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Jan 13, 2017
The second week is the time when your body gets used to the Duromine effect. Most adverse reactions are gone; the scales show the first spiffy results.
Most people are excited to share their results by Week 2 on Duromine. At the same time, some people notice that their weight loss has slowed down. Why does it happen?

Let's check. If you:
  • eat healthily and avoid junk food and sugary drinks
  • drink plenty of water, not less than 3 liters per day
  • don't skip your meals; eat three times a day + have at least two healthy snacks
  • stay physically active

If it's all about you, you are on the right path. Good on ya! What do other Duromine users say about their second week? Here are the most frequent worries:
  • some people are still hungry
  • insomnia still happens
  • there may appear other adverse reactions
  • some people don't find 15 or 30 mg effective and want to try Duromine 40 mg
  • for some users, it's the second time around
  • some people find that their weight fluctuates
Did you know that weight fluctuations are a common phenomenon? It depends on the time, hydration level, and other factors.
All you need to know about Duromine Week Two can be found in this thread!
Hi all

I am starting Duromine tomorrow morning 17 Sep 2011. I hope it works I have heard good reports from a lot of ppl. I'm starting on 15mg will keep everyone up to date I have a set eating and exercise plan lined up and very motivated. Good luck u all.
Wow you will be busy with your kids. Good luck with your weight loss & keep us updated
well shadedcge i will be following your progress :) i have just started taking duromine 3 days ago and i must say im not hungry at all. im a compulsive snacker and havent snacked once in three days. i must say though im not even hungry so i have to remind myself to eat. lol i have just had a baby 3 months ago and im determined to lose weight and get under the 100kg mark

so i thought i might share my stats with you
age: 32
height: 167cm
starting weight: 118kg
Hi guyz good luck to uz all an keep us up dated aswell. This week has been bit of a slack for me as the urge for eating took over a bit but im really trying. I wont panic yet but ill give it another month, if the urge for eating stays with me then ill see my doc about 30g duromine.

Starting weight 1st sep: 115kgs
15th sep: 110kgs
*UPDATE* 22nd sep: 108kgs
HI there

I'm new and similar to you guys I started duramine 2 days ago. I acually feel fine on it, a bit speedy but really good. Have taken it at 6am each day and havent had much trouble sleeping. I havent been hungry at all.

My stats are:

Age 32
Height 166cm
Weight 117kg

How is everyone else feeling?
well done Shadedcage,thats great improvement.i have lost 4kg in 15 days and i would likd to lose at 25kg.Was weighing 92kg and now 88kg,no exercising just being active when doing my house chores,today i took a walk around the block,hope to have the will power to do it again tomorrow.we need to keep motivated.go go girl u can do it
Hi everyone, sorry its been a while to update, I couldnt find the thread lolz well since my last update on the 22nd sep weighing in at 108kgs. Well since then I actually went right off track and stopped taking the pills not for any reason but alot of family events came up and I couldnt resist that urge to eat. I only just restarted back on the pills on the 9th Nov. Im dissapointed that I stopped taking them for over a month when I think about it now but im hoping to keep going from now untill my goal weight of 78kgs. I got such a long way to go.

Anywayz UPDATE at 16th Nov: 103kgs
Hi shadedcage:) I am in exactly same boat as you, 3 kids under 6, piled on kg's with eachone, I started doing liteneasy at start of year and lost 10kg but put 5kg bak on as I was a terrible fast food eater (10 wicked wings at a time),so not suprized i put it back on. My start weight now with duromine is 110kg. I have been on it for 3 days and I will weigh in at end of one week. The only side effects from i've had are positive ones, one it makes me drink more water and two it makes me wake up earlier which i couldn't do b4 as I like my sleep in the mornings,my kids let me sleep till 8am but now i'm up by 4;30 without an alarm and im wide awake so I can do sum time on the treadmill b4 kiddies wake up:) heres hoping we both stick with it and get great results:)
Hi alitim thanx for sharing your experiences, hows your progress coming along? update when you can. My progress has not been too good at all like the craves have come bk full out and i feel lazy az (doesnt help with our humid summer weather) like ive not been taking the pills. went bk to the drs coz my 3 month perscription was up and shes given me the 30mg to try boost things a bit more for 3 months. i havent bort them yet bt will be gettin them on wed. so far my weights at 101.5kgs
hei shadedcage, good to see a response from u, how are u still losing weight even though ur not taking the duromine anymore? i have one bad day when im on them and i put on weight. I have been taking them for 4 weeks tomorrow and I've only lost 7.6kg, and thats with not eating a lot and excercising almost every morning. I would really love to keep going for another 2 months but im having major surgery in 9 days and i don't know if i should keep taking them during recovery since i wont b able to da any excercise so i feel i won't benefit with them. Well i hope u start again and stick with it coz it does work and u will enjoy life more when ur happy in urself:)

SW 110kg
GW 68kg
Sorry its been awhile, went way overboard with eating b4 xmas so i got the 30mg, started 2 and a half weeks ago. Last weight was 101gks, current is 97kgs so happy to be more energized! will update again soon
Hi everyone :)
I'm Kini, and Im on my 13th day of Duromine 15mg.
My gyne prescribed me Duromine because I have PCOS which unfortunately causes weight gain especially around the stomach area, sigh! I exercise daily with running, light weight training and eat pretty healthily, no carbs or refined sugars.
So far I have not noticed any weight loss, my clothes feel the same and I dont own a scale but Im staying possitive, I dont want to up my dose hopefully if I keep doing what Im doing I will see results :)
My side effects are, dry mouth, nervousness, teeth grinding, luckily I dont experience insomnia, I take my pill at 5.30am.
Im hoping to loose 10 - 15kgs
Nice to meet everyone, so happy I found this site :)
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Hi Kini!

I also have PCOS and you are right its incredibly difficult to lose weight with it. I also carry most of my weight around my tummy and sadly its the hardest fat to get rid of...BUT we CAN do it. I'm now in my 3rd week and so far I have lost 1.5kgs every week so 3kgs in total for now. I had been hoping to lose more as i have about 20 that I want to lose but I've come to peace with the fact that this is not a quick fix.

Best of Luck, if you have a tape measure start taking your centimeters might give you a bit of motivation seeing as you dont own a scale, that will be a good way to monitor your progress.
Hi fellow capetonian its nice to see that there are more and more peeps from SA also using duromine. I am on day 25 and have lost 4kg only. Thought I would like lose 10kg per month, however I am still greatful to atleast see that there has been a change in my weight. I would like to increase my dosage from 15mg to 30mg however i need to first go get advice from my dr. All the best and yes I agree with David lets jeep each other motivated!!
Hey guys :)
What exercise are you doing? I run 4ks 4 to 5 times a week and I work out with 1kg weights, I dont want Madonna arms :)
My advice is to not eat carbs for supper, rather have your carbs for breakfast or lunch. The one horrible thing about cutting out carbs is the price, its much cheaper to eat carbs than protein, oh well.....
Well done everyone, we can do this!!!
Kia Ora

I thought i would post my journey in the world of Duromine

A bit about myself.....
I am 31 years old and have a great partner and 3 children 14, 5 and 2. I have struggled with my weight for the past 11 years ranging between 72 and 82 kgs however this year weighed in at my heaviest @ 93kgs. For the past 2 years i have tried my best to do it the preferred hard yards way and go to the gym and eating healthy but found that with my working roster this was hard to do. I worked wakeover shifts 10pm - 8am so tended to binge eat to keep me going i was also provided with meals on each shift that would cover every part of the plate and i would eat the lot (to show appreciation). This happened 4 nights a week and i became a customed to having huge meals most week nights on top of stopping in at drive throughs, binging on COKE and SNICKERS bars.
To cut a long story short the main ingrediant of the foods i loved and eat on a daily basis was "SUGER" the devil of all foods. I always found that my want for food always overpowered my need for a healthy slimmer lifestyle. I would almost always turn just thinking about food into having to have it.
Sooooo on friday 22 June i went to see my DR and talked through what had been happening for me regarding weight, environment, triggers, stress, work. After a long discussion he aggreed that Duromine could possibly work for me. I got the down low on how it was an addictive medication ,the cost, its side effects and how he would only give me 3 months prescription because of these. I aggreed and took my script and got my first months worth. I took it all into consideration and thought that hey i would probably go through those anyway if my weight continued to increase and hey i could easily spend up to 100.00 a week on junk so thought by doing this not only could it save me from a lifetime of illness but would also save on the pocket.


START DATE: 22-06-12
Hi all again i know i just posted but am trying to get a type of timeline happening so here goes...

End of week 2 was yesterday, over the past week the only side effects were

DAY 1: Felt like i was racing
Day 2: Head ache and slightly blured Vision
Day 3: Energy kicked in Side Effects Gone
DAY 4: Appetite gone but still ensuring to eat 3 meals a day and up to 2 snacks.
Day 5: felt the apetite sneaking back in but able to ignore
Day 6:Felt hungry for sweets and fizzys at Midnight but still managed to ignore
Good going mumsie_08. How much weight did u lose after week 1 and are you doing any exercise? I am a week today on 30mg.

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