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Nov 28, 2013
Hi everyone,

I started on Duromine 30mg last week, I only took it for 3 days and went back to my Dr as I was getting an hour or less sleep each night and I was feeling exhausted because of it. My Dr suggested the 30mg may be too strong and gave me a prescription for 15mg instead.

I started the 15mg two days ago and still not sleeping on them either. I take my tablet at 4:30am when my husband gets up for work and I do plenty of exercise during the day.

I feel the 30mg tablets suppressed my appetite better so may choose to go back on to them but I was wondering if my body will eventually get used to taking them and start sleeping again? I can't live 1 hour sleep per night (especially when I have 3 small children to take care of). I literally lay awake all night long, take my tablet at 4:30am then fall asleep about 5am waking up at 6am.

Any advice would be great.

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Hi, Bec.
First I wanna say that 30mg is a large dose to start with, that is your doc's fault. It doesn't matter what BMI you have and how much weight to lose, but you should always start with minimal doses. My advice for now: wait for a couple of days - week, so that drug concentration gets low in the blood plasma and you start sleeping normally again. You see, too little time have passed to judge at this point...
As a matter of fact, lack of sleep is a common side effect for diet pills, which tends to pass in 7-10 days of the therapy. Drink more water, please and try to relax at least 40 minutes before going to bed. Especially if you have 3 little angels;)

Sleep well!
Kate is right,doc's fault for sure. He/she(doc) shd let u consume on Alt days(for 30mg) since ure a newbie. I'm a newbie too,doc told me to take alt days. Example* if u take on mon 6am(e pill takes at least 12-16h to subside) den u skip on tues & continue on wed. dont worry about Tues ull gain weight bla bla..,i can confirm u wont UNLESS u binge but im sure u wont(trust me) & im sure u will sleep BETTER..Some ppl cant take it and they skip 2 days cos of e bad insonmia.. Bad DOc...or inexperience.. niway..15mg is a lesser dosage, keep us update on yr sleep. ;)

im nt a doc or anything,just thr my research n experiences..
my 2cents~hope it helps:):):)
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Thank you for your replies. I slept a whole lot better last night, feel normal again after a good night sleep.

3 days on 30mg last week and I lost 2.3 kg which I was really happy about. But 3 days on the 15mg this week and I've only lost 300g which I am a bit disappointed about since I've been eating healthy and exercising everyday.
2-3kg is ALOT!! congrats!! dont hurry yrself,if 15mg too slow,why dont u try bk on e 30mg on alt days? good luck hun

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Hi ladies,

I think I may need to go back up onto the 30mg tablets, even if I just take them on alternate days. I don't feel that the 15mg is working as well and doesn't seem to be suppressing my appetite. I've been on the 15mg for 6 days now and have been eating healthy and exercising and have only lost 500g......I'm disappointed.
hi I'm Dave :)
I'm 42 and a power lifter, I've always struggled with excess fat and now at 158kg and a crazy bmi, my doctor convinced me to try durimine so here's day two :) I took my first one at 4pm and finally got to sleep at 4am! This morning and woke up at 830am, feeling s a little yuck and need to drink lots of water to not feel like being sick, does this subside?
Hi, Dave
Yes, it should subside with time. Just make sure you take the pills at the same time daily and drink lots of water (necessary). It also depends on the dose. If you are taking 30mg, then you can ask for 15mg. But usually, normal sleep restores after a week maximum.
Hi guys thanks for the replys, the side affects are lessening, and I'm now at 156.8 at day 3 :) im finding im drinking about 5l of water throughout the day and having to force myself to eat a little every 3 hours (trainer and doctors advice) I'm loving how this is nailing the appetite!
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Hey Dave nice one, how's it going for you?
Hi Guys
Yes, Dave I had the same on the first day - I was so thirsty but could only take very small sips of water as if I had of taken big sips or gulped it, I would have been sick. Was very nauseous.

Its fine now though - I'm on the 4th day and my only symptoms are insomnia and heartburn. Both are manageable.
Scales show 3.7kg loss so far, which is encouraging.
Heya :) it's getting there, the side effects are lessoning
I started back at the gym last night, managed a 3/4 session and a 4km walk, i only had a bowl of cornflakes yesterday and a couple of coffees, I have to watch that I eat as I'm finding I don't eat at all otherwise.

This week I'm working away from home so can concentrate on this solely so it's a 4km walk and the gym everyday
I'm not managing to eat much either.
I have a smoothie in the morning, which is about 500 calories.
Have to force myself to eat two boiled eggs at lunch.
Then I'm only managing about two bites of dinner.

I know I'm not eating enough but I'm struggling to do anymore.
Try a protien shake, I think we need at least 1500 cals a day, I aim for 2grams of protien per kg
Yes I was thinking that. The doc said she wants me to have at least 1000 calories. I'll see if I can stomach another smoothie in the afternoon.

I can't believe how effective this medication is. I've gone from being hungry all the time to feeling sick at the sight or smell of food!
Your dead right, usually the hunger is crazy, it's doing exactly what I wished for, and I'm now able to manage food based on an eating schedule and nutritional requirements without craving and needing food, I'm on day 7 today and excited about weigh in tonight :)
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Good luck to both you guys!!!

I'm on my 2 month but had to take a 2 week break from Duromine on my dr's request seeing that I had some blood tests coming up.

But in these 2 months with the break in between them I've managed to loose 15-16kg already.

I hope you guys keep loosing ey!!!!!
Thank you, thats really inspiring! Hopefully we will see similar results to you!
I'm on day 5 and scales show a 4.1kg loss so wanting that to continue.

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