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Aug 13, 2011
Hi all!

OK! here is my first question! (well questions) I don't know if this is the right place to post it.. but feel free to move to a better place if it needs to be somewhere else.

I started Duromine 4 days ago, and I already lost 1.5Kg. In regards the side effects I haven't felt a lot of them... although on my first night I didn't get almost any sleep my third night was amazing... I started walking and playing Just dance (a dance game on WII) and I think that have helped me using the extra energy that Duromine gives you.

Taking into account that I just want to lose 10 Kg and the many side effects of Duromine I don't want to be in it for a prolonged period of time. I am wondering, it is possible to lose 10Kg in just 1 month (I'm on the 30mg capsule).

Ok, I'll better get down to business, ha ha!
My most important question is that I'm a little bit unsure of what it would be better for me to eat... during these past few days I haven't felt hungry at all but still I have eaten 3 meals per day because I know it is important for you to eat... I will give you example of what I've eaten and please don't be afraid to tell me if I'm doing something wrong, that's the point of it, I want to make this experience counts.

For my first day I had:
Brekie: Coffee
Lunch: 1 grapefruit
Dinner: lean steak, rice

Second Day:
Brekie: Coffee
Lunch: lean steak with rice
Dinner: lean steak with rice and salad

Third Day:
Brekie: Coffee and 1 soft boiled egg
Lunch: Tuna with mayo
Dinner: lean steak with salad

Fourth Day:
Brekie: Coffee
Lunch: Chicken with mushrooms and salad
Dinner: Coffee with toast

I am also drinking aprox 3 lt. of water per day as Duromine has given me a really dry mouth, and I'm going to the bathroom a lot!!! (getting a little bit to personal? ha ha)

As I told you I am trying to exercise... I've never exercised before (apart from dancing and being a cheerleader on high school) so I'm trying to walk from work to my house at a fast pace, that's like 45mins and I also play my Just dance game at home for around 1 hour... I sweat like crazy ha ha...

Altogether I've lost 1.5Kg.. I think it is all right but I think I could be doing better...
What do you all think?..
I really hope to get some answers, as I want this experience to be a total success.. summer (and my birthday) is coming to Australia and I want to look good and be healthy for it and for the rest of my life!!

not that im an expert but i would be having more then a coffee for breakfast, breakfast is your chance to have carbs and know ull burn them off! even without exercise 'break/fast'.
Id be careful with the rice, any white carb is bad carb really, maybe change to brown rice i have brown rice and pasta and its just as good tasting and ten times better for you becos wholegrain is low gi.
a good friend of mine who is a health nut her rule is no carbs after 1 in the arvo, i am yet to do this rule lol.
final thought GO GREEN green vegis are so important easy for me to say eat them cos ive always loved my green veg as a kid and now and even more so cos im a vego.
GOOD LUCK with your goal!!!!!
Hi guys,
Just curious as to what everyones eating & how much exercise your doing?
HI , this is my second time on duromine since 9 months ago. first time was a success but rebounded because of my eating .. check out my blog , it tells you everything I did wrong :) hope its helpful for you good luck
Hi Everyone,

Is anyone else experiencing difficulty with exercising? I walk 5klms every afternoon on the treadmill however yesterday and today I've noticed that about 30 minutes after I finish I experience a really sick feeling in my stomach, I could possibly relate it to hunger pain (same feeling). It's horrible :( Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm thinking I need to eat more through the day?? Other symptoms are increased heart rate and uneven breath but I put this down to exercising. I try eating dinner but feel sick to the point of not eating? I felt better after about 3 hours last night then finally ate some food.
Argh! :(
I used to workout with my personal trainer during my Duromine journey, long ago...So he's been always telling me that treadmill is only for warming up. 10-15 minutes maximum! What makes you lose more weight - is strength exercises. They burn more calories than walking on a treadmill.
Most people think the more time they spend on bike or treadmill, the more calories they burn, but considering our situation, this way we hurt our joints and stress our heart. True.

So, I understand that you maybe don't have time for a gym, but you can take some dumbells (1-2Kg each) and make some lifting exercises. Different kinds, there are plenty on youtube. I'm sorry, ForgetfulMe, I just don't know your regime and situation at home. I am sure you are trying hard;) Speaking of this unusual feeling in stomach, maybe...it is caused by stressed heart, it happens. Do you breathe well when you exercise?

What else.. Oh, you should eat at least 2 hours before any exercise. This also makes you nauseous. And your body needs carbs mainly after exercises. That's why you feel hungry. Don't worry, when you consume more carbs, they are all burnt after intensive workout. Protein shake, nut&honey bar (I used to buy these in the gym, but maybe there are some at store). Also water.

ps. Maybe you need to eat more. I'd say 4-6 times per day. 3 main meals (low-calorie, small portion even if you are not hungry), and a couple of snacks in between.
Sorry for that long reply:laughing::p
I am pretty sure you've read some of this before on the forum)))
Best wishes
Hi Kate,
Your reply is fantastic and so helpful!
I definitely need to eat more, I'm terrible for reminding myself to eat through the day on Duromine so I need to increase that. I will also have a look at some weight workouts, I hate the gym with a passion but I have everything I need at home so I will start mixing my regime up.
I breath ok during exercise, if I feel a little stressed out or like I'm not breathing properly I just take a few minutes to breath through my nose (yoga, gotta love it:p)

Thank you so much for your reply, I'll increase food intake first and see how I go.;):)
You know, maybe a reminder on your phone will help (to eat more)? Personally I can't live without my reminders, becuase so many things to do! :laughing: Plus, you know 4-6 meals are many to remember haha))

I think that's a perfect solution to schedule your meals and so you don't have to force yourself to eat. Reminder is ringing - ok, time to have a snack...
Just listen to your body.;)
You will do great, I am sure.
Hey. Can you help me with the question - why do I need to eat more while on Duramine?
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james106 said:
Hey. Can you help me with the question - why do I need to eat more while on Duramine?
It's not about to EAT MORE while on Duromine. Basically you eat the same as without the pills, just small portions and different food (no fat, no fried, no fastfood etc.) It's just because when most people start Duromine they think to lose weight they should eat as little as possible. But that's a common misbelief.

Of course if you eat little - your body loses weight because it doesn't get enough nutrients. BUT. It is a long-term process to lose the weight this way. Not mentioning that you will probably gain gastrointestinal disorders, metabolic imbalance and it will be hard to maintain your normal weight after you finish the pills and start eating again.

When you eat small portions of low-calorie foods 4-5 times a day (and I mean normal home-made food, not protein shakes three times a day), your body still doesn't get too much calories, and if you exercise > it burns your extra fat (calories), plus your body stays healthy. When you don't eat you feel weak and dizzy, may develop headaches - that's a natural response of your body to the lack of nutrients.

Overall, a weight loss diet still means eating, but healthily, and Duromine helps to control that constant hunger which caused you overweight. Hope my explanation was helpful.
Have a nice day, James.
A lot of people on the forum loose impressive amounts a week or in the total time they are taking duromine and I wonder what exercise are they (you) doing?

What works for you best?

Or are you not exercising and still losing?

I have a stationary bicycle, and cycle 5 days of the week for about 30 min in the eve. going to start pushing for 45 min a day as my weight has hit a plateau.
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Thanks Miss T. Have you done that since day 1?

I have a stationery bike at home and just bought myself an ipod shuffle so that I can ride for 30 minutes a day listening to music.
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no, not from day 1. only started just over a week ago. I was too nervous to start in first week as i didnt know what to expect with taking D.
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I am not good when it comes to exercise, used to HATE it! When I started on Duromine if wanted to believe it is a miracle drug that will help me loose weight if I just stick to the right diet. During the first 2 months I lost 6kg, and was not happy with that at all.
I had to FORCE myself to start doing exercise. I knew from the beginning I should do it, but still hoped I would get sway without having to. I asked my husband to join me, that way I have no excuse and he makes sure I do not skip a day.
The first week was HARD - when I got up in the morning I dreaded the exercise, but after the first 4 days I started feeling good. Now I feel great!
What they say is true, if you exercise you have more energy during the day and also sleep like a baby. Never believed it until I tried it.
I now lose about 2 kg per week.
try to find something that works for you. Just give it a week - the first week is always the hardest, and I promise it will get better, then easier, and eventually nice!:laughing:
Thanks Audrey, that gives me hope.
I have never been one for exercise either, but am pushing myself now. I would love a 2kg / week loss.
Well done on your success
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Miss T said:
Thanks Audrey, that gives me hope.
I have never been one for exercise either, but am pushing myself now. I would love a 2kg / week loss.
Well done on your success
I never believed it myself, but I promise you, after the first week you would not want to stop. GOOD LUCK, YOU CAN DO IT!!
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I go to the gym 4-6 x per week. I do a circuit class on Monday, rpm tues, & fri & Grit strength & body combat on a weds. Every other sat I do rpm.
I had to drop my pt sessions as it was getting too expensive. I find I can get way more hungry when exercising but still having some crbs (usually a banana or grain toast or porridge) helps. I have also recently added yogurt to my diet.
wow Liabet, that sure is full on girl !! .. IF YOU COPING with all of that and not feeling pressured, keep going !!!! that is fantastic, I only do 1 hour a day 5x a week , 45 min Treadmill,hills , and 5 min Rowing on the highest level ,and 5 min pilates, core, and 5 min of squats and lunges.. I CHANGE IT UP every third day, so not to get bored, and so that my body will not get used to the same thing . So far this is working for me, and targeting all my fat areas, and toning my body as well, Friday is my body measuring day, so it will b interesting to see how much muscle I have gained and fat I have lost , Since changing my exercise , to shorter.. segmented ... multiple exercise, compared to Treadmill training one day, palates the next and rowing and lunges, squats on a separate day too..at 45 min each, it did not seem to do anything for my body, but the new short bursts of intense multiple exercises seem to have shaken my metabolism and is showing results so far .. Hoping I have now found my work out routine to balance my eating plan .. keep doing what you doing, may you lose loads of weight here on, and your carbs are good carbs, and yogurt is good for the tummy too, as well as calcium, so you doing it all right girl!! well done to you !!..
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