is my 10th day taking duromine and i feel really sick i have no energy and just feel gross i dont know if its because my period is starting 8 days early even though im on birth control pill or its my body freaking out cos its had nothing fatty going in it. Has anyone else experienced this?
Yeah, got my period a week early even though I'm on the pill too. And I always feel like crap around that time. I'd say I had about a week to ten days of adjustment when I started (30mg). Shit sleep, super thirsty and not hungry at all - that's all settled down now though (day 35).
You don't need much fat in your diet, but there should be some. Fish, meat, dairy, nuts, avocado all contain fats. Eat a balanced diet to ensure you receive enough nutrients. Are you eating enough to cover your energy requirements? It's easy to skip meals when you're not hungry, but you're doing yourself a disservice if you don't eat enough too. Keep going and see where you're at after your period. If you're still off you might need to go back to your doctor to discuss it.
In a day i eat a banana, grilled chicken & mixed vegies then a lite jelly or boiled eggs for tea i do try and eat 1 piece of steak a week
Today is my first day and in the lead up to it, which was a whole other story which you can catch up with on my blog if you so wish, I have been reading all sorts of things. Quite a number of people have been experiencing tiredness on these but then there are also many who are unable to sleep at first. What's the deal with everyone on here's experiences with this?
Hi, StormGirl.
Tiredness is explained by the fact that Duromine is a stimulant, so if you take it later than morning, then you will suffer from insomnia most likely. As for tiredeness, most ladies just don't eat enough (although they won't admit it) and the body simply suffers from lack of nutrients that are necessary for energy.

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