Duromine Day 2

This is so inspiring! How are you doing now?
I'm in my 4th week now and would have to say the exercising is the biggest helper. I eat really well now but without exersice I don't think I would have lost as much weight each week. Hang in there!
Hi, I'm a newbie to duromine. Started it on Thursday, and must
Say I am not hungry at all, except first thing in the morning. But
Half an hour after the capsule the hunger subsides. I found the first
Two nights I nearly slept, but that has now gone back to normal.
My question Is, should I be forcing myself to eat? I have lost 4.7 kgs in 4 days.
And in that time had 1 egg, chicken salad last night, and a piece of
Steak the night before. Honestly not hungry at all, but very thirsty.
Drinking at least 3 ltrs a day. Pretty much just 1 protein every night.
Just worried about the lack of nutrition in my diet. But honestly I a
Finding it hard to eat. I had a hens night last night and I know your
Not supposed to consume alcohol, but I did, I know I'm bad, but felt
No ill effect afterwards though. What are the dangers of alcohol and
Hi there,

I started Duromine 15mg yesterday. I am also taking Glucophage XR for PCOS. I currently weigh 126kg and i'm 1.75m. Yesterday wasn't too bad, i had a slight headache, dry mouth, yukky taste in my mouth and a bit of dizziness. Did not sleep at all last night and was up and out of bed at 6, but i'm not tired or moody, in fact cant remember being this calm and happy in ages. I drank about 4.5 litres of water yesterday and spent most of the day in the loo lol. i'm not eating much but when i do eat i feel as if i have overeaten. looking forward to my first weigh in on Monday although i'm terrified that i wont lose anything.

I.m not sure if anyone else has experienced this but i find that late afternoon towards the evening i tend to get really sleepy and i feel cold. Overall the past 2 days have been good, haven't had this much energy in ages.

Hoping to see good results and looking forward to a slimmer and fitter me :)

Hi R, yeah I have similar reactions... And I really know what you mean about the sleepiness in the afternoon... Sometimes I'm crazy tired!! Keep strong!! Don't give in.. This is no easier than other diets etc youve/we've tried... It's all a long road... It's ultimately about food retraining, an gosh that's hard... But you can do it... One day at a time, one struggle at a time ;) xxx
Thank you so much for the motivation. Day 3 and still feeling great although Little Red Riding Hood came to visit today:( and at times especially this evening my heart feels like its playing hop scotch in my chest. I started a food diary and i am surprised at how little food i am consuming and how healthy my choices are. What's strange is that after i do have my lunch or supper i feel as if i have stuffed myself and then i start worrying that perhaps i have eaten too much.

Had an oopsie today and i hope that i am not going to pay dearly for it. I am a home baker and today i had orders for Red Velvet Cupcakes and Choc Ganache Cupcakes. I wasn't tempted at all while baking them, but when they were done and all the orders were gone there was a mini red velvet cupcake with buttercream icing sitting on the kitchen counter calling my name and i swear i tried very hard to ignore her but she just wouldn't stop, so I ATE HER along with two leftover spoons of chocolate ganache and then almost threw up. Now i feel guilty as hell and a bit of a failure.

Tomorrow is another day and you are right it is hard, i should know this having been on SureSlim, Weight Watchers, Weigh Less and having bought almost every weight loss product televised. These might have only worked for a little while but i am more determined than ever to shift this weight.

2013 is the year, the year i can finally and confidently walk on the beach or go to a restaurant and not be ashamed of my belly rolls or fat thighs.

I CAN.......... NO......... I WILL DO THIS !!!
Hey! how are you going? make sure your eating enough, i know you dont/wont feel hungry and i know sometimes it feels almost worse to eat, but if this is a long term goal then eating small frequent meals (snacks and meals to become about the same size but happen about 5-6 times a day) will keep the lifestyle and weightloss sustainable.
YUM! a cupcake - yummmmmm! anyway :) :) just remember to treat yourself ever now and again, cos if you dont then you will only blow out on a massive scale trying to cramm in all that you couldnt have.
Its prolly not good though that you almost chucked from eating that after only 2 days...
Just remember each meal is its own, its not about a bad day, or a bad week, you can have a 'treat meal' or a
treat snack' without blowing your day or your week.

Stay strong, give me an update.
Hope to hear from you soon :)

Hi!!! been struggling to log into this forum. What an awesome week, even the weekend which normally means really really bad eating habits was a breeze. Went to a kiddies party on Sunday which normally means sweeties and savouries and all things sugary and all i ended up eating was FRUIT. I have virtually no side effects and things are really good.

My weigh in day was yesterday and I am so happy and proud to announce that i have lost 3.4kg and a 22cm. Eating healthy and making correct choices is not very hard on Duromine and i am hoping that after the 3 months it would be second nature and i can just carry on as is without the meds.

Once again thank you for the tips, it really is nice to have someone to talk to who understands and who is on a journey of their own. I hope that you had a good week that was and that the week to be will bring you nothing but happiness and good results.


I was having problems last week but thought it was my browser... hmm... maybe it was the site? anywhoo...
good on you for being so strong at the party, your right all parties are hard but for the sweet-toothed of us the kids parties can sometimes be the hardest!!

3.4kgs in how long? and 22cm wow woman! that's awesome! well done!!

How are you going with your daily meals/snacks? are you managing to get in soome exercise?

M xxx
Thank You :laughing:

3.4kgs and 22cm in one week. Last week was my first week. I am quite surprised at how well i am managing. I started a food diary from day one and I record everything. Looking back over my entries i am surprised to see how little i am eating in comparison to how I feel. My meals are a lot smaller, in fact way smaller that what I am use to but I still feel as if i have eaten way to much.

I started running last year and joined a running club, believe it or not but I am actually quite fit for someone who carries so much weight. I am quite tall so tend to carry my weight well. I have completed 6 10 km races so far, earlier this year I broke my toe and thereafter needed an operation to remove some tumour. I was off for a while which set me back a bit but I am slowly getting back into it, I also do Zumba 3 times a week and the PS3 iMove for about an hour with the kids.

I feel as if I talk to much about myself lol, please tell me how things are going with you, any challenges, results etc.

R :)
It's incredible Rukayah how you spend your time! Let me say that I'm impressed you manage to do Zumba, running and PS3 with kids altogether! Because my first advice to people who want to lose some weight - is to move and exercise, you know once you lose weight you skin might look little saggy. So good for you! You already see the results and honestly I didn't have so much weight off at first. Let me give you just one tip: Duromine takes off your appetite, it's fine, but you should still eat eanough. I mean small amounts but maybe 4 to 5 times a day. You don't have to worry about it, or to feel guilty or something!) ) ) My best way was to think that I was losing weight no matter what, even if I ate a cookie) ) It really works! Congratulations dear!;)

Hey R!! so how do you feel after the weekend? is your food settling a bit better now... more regularly?
why dont you give a sample of your food diary?
I am also VERY impressed with how much exercise you get in, and I can believe you run 10ks! WOW!! :)
And I LOOOOOOOOVE Zumba, havent done it for a while cos they move the session late, which i still tried to go to, but then they changed venues and was just getting harder and harder to get to.
However I have just ordered something from the TV called Brazillian Butt Lift - its a DVD dance workout targetting your butt, so lets see how that goes - should be bit of fun too :)
Hey guys,

What a week-end with back to back functions. I am exhausted. Functions normally mean bad food but i managed to control my eating and with literally no cravings for the bad stuff i think i did quite well. I weighed myself this morning and i am down another 1.3kg and 20 cm's. So far i have lost 4.7kg's and 42cm in 14 days. At first i was a bit disappointed as i had hoped to lose a lot more, but after reflecting i realised that a slower weight loss in the long run is probably more effective as it would then stay off as opposed to losing tons of weight only to put back double.

Honestly, and I know its only been two weeks but i feel like a NEW PERSON and i am loving it. Previously after meals i would feel bloated and heavy and on a more embarrassing note i use to have really bad flatulence especially in the morning, this is gone and i cant remember when last in the past two weeks i actually farted LOL. I have no more heartburn either. All in All i feel on top of the world.

I no longer have any side effects and i'm still drinking 4 close to 5 litres of water a day, and yes the loo and I are going steady and have make-out sessions at least every 10 to 15 minutes :eek:. I haven't been sleeping very well, in fact over the past 3 nights i've probably had a total of 4 hours of sleep and this due to the fact that some a**hole broke into my house at 3.30am Friday morning, climbing the outside pipes and entered through my upstairs bathroom into the room my friend and her husband were sleeping in at the time. luckily she awoke and started screaming and and pressed the panic button, by the time we got upstairs he had jumped out of the window, we talking two stories and was over the wall and gone. No doubt i am now to afraid to sleep and my son and daughter have now moved into her room because they don't want to sleep alone and so has my domestic, she sleeps with them because they are so scared. As we speak i am waiting on the security company to now come and install Roboguard beams, new gates and a new alarm system. The joys of living in Sunny South Africa, where this sort of thing happens every day.

I hope that you both had an awesome week-end. Its almost holidays with this being the last week of school, although we have no plans to go anywhere as we commence some renovations to our house next week. I know that my holiday will be busy full of outside activities none the less keeping the kids entertained.

Take Care and please let me know how things are your side

Here is a typical entry in my food diary

6.15 Duromine, Glass of water and a cup of tea with low fat milk and 1ts brown sugar

Breakfast (8.30)

1 cup of papaya +
1/2 cup low fat strawberry Yoghurt +
2tbs Kellogs Special K Oats and Honey (or 2tbs Muesli)

Snack (11ish)

1 small apple or banana

Lunch (2)

1/2 whole wheat pita with 1/2 grilled chicken breast and salad (cucumber, baby tomato, red onion, lettuce)
+ 1tbs mayonnaise


handful of trail mix (i often skip afternoon snack as the water really makes me full)
1 cup of coffee


Roasted chicken breast (no skin)
1 cup of roasted pumpkin and butternut (i have skipped supper a few times too)

I don't eat after dinner but continue to drink my water until bed time.
In between meals and snacks if i feel peckish or just feel like eating something i snack on some stalk raisins or dried fruit, 2 pieces of dried mango or peaches normally do the trick

I have gone off meat, so i eat loads of chicken and tuna

Hope this helps

So sorry about the break in. Thank goodness no one was hurt. My journey has been smooth. I enjoy my walk every day and I have lost 4kgs in almost a month. I'm thinking I should have lost more but am happy with the progress. It's a confidence booster. Dreading the festive season though. I hope I can discipline myself coz I do feel hungry some of the time. I am drinking lots of water to try and fill up my tummy. Good luck with the renovations.
Hi all :)

I am a 27 year old married woman with 2 kids (nearly 6 and nearly 7) 2 great danes a kelpie a cat and a horse. I have always been heavy but has gotten worse since I had 2 children 10 months apart the last one being a cesarean and then suffering bad post natal depression. On top of that my husband is fifo so it is very easy to get fast food. So that's all my "excuses" lol
As my thread title states I am sick and tired of not being able to shop where my friends do and looking massive in group photos. Therefore have decided its time to do something serious about it.
I have always been muscular (nobody else I know bar my husband can bench press 120kg ) so am not expecting to reach my BMI ideal weight of 65kgs but want to fit into regular clothes comfortably and not be so heavy......Hopefully somewhere around 78kgs.
I started Duromine 30mg 2 days ago after asking my doctor for it and so far have been having to force myself to eat. In regards to exercise I have a physical job as a aged carer and also a very physical hobbie/voluntary job of horse riding/training. I have also found that Duromine has so far given me extra energy to get things done around the house that were sadly being neglected due to just being so tired, not getting restful sleep (insomnia mixed with sleep apnoea ) Also I use a awesome calorie couting/exercise monitoring app called Myfitnesspal.
So basically my hopes and goals for being on this medication are to lose weight, regain my energy and be confident enough to have my photo taken not always feeling like people are staring at me cause I'm build like the proverbial outhouse :rolleyes:

Ok stat time:
starting day-
Current weight: 111.8
Realistic Goal weight: 78
Weight to lose: 33.8
Bust: 125cm
Hips: 127cm
Waist: 105cm
Thigh: 71cm
Neck: 41cm

I think its important to include Cms lost as you dont always lose kg's but tone muscle which makes you smaller LOL.

Day 1:
Felt great took med at 5am and went back to sleep till 7am big improvement for e as I generally cant muster the energy to be out of bed by 10am. tidied up around the house.... Found myself to be a little more "spaced" than normal if i started something then noticed something else that needed doing I tended to forget what I was doing and started next job....Also smoking way more than usual and not the slightest bit interested in food. Took kids out for lunch and forced salad down. All in all a good day diet and mood wise only side effect I have noticed is not being tired but isn't unusual for me anyway.

Day 2:
Again up early and raring to go which is great. got a lot of chores done in the morning and had my first day back at work since starting duromine which I was a bit nervous about cause I had a bit of a "high" around 1pm but stayed well within my daily calorie amount burnt about 2000 calories through work, cleaning and gardening. I did notice I was very thirsty today so kept a bottle of water topped up and with me at all time and I am not yet tired again however s silly as it sounds I am feeling lighter and have a abundance of energy.

I am aiming to only weigh/measure myself weekly and will hopefully update accordingly. I think this forum is a very useful tool in deciding if Duromine is for you as it doesn't just focus on the side effects it gives you a gauge of what to expect weigh loss wise and great diet/exercise tips from real people not just idealists :laughing:

Good Luck on your weight loss paths everybody :)
Hope your having a great day.
I am having to force myself to eat as well.. need to do a better job of that tomorrow.
Goodluck with your journey.
Hello Lisa!
It's nice to see you here, welcome!
Muster up courage and go! Seems the first few days went fine, so keep it up.:laughing:
HI again all :)
thanks caragh87 and Kate :) Same to you and kudos to you Kate you have lost a entire person!!!

Day three didn't go as well lol I slept through my alarm I set to take my med and so had it late ( 9 am instead of 5 am) then spent the morning with a head and neck ache.....That plus personal dramas lead to Friday feeling like a Monday!
Diet wise I went well stayed well within my calories and actually got slightly hungry at around 8 pm lol Drunk around 5 liters of water today so didn't even bother to sneak onto scales at work because it would have been all water weight :laughing: I did however sneak onto mums scales earlier and think I'm down about 1.5 kgs.....but not sure mums are unreliable and old school dial type...
Hope everyone has had a great day see you all tomorrow :)
hi all
well weighed in today....fairly happy with the results :) the last 4 days I have been mentally exhausted but only getting like 3 hours sleep and drinking around 6 litres of water per day and still thirsty so thats how its going side effect wise :/

ok so the results

Weight - 109 loss of 2.8kg
neck - 40 loss of 1 cm
bust - 121 loss of 4 cm
waist - 97 loss of 8 cm
hips - 125 loss of 2 cm
thigh - 70.5 loss of 0.5 cm

So not bad but not great...have a very busy work week coming up and am going to get back in the saddle more regularly so hopefully next weeks losses will be better!

good luck in the upcoming week everyone :)

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