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Jan 13, 2017
Is it your second day on Duromine? You may have the following effects:

  • You experience a dry mouth.
  • You are still hungry.
  • You are tired
  • You have a headache
  • Your heart beats fast
  • You have a high blood pressure

No drama, no worries! Sometimes side effects may happen on Day two. But sometimes you can find that you have already lost some kilos. ;)
Or, maybe, you don’t experience anything mentioned above? Still, you may have a lot of questions about Duromine.

Find out what people eat to lose kilos faster and how they fight the possible adverse reactions. Look through the thread “Duromine Day 2” and find the best solution for you.
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So let's go back to day two, yesterday.
I felt great, I honestly haven't felt that good in so long! I had so much energy up until around 3, when i fell asleep.
I don't no whether this is because I hadn't eaten all day and ate a toasted sandwich (which isn't at all healthy.) Or whether it's because I had so much energy my body was just generally tired. When I woke up, I felt great again to the time I went to bed which was around 12:40am. Not much trouble falling asleep?
I had a little more dry mouth than day one but nothing that was enough to bother me.
Exercise wise, I went to the gym for a swim and did a fair few laps!
I suggest if you're struggling with exercise, swim or do The Body Pump class at a gym, hard but so worth it after..
I had my third pill about an hour ago, so I'll let you know how things go on.
Today I'm going to make sure I eat healthier, and little but often & go for a run this morning.
Thanks for reading :laughing:

Starting weight: 84 kilos
Current weight: 83 kilos
The end of my third day on duromine, I just weighed myself and have lost another kilo.
I can not explain how happy I am!
I ate healthier today and feel great, no side affects but I think I need to drink more water! :)

Starting weight: 84 kilos
Current weight: 82 kilos
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Well done.......

How's ur eating plans.........

Drink 2L water this will help weightloss.

Good luck n keep us posted
Thank you!
In the morning I have a fruit smoothie, usually berries. At about 10:30 I have an apple or a small salad. At lunch time I have either tuna salad or vegetable soup and dinner Is always different. I think I struggle more to eat a healthier dinner, which I need to work on..
I'm defiantly going to drink more water!
Hi there, well done on your success. I want to take duromine but I am scared after reading about the side effects. Any advice?
Awesome! I am 25 and 95 kgs before Duromine, it has been three days and I'm eating about 1/3 of what I would normally eat and I'm not hungry at all, the only side effects i have is today I have had a bad headache, I have a dry mouth and a bit of trouble sleeping but I know the weight loss will be worth it. My energy is amazing. Good on you keep going! look forward to hearing more from you!
Talk to your doctor about it and they should give you advice as to whether it will work for you or not :)
I've had just about all the side effects mentioned, but I've learnt to manage them. The worst for me is the headaches, but I find that if I drink my 2 litres of water a day I don't really get them. The insomnia is terrible - I've had a few nights where I just give up on trying to fall asleep. And when you do.....eventually...... fall asleep it's only for 4-5 hours. I don't feel tired the next day, but I do realise that my body needs at least 8 hours - that's why I take a break from the meds every 30 days. Personally I feel that taking Duromine has improved my life - I get so much more done! To date I have lost close to 20kgs. The only way you'll know if it'll work, is if you give it a try. Go to your doctor and discuss whether you would be a suitable candidate and also what dosage you should start on.... GOOD LUCK!
Congratulations on your loss of 20kgs LinD!
Hi, First off my names Samantha, I'm almost 20 years old, and I weigh 146kg.
I've been a big girl for as long as i can remember, (Back in like 2nd and third grade, i wasn't huge, but i wasn't the smallest, i was even concerned about my weight back then). As I've grown, my weight has to, and over the years I've watched it go up and up and up. I've tried so many diets, Meal replacement shakes, herbal pills and drinks, lite n' easy, Herbal life, special formulated herbal medicine that you add to your water, I've seen doctors and specialist because i thought there had to be some medical reason that my weight gain just wouldn't stop even though I've tried walking, swimming, dancing around, so many things to try and lose weight but nothing ever works. According to the doctors my body is working fine, i don't have diabetes, i don't even have a high blood pressure, my metabolism is apparently working correctly and apart from the obvious obesity, i'm "healthy".
Which brings me to today, After having this same conversation with my doctor, he has agreed to put me on duromine, even though he doesn't really agree with it, it seems to be my last resort.

He prescribed me one month of the 30mg tablets. And said next month i will be on the 40mg. I'm not sure why he started me on the lower dose, considering my weight, i would have preferred the stronger dose as i really want to get the most possible out of the tablet. But hes the doctor, ya know? Lol.

So i took my first tablet yesterday, honestly i didn't notice much of a difference, i had an appetite, it wasn't massive, but i ate an ordinary breakfast, lunch, and a smaller dinner. I didn't notice a dry mouth, i didn't have an huge energy boost, i didn't find myself fidgeting or wanting to clean my house like a mad man like other stories i read. I took my tablet at 8am yesterday morning, and was asleep in bed by 10:30pm, and i slept until 7:30 this morning.. so i slept a whole 9 hours, so it definitely didn't affect my sleeping either. I'm wondering if this is because the dose maybe isn't strong enough for my body weight? Maybe it will take a few days for it to really get into my system and give me the boost and motivation i need... hopefully.

I feel a bit disheartened honestly, i really want this to change my life. I want to be healthy for the first time in over 10 years, I want to be young and feel young and do the things my friends are out doing without me. I'm so big i don't feel comfortable going out with my friends. I hate going to clubs and pubs because i can't dress up nicely like every one else there, they look good, and i know i don't. I have no confidence at all, I don't even like seeing my old friends from school and people i used to know because i'm ashamed of how much bigger I've gotten since last seeing them.

It feels a bit weird telling all this to countless strangers i don't know, i don't even have the courage to say this to my family, my mother.. I haven't even told anyone how much i weigh.. Its such a big number, i don't want to see the look on their faces when i tell them. So now its just you guys.. and my doctor.

I'm sorry to rant on, I feel like i just need to get this all of my chest, i want to let go of this part of my life, i want to close this chapter and open a new one. A better one.

Thanks for listening, this is the first time I've ever put these emotional embarrassing feelings of mine on paper (digitally), and although i found myself in tears writing parts of it, i feel good.. I'm gonna go for a walk and get this show on the road :)

I'd love to hear from anyone with some hints or suggestions, inspiration, motivational tips, answers to why i may not be feeling the drug yet, anything really.

HI Sammy,

firstly, congratulations on taking the step to wanting to loose weight. It will not be a easy road but you are in front already by wanting to do it!! so well done!!

I started at 103kg and am on 30mg, I am now 91.1kg.. Not everyone has the side affects that is on here, I felt crap the first few days, slept normal etc. Now i just have a dry mouth get a bit shaky. I still east 5 small meals a day. I must say i still get the chocolate craving and wanting somthing fatty- and I have it, BUT i have it in propoertion. before i would eat like a large big mac meal with coke etc now i eat a small one with water and minus the middle pattie and no cheese. things like that help..

I am so proud of you already keept it up xx
Hi Big loss,
can i ask you when you started, i have been on Duromine for 1 week and and have only lost 1.7, on the second and fifth day it showed as 2.5 but today was the real weigh in my start weight was 104.7 and I'm also on the 30mg. sleeping is no problem, i try to eat at least 4-5 times day drink water have been doing stepping on the stepping machine just waiting for the treadmill to get here, i did have a bigger than normal dinner last night and a few small pieces of wedding cake as it was our second wedding anniversary. and congrats on your lost so far :)
BigLoss said:
HI Sammy,

firstly, congratulations on taking the step to wanting to loose weight. It will not be a easy road but you are in front already by wanting to do it!! so well done!!

I started at 103kg and am on 30mg, I am now 91.1kg.. Not everyone has the side affects that is on here, I felt crap the first few days, slept normal etc. Now i just have a dry mouth get a bit shaky. I still east 5 small meals a day. I must say i still get the chocolate craving and wanting somthing fatty- and I have it, BUT i have it in propoertion. before i would eat like a large big mac meal with coke etc now i eat a small one with water and minus the middle pattie and no cheese. things like that help..

I am so proud of you already keept it up xx

Thank you BigLoss,
It makes me really happy reading your message, and hearing that someone is proud of me just gives me that much more of a boost.

Congratulations on your loss, I'm so happy for you, being under the 100kg mark is a wonderful achievement, and your so close to being in the 80's! :). I can't wait for the day that i get under 100. I've been in the 3 digit weight range for a very long time. 2 digits all the way!

I just went for a 45 minute walk, and though i don't feel like these tablets are giving me an energy boost, they must be having some effect, because if i had gone for a 45 minute walk previously to duromine, around this area with the uneven walk ways and hills, it would have severely killed me. But right now i actually feel good. I'm not exhausted the slightest, i'm not tired, my calves had a slight tightening/burning feeling when i was walking towards the end of the 45minutes, but that was just getting used to the strain of walking up big hills, and i don't feel it now. I'm gonna take my puppy for a bit of a shorter walk later this arvo.

Can't say i have any side effects at all, and although i may have a little more energy, i don't know if that's just because i'm so motivated right now to move and get things happening that it could just be that and not the tablets. I could be wrong.

I haven't really had any cravings, I'm not drinking anything but water and a little bit of soy milk if i have cereal or tea. My sister got McDonalds last night for dinner but i passed that up and had a lean piece of steak and salad instead, and enjoyed it. i guess i'm at the point that i know i can have little bits of fatty foods if i want, but i don't want to at all, i don't want to let myself give in to treats and crap, i want to have more control, i want to find healthy alternatives and not have any of the food that has gotten me to this point. I want to give my self the best chance at achieving maximum results. I'm not used to eating 5 small meals a day, iv always just had the 3, i'm gonna try it though.

Thank you again for your message, you have really made my day with your kind words and optimism! :laughing:
Hi All,

My Name is Sophie, I'm 25 and started Duromine 40mg 2 days ago (Thursday 26/07). My starting weight was 95kgs and I'm 175 cm tall. I would love to lose 35kgs and weigh 60kgs but I think once I hit 70kgs will keep an eye on how I look, may not need to lose the extra 10kgs :)

First day of Duromine I took the tablet at 6am while I was getting ready for work. I felt it kicked in by the time I started work at 8am and felt really buzzy, lots of energy. Did find I had a slight dry mouth but nothing too bad. I drank lots of water during the day, easily 2L. I had two rapid weight loss shakes and an orange during the day. Went to the gym after work and was there for a hour doing cardio. Got home used my ab circle pro for about 5 mins and then made dinner of Steak and salad. I found during the day I did not feel hungry and at dinner could not finish all of it.

I did get a slight headache in the evening but that went away by the time I went to bed. That night I had a terrible sleep. I felt like I was awake all night, I'm thinking a may have napped for 20 mins then would wake up and be awake for a while then nap again etc. Though when I got up Friday morning I did not feel tired like a I usually do.

Day Two: Again took the tablet at 6am but I felt like it didn't kick in. I felt hungry on and off all during the day but stayed strong and made sure I ate well. Again I had two rapid weight loss shakes and 2 pieces of fruit - orange and an apple. Again after work I went to the gym for an hour but this time doing cardio and weights. Got home, used my ab circle pro and had Steak and salad for dinner. I still had a slight dry throat which doesn't bother me and I don't notice unless I think about. Last night I felt like I slept better but still had moments where I tossed and turned.

Today, day Three: I had set my alarm for 6am, took my tablet and went back to sleep until 8:30. I thought today even though I've been on duromine for two days would have a quick peek at the scales. I was going to try and not look until this coming Thursday once it had been a week but I couldn't help myself he he. Glad I did check, I had lost 3kgs, now weighing 92kgs. I do know this is just be water weight but it has got me really pumped. I'm hoping I can lose 6kgs in my first week. That would be amazing :)

So far today I've had 2 up & go's as I left my diet shakes at work and a orange. Will have another piece of fruit soon before I go to the gym. Trying to make sure I drink enough water. When I go to the gym today, I'll be just doing an hour cardio. Tonight I'll have steak and salad AGAIN .. so boring I know but I really enjoy it ha ha. I still feel hungry on and off and I'm hoping after a few days this will go away.

I'm hoping to post my journey most days (that may become a little to much) but differently every week, with my weight loss update :) and what I've been doing to achieve the loss.

I think being on the forum is a great way to stay motivated and see how everyone else is doing and I do wish everyone the best with their journey's and hope they reach their goals :)
So yesterday I went to the gym and did my hour of cadio. I was feeling a bit hungry when I finished so decided to head into the supermarket and grab a small handful of ham. Ate this and felt full so didn't need to start cooking dinner once I got home. Later in the evening had my boring steak and salad ha ha.
I tried to make sure I drank enough water during the day as it really helps with weight loss from what I've have been reading. Went to bed feeling a bit hungry but woke up today at 6am had my tablet and the hungry feeling had vanished.
Sleep is still not the best and today I am feeling tired. I'm still going to make myself go to the gym because I find I do get an energy boost when I'm there :)

I received my bodytrim package on friday and have been reading that, will watch the dvd's later today. Thinking I might start it in a months times while on Duromine and see if I can get better results. Has lots of yummy recipes in it that I want to try.

I also forgot to mention that I measured myself yesterday, which I'm going to do every 4 weeks.

Here are my measurements

Waist: 92cm
Lower Abdomen: 110cm
Thighs: 65.5cm

With these measurements it says in sizing charts I'm size 18 (au), though I do find I'm a size 16 (au) or sometimes a 14 (au) at different stores.

The measurements I would like to acheive would be

Bust: 81 - 86cm
Waist:63 - 73cm
Hips: 88.5 - 93.5cm

This would make me a size 8 to 10. I would have to lose between 60.5 - 80.5 cm off my body to acheive this. Seems like a lot but I think it is attainable :)

Off to the gym - Have a great day everyone
So today is Day 7 and finally I'm starting to not feel hungry, yay!! I've been sticking to my diet shakes, fruit, salad and meat. I haven't had any kind of junk food since starting, even when I went to the movies last night. Usually I would have a coke top and a large soft drink but I just had water and didn't steal any of my friends popcorn he he.
I have my weigh in tomorrow morning and I'm starting to get nervous :S maybe I shouldn't have weighed myself on Saturday and seen I had lost 3kgs. Now I'm worried I've put on weight, eep!
I'm hoping that I've maintained that 3kg loss or loss more. I have my fingers crossed to have lost 6kgs. It would make my day to see I'm back in the 80's :)
Will be posting again with the update, maybe have to get up a bit earlier so I have time to post before work :)
I have done my weigh in and I'm very pleased to inform I have lost 5kgs in one week :) wooo!
Didn't reach my goal but I'm not fussed because I was only 1kg off. I really hope I can lose another 5kgs in the next week. Would be great to tell family and friend I've lost 10kgs in two weeks he he.
Will continue how I'm eating and will still be going to the gym. The past week I've been every day. I don't want to over do it, so I'm dropping down to 5 days per week, monday to Friday. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be cardio and weights, Tuesday and Thursday will just be cardio.

I hope everyone is doing well with their weight loss. Please join in the conversation if you would like. Love to hear how everyone is doing :)

Hi Sophie!
Congratulations on your results - You're doing so well!
I have just started Duromine 30mg. I'm a 23 year old female who is 170cm, weighing in at 94kg. My goal weight is to get back down to 60kg, so I've got a long way to go!
I've heard that the results are really drastic in the beginning, then they die off after the first couple of weeks. I wanted to know how you're going now? I see your last post was July.
Hope to hear from you! :)
Hi Bec,

I was doing very well and then a week and a half in I stopped taking duromine as I was going out alot. I fell off the wagon and ate really bad and had lots of alcohol, eep.
So I'm very sure I've put all the weight back on :(
I'll be starting again tomorrow, I've stocked up the fridge and I just need to stay strong :)
I have heard that you lose a lot of weight like the first week or two and then it dies off. I think if you eat well and exercise you will continue to see results it week. I just have to listen to myself and put that it in action.
I'll update in a week and let you know how I've been going.
How are your results?

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