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Jan 13, 2017
Welcome back to a new Duromine weight loss journey, dear!:)

I am sure you are here because you've succeeded with Duromine in the past, and now a new weight loss journey begins!

Here are some other reasons why do most people have a second time around:

  • They have lost a significant amount of weight and want to lose more
  • They gained weight after stopping Duromine
  • They have stopped dieting and physical activity
  • They can't find a Duromine alternative
  • They had to stop taking Duromine because of the adverse reactions

Good news!:bomb: If you have had severe adverse reactions during your first time, it doesn't mean that you will have it again. At the same time, you may experience other reactions or even no adverse reactions at all.

One more exciting thing is that Duromine can work this time even better than previously. But again, we all are different.
I know it is always hard to lose weight, but it must be easier as you know this substance and know how it works. You know that Duromine doesn't work itself and you need to follow the diet, including some exercise in your life.
:sun:So, let me know why are you here today?
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I went to my doctor yesterday and she was saying that i should try duromine as i had been on a diet before and lost 35kgs which took around 8 months. The diet was cohens lifestyle but i found unless you basically stick to eating that same food for the rest of your life you wont succeed on it, so unfortunately for me i went back to old habits:(
I am very worried about duromine as i have never tried anything like this before. I have had a look around on the web and seen alot of negative feedback about it and only a small amount of positive feedback. Being this is your 2nd time on it you obviously are happy with it. Does your mood seem to change much? Is there much price difference with the generic brand? even though you say its not as good? Im in Brisbane.
Hi everyone,

I use to take duromine 5 years back and successfully lost 20kg. Eversince then, I still continously take it to sustain the weigh loss but, as time goes by, i notice my body hv build an "immunity" on this hunger depressant so I decided to stop taking it. Unfortunately, my weight (out of no self-control and proper weight maintenance) i bounce back to a hefty 96kg!

I've recently successfully lost 9kg out of my constant exercise and eating wisely and this took me 3 months to acheive the result.
Honestly, I am tempted to take duromine again but I'm afraid my body will not react actively to duromine like the first time i took it since my body seems to "recognize" duromine and didnt strongly cause tremendous weigh loss after my 20kg.

What if this still happen after not taking duromine for so long?

Yes, I confess, I would like to take duromine again.
I hope somebody whose taken duromine second time comin can give me some positive feedback and advise.
Im curious, is there a generic brand of duromine?
how can u tell apart its the real deal from the generic brand?
Hi, I'm a newby to duramine, just started 4 weeks ago, a few side affects, but lost 4kgs...good luck and let's see how we go.
first timer said:
Hi, I'm a newby to duramine, just started 4 weeks ago, a few side affects, but lost 4kgs...good luck and let's see how we go.


How have you been going so far. I am about 2 and a half weeks in
Hi, apart from feeling jittery lol, its all going ok, concentration is a bit disgust lol, but feeling better already. I am going to start walking tonite ud i can get away from work early enough. Eating less and when I do I eat healthier food..What about you? Cheers
first timer said:
Hi, apart from feeling jittery lol, its all going ok, concentration is a bit disgust lol, but feeling better already. I am going to start walking tonite ud i can get away from work early enough. Eating less and when I do I eat healthier food..What about you? Cheers

My side effects were really bad but seemed to disappear at 2 weeks in. Really weird. I am glad though because I wanted to keep it up. I am not eati g much but when I do I am making healthier choices and smaller portions. Heaps smaller. I can actually have cake in the house and not care. Yay.
Haha, I'm the same with cake. How much excerise do you do, how often etc
first timer said:
Haha, I'm the same with cake. How much excerise do you do, how often etc

Not much exercise at the moment.
I will get back into it soon.
Day 1 starting weigh 76kg, height 157
BMI 30

This is my fourth time using duromine, mum of 5, live a fairly active life

After my fifth child I had almost reached my goal weight, I had gone down to 65 kilos and was happy with what I saw in the mirror. I managed to lose all my pregnancy weight and maintained it for 6 months through diet and exercise

THEN 6 months ago I moved to the country, no gym and weekly food shops

I noticed fairly quickly that I was putting on a kilo a week, I could not understand why, and put it down to having no gym, I started doing my squats and weights but still had no cardio. I attempted running, but I was not born to be a runner and with 5 kids is hard to get out, so gave up on that idea

For the past 8 weeks I have got to the stage of waking up and not liking what I see, this then sets me off for a miserable day, wearing tracky dacks and tshirts, not very flattering. I mask my pain with makeup and although people say I look good and hubby says I'm not fat, I feel it.

Sorry for the long introduction

I went to the new local GP and asked for duromine, explaining that if I lost the weight I could maintain it like I dd before, he would not give it me, due to me having a store 8 years earlier (had to learn to walk and talk all over again) so yes I am a strong and determined person and you wouldn't know now to look at me. Instead he referred me to a dietician. This did not go down well with me as I have done, the dieticans, shakes, magic pills, lite n easy etc and the only thing that worked was duromine.

I don't think I eat my much and if anything I undefeated, so I made a conscious effort to eat more, small and regularly and yes yet another fad weight loss diet, the recipes were nice, but I lost zero

I then purchased a decent cross trainer and do at least 40 mins a day and 50 squats

After a month, still lost nothing but at least my weight had stopped climbing and ive maintained it at 76kg

At the beginning of all this I cut out all soft drinks, have at least 3 liters of water a day and do a food diary so I am honest about what I eat.

Again I went back to my new GP and saw a different Dr there, again he would not prescribe it to me due to my store, which I am sick of being reminded of and I just want to move on, instead he referred me to a physician who deals with clinical nutrition

I have made an appointment and seeing her in 4 weeks time, however I am so miserable about my weight, summer is coming and my family from overseas are visiting at Xmas

Today whilst shopping with my daughter near where I used to live I again saw myself in the shop window and I felt so fat and just wanted to cry, I think my husband is sick of me going on with myself. So I decided to go and see my old dr who had prescribed it in the past, I was gutted when I was told he is no longer there

So this is where the 1st day of the rest of my new me starts, I as a lovely GP, said I wanted duromine, she said yes immediately, advise that she would give me a repeat as one month won't do it, said she would give me the 40 and to go back when I've finished the course, I nearly fell off my chair, finally someone that listed to me

I made the mistake of taking one at 4pm, thus me being still wide awake at 3.30 in the morning, so will defo take my next one in the morning

I am still going to see the specialist as she au be able to explain why even though I don't sit down and rest, who does with 5. And the fact that the rest of my family are slim, they eat more than me, why I can't lose the weight

Thanks for reading and feel free to post any comments

Hopefully I will be a le to say in 8 weeks I like what I se and I feel good when I look in the mirror, apart from the rolls of excess skin from having 5 babies, but I working on the tummy tuck

I know I might sound vain, and some may think 76kg is not that heavy, but for me and because I am small, so it does feel a lot, and I do feel fat/large


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Great to hear someone listened. I'm sure u will be able to maintain it when it comes of. I'm like u have been active, eat pretty well and go the gym.but I need a kick start, and it's working :)
Day 2
Weight 74.4 kg

Surprisingly managed to get through the day on 1 hour of sleep, will defo not be so excited about getting my duromine that I took the tablet at 4pm, big mistake

Day 2 gone really well, can't believe I have lost just over a kilo, think this has something to do with how hard I have been working and exercising the last four weeks, but my weight just wasn't budging

Not felt like eating today so have had to force myself, ended up with yoghurt for breakfast, handful of peanuts for snack, 1/2 piece of lean bacon for tea and yoghurt for supper, need to start eating small well balanced meals, small but often.

Think I have drank about 6 liters of water today, so if the duromine doesn't keep me awake, going to the loo all night will lol.

Looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow, I am already feeling much happier with myself and for the first time in ages I didn't detest what I saw in the mirror, and now know I have got the help I needed so I can maintain it in the future
Keep up the good work a turn, you sound like you are doing an awesome job, and well on your way to achieving your desired weight :eek:
Day 3
Weight 74.2 kg
Child free day today, made sure I had some breakfast yoghurt, an hour on the cross trainer, then decided to ditch the red on and mannually mow the front lawn, 2 1/2 hours later, great workout

Feel not as wired today and slept well last night, so here's hoping for another good nights sleep

Feel better with myself today and even had te confidence to wear a dress
Well hi to all, I have been taking DUROMINE on and off for nearly 3 years!! I have lost almost 45 kilos, it's not all Rosie and not quite what people think it is, let me start by saying I am 31 mother of 3 after the birth of my last child (nearly 6) I couldn't get the weight off I'm only 165cm tall not over big built but I weighed a massive 96 kilos, I had given up smoking so replaced cigarettes with chocolate bars and when I say chocolate I mean like up to 5 a day at times, I started a new career path (hairdressing) when my youngest was only a few months old so I would have to look at myself daily in mirrors and that's when a friend who was taking them suggested I did too! Mind you I had taken reductil a a few years prior which didn't do a thing, so I wasn't keen on trying DUROMINE! The first few weeks I was bouncing off walls and so thirsty but not at all hungry I literally had to force myself to eat...I lost 11 kilos in 4 weeks and that's when my obsession started!!

Reality hit that the size 18 woman was now a size 14 and I loved that I had finally after 2 years could get into my favourite jeans, people would compliment me and I loved it! Back to the doctor I went and got more this time 40mg and after bouncing off walls and mood swings and constant sooking I lost another 8 kilos....so near 20 kilos lighter and size 12 falling off me, for the first time in my life (since high school) I brought my first size 10 pair of jeans! I felt so happy! But still it wasn't enough! With personal things happening on top of my 'obsession' it took over my life! I crashed my car due to lack of concentration I jumped from doctor to doctor (as no one give them to me) to get more, I had paranoia thoughts, suicidal thoughts, arguing with family, have up my own hair salon as looking at myself was unbearable starved myself, lived on chocolate milk and the occasional jelly bean!

By now I had gone from 96 kilos to 55 and that's when things got worse! Wasn't enough! I started feeling guilty when I'd eat, so I stopped! I'd go weeks without eating....still taking DUROMINE although I was only taking it once every 4 days to lengthen it out as was told that I wasn't able to have it again! I dropped to 50 kilos! Then I got really sick, my body wasn't coping at all! To top it off I had to have surgery (for something totally different though) and my doctor at the time was going to refuse to operate as i wasnt well, that was then that I realised I really did have a problem! I had forgotten who I was, my marriage started to fall apart I'd shut myself off from the real world, i had spent thousands on clothes, I suffered depression, I finally asked for help! And it is the best thing I had done! I will battle this for a long time, I am a healthy 60 kilos now I still get paranoid and I still 'obsess' about my weight, I still suffer depression but my husband and children have their wife and mum back, I have a few ongoing health issues which over time will get better, I can't blame DUROMINE for this but it didn't help the frame of mind I was in, due to some of the side effects, I will never be that 'big' girl again but I do it healthy now, I still have days where I can't eat or keep anything down, I still crave DUROMINE and I'm not going to say I'd never take it again if I needed to! I don't want to turn people off it as not everyone will go through this, I hope no one ever does, I just want to warn people that yes it is great if used correctly not like I did, be careful, even if your not hungry force yourself to eat, drink plenty of water and allow yourself a treat once a week, and please have weekly doctor apps if you need to, good luck to you all that is on it, I wish you all the very best if you don't feel ok on them please stop! Talk to someone!
I hope that this doesn't frighten anyone as like I said it wasn't just DUROMINE was my own self opinion obsession etc i abused them
Rachael27 said:
I hope that this doesn't frighten anyone as like I said it wasn't just DUROMINE was my own self opinion obsession etc i abused them

P.S I needed to mention that this was over a period of 18 months so losing that much weight in such a short time isn't healthy for anyone....and although it started 3 years ago, it has taken me 18 months to fully get over it!
Hi all,
I was on Duromine a bit over a year ago and I lost over 10kg in 6 weeks. I stopped then only because of some things going on in my life at that moment and my weight loss took a back seat.
But now I am back on the wagon to hopefully get rid of this weight. I have a blog on this forum and I will continue with that and will keep up to date with my progress there.
Starting from today I weight in at a colossal 127.3Kg and I am on the Duromine 30mg.

Good luck to all ;)
Thanks for posting your story Rachael. I started on duromine three days ago, and really needed to see this. I weigh 137kgs at 21 years old. Ive never cared about my weight, but the thought of being healthier and fitting into normal clothes makes me excited! My doctor recommended duromine and suggests 80kgs would be a healthy weight for me. I'll be having monthly visits :)

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