What should I do... Metformin vs Duromine?



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Nov 7, 2021
Hi there everyone..

I am really eager to start the Duromine journey, once I manage to get a doctor to prescribe it to me.

I'm 24 years old and from South Africa.

2019 I weighed in at 150.8 kgs /332 lbs .. I have a habit of binge eating and then out of guilt I would starve myself or eat near to nothing.(I know not healthy at all)

My recent weigh in October 2021 I have weighed in at 136kgs/299 lbs..

I have also recently undergone alot of stress and consulted with my doctor in September 2021 about my health and hair loss/weight/facial hair.. (which also seems like PCOS to me)

She has put me on Glucophage 500mg /metformin. As she said my sugar levels are fine but my insulin levels are very high. My blood pressure is fine. I have been on it the past month or so and I feel like it's not helping in the sense of now I eat alot more healthier, but I still end up binge eating.. I do exercise often but I also work long office hours when all I do is sit at my desk.

In this time span I have tried herbalife, fasting, and now macros but I'm never able to reach the accurate targets either being way under or way over..

My question is.. Can the two work together? What is the suggestion? Will duromine help me?
Hi Natalie! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

Binge eating is always affected by stress. Did your doctor prescribe you anything for stress relief?
At some point, Duromine can help you with binge eating because it has great appetite suppressing properties.
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