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Nov 24, 2011
Christchurch, New Zealand
Hey - I'd like some advice and opinions

Okay, so I started duromine (30mg) a few days ago. Today is day three.

Quick facts::

  • I am 18,
  • 171cm tall
  • 87kg's

I am also taking (for health reasons)
  • Panadeine (500mg paracetamol, 8mg codeine)
  • Noflam (anti inflammatories)
  • Ornidazole (used to treat some uuh "women problems")
So, all up I'm taking 13 pills a day. Which is a lot, I am normally very hesitant to take pills (even pain killers). Prior to this, I would have taken maybe 10 a year. But, I've got some undiagnosed health problem and the specialist recommended I take the pills to help until we find out what's wrong. I mean, I don't pay $300 for a specialist not to listen to him lol.

I am an ex-health-freak. I recently have had some health problems that have left me unable to gym and workout, or even walk for 30mins without being in pain (read my profile for more description). Last year I lost 13kg's and got down to 75kg's (then up to 79kg's with weight training), by running, going to the gym, dieting and eating healthy. Unfortunately this year hasn't been so good. The pains have left me depressed and unable to do what I love (exercising), and have resulted in me putting the weight back on. This is because my body felt as though it needed the food like I was exercising, when in fact I needed far fewer calories. I felt like I was starving myself to lose the weight. In a desperate attempt to shed my extra kilo's I went to talk to my GP about this diet pill - I hoped it may help with my pains too.


First day I felt queezy and unwell. I had a few hours of feeling very energetic then a few more feeling very tired and having a low level of concentration. I went to sleep just fine about 1am.

Second day I awoke at 5.30 bright as a whistle, I took my pill and had breakfast. I was feeling very alert and cleaned the whole house before anyone even got out of bed. Same queezy feeling though. Come lunch time, I was feeling tired again. Same fatigued feeling. I had my lunch and felt more sick than usual. I thought, perhaps I haven't eaten enough? (Because we can't feel hunger pains). So I put a piece of bread in the toaster. Unfortunately by the time I took 10 steps away from the toaster I was running to the nearest sink,toilet,door to throw up. Goodbye lunch. That didn't even make me feel any better.

It was on this same day I realised that I was a bit constipated. That morning I was thinking "wow I feel and look bloated", but didn't think much of it. I know you can get bloated from not eating enough (I know, weird huh). But a little before dinner I realised I hadn't been that day and that I was finding it difficult to go.

So come this morning, I awoke at 5.15. I was not as awake and alert as yesterday, but I couldn't get back to sleep. I woke up with horrible cramps in my stomach (I assume this is from being blocked up). I still felt queezy and sick. But I still had my breakfast. This time I made a conscious effort to eat more breakfast than usual, so I had two pieces of wholegrain toast with sliced banana on top - and a yoghurt. I thought perhaps this will help absorb the pill and therefore not make me so sick? I feel as though I should take the pill anyway - $80 is a lot to waste for a student. Well, that didn't work. I'm still feeling sick. It's uncomfortable and not good. I feel a little "zoned" out and dizzy - nothing too major though. It's only 8.30am so I'm not sure how the day is going to pan out so far.

Luckily, as I was typing this I had a loo break and things started working a bit better. But not as good as it could.

So anyway, now you know my story ... my question is : Has/is anyone experienced my side effects? Do they get better or go away. I'm only on day three and I'm living in hope that my body will soon learn to tolerate it. I feel like it's the duromine tablet that's doing this as the others don't seem to have these symptoms as side effects.
talk to your specialist... I wouldnt want to give out any advice with so many health problems like that x
Haha, yeah ... I'm going to give it a shot anyway - stay on the pills. They costed too much to waste. It's just hard with the side effects - which are normal for both the codeine and duromine. If i talk to my GP who gave me the duromine, he will most likely tell me to stop taking them ... which would be a total waste. Haha. Started feeling a wee bit better, but still queezy.
Thanks for your reply :)
Starting weight: 114.5kg
Height: 176cm
Feeling: Porky and perky :)

So after much research through these forums, I've jumped on the Duramine wagon. Figured from all these side effects that I better start it on the weekend to pre-empt the insomnia. Had a nice long sleep in and took the first dose around 9:30am. By 10:30 I was ready to go lol, racing round the house cleaning. Normally after the routine Saturday clean I'd be looking to relax, but not today. Managed to fit in a few hours of shopping and a trip to the beach. I'm loving this extra energy! The loss of appetite is almost unreal. The only side effect so far is the thirst - and that's hardly a negative thing. In saying this though, it's 9pm and I'm still we shall see.
Hey JB...
I found with myself, if I took the Duro around 7am - 7:30am I wasnt awake all night, lying in bed trying to sleep, also remember to eat. I know you have no appetite and of course thats great, however from what I've read your body goes into panic mode and starts to store fat so therefore your metabolism slows down and its harder to lose the weight, long story short make sure you remind yourself to eat, even if your not hungry, train your body to have those important meals, even if its something light, or even half of what you would normally have for dinner.
And lots of water, don't forget this one.
My side effects were: Dry mouth and Headaches
the Headaches stopped after 2-3 days, I'm still experiencing the dry mouth, but its not as bad as it was a week ago.
I'm now on Day 8 I havent weighed myself since Day 4 where I had lost 2kgs.
All the best :)
Side effects: DRY mouth!! (and peeing a million times a day from the water consumption to alleviate dry mouth)

No problems on the water side. I'm normally a headache sufferer so really expected that but guess I've been lucky I haven't had one YET. Day 2 went smoothly, glad I started taking it on the weekend so I could 'adjust'. But I know about the sleeping now and last night dreaded going to bed, then I was trying to tell myself its mind over matter lol ( yeah right!). I find I have about 3 hours of deep sleep then the rest is very catnappy? That feeling of being half asleep and knowing it and you're wishing yourself back to sleep. Tonight may be better. I took it when I first got up around 6, which meant I was a little spacey on my commute this morning lol..skipped my normal morning coffee.

Day 3 and I cheekily checked the scales and saw a loss of 2kgs but not celebrating yet. I actually felt hungry for dinner tonight but didn't overindulge and it was healthy. Starting to think about my goal setting and rewards for achieving them :). Can't wait to get into some old clothes and 1 pair of jeans in particular.
Oh wow!!
Good on you, and I sooo know about the 'not celebrating yet' part, I've noticed my clothes being a tad loose than usual but I don't wanna get in over my head, jump on the scales and get disapointed or something lol.
I had a horrible sleep last night, it was pretty much how you described 3hours deep sleep and then cat napping.
I have this top in my wardrobe that I havent even worn yet, I bought it a couple months ago (knowing I couldnt fit it) but having a goal to be able to wear it eventually, I'm quite happy that day is getting closer. :)
Good Morning Everyone!!

I have been on duromine for a week now, and loving it!! The only thing I am not loving is my mood. Just wanting to know if any one else is experiencing this or any other side effects.

I wake up cranky with the world and come 5 -6pm in the afternoon Iam crazy!! I am not normally like this at all.

Hi BigLoss,

I am only in my second week on Duromine.
I'm not having any mood side effects.
In the second week I am finding im feeling nausea at random times
Dry mouth has gone
Still can't sleep and I feel tired all the time.
I'm in my fourth month - when I started I actually found it helped keep my mood stable. However my mood and body still responds to food the same way (ie low carbs make me cranky, sugar makes me happy) so maybe it's from changes to what you've been eating?

As for other side effects: had trouble sleeping the first few days. That evened out when I started setting my alarm to take the duromine earlier on the weekend (cos I tend to sleep later when I'm not working).
Hi there, any tips on getting a good nights sleep?
Your right, it probably is because I am not having sugar like I use to and my change in diet.

PuffPuff, four months on and how much have you lost??

Belle, I suggest to take your tablet early in the morning i take my between 4 -5 and excersie shortly after, I do not exercise in the afternoon I do a sit ups whilst the adds on when watching tv, but not a full on work out as it makes the Duromine kick in again and I cant sleep :)
Thanks for the tip bigloss !!! ;)
Not a problem! keep me updated on your progress :)
Hey Bigloss,
How are you feeling now? Ive been on the 15mgs since May 12 and the first 3 weeks I felt horrible mentally!!!! Im so happy to feel "normal" :) again!
Hey everyone, i started taking duromine 40mg last friday..

*My current weight was 74.8kg my height is 5.2.. first 3 days were goin perfect wasnt at all hungry but was eating atleast 2*smaller meals a day (smaller then usual) I *had no side affects just*first night was a bit restless but im use to not getting much sleep...

Anyways as i said first 3 days were perfect then last night i started having heart palpitations about 2 am i looked it up on the net to ease my mind (big mistake) i had read some horror stories which seem to of made my heart race even more, i begun to have chest pains i went to bed an just as i was nodding off my body just jumped (which has so before) but this time it really scared me i sat up for a few minutes i felt my heart race more an more then all of sudden it slowed right down never felt my heart rate feel so low which was strange because by this stage i was really starting to panic, i started feeling really dizzy i felt like i was goin to die!

After what felt like a life time (really sbout 5-10minutes) i was trying to calm myself down and evetually i did.. I was still having chest pains and the heart palpation's but not as bad.. *i tried distracting myself by watching tv which helped but no sooner i turned the tv off i started to panic again i thought id just close my eyes an think postive thoughts but everytime i closed my eyes id see flashes of dark colours an i felt like was on a rollercosster, I was really *scared an was worried about goin to sleep an not waking up.. *5 minutes had passed and again*i pulled myself out of it an eventually went to sleep...

So far ive lost 2.5kg i really am wanting to keep with it for few weeks but really worried about the side effects, i have taken duromine in the past an had heart palpations an chest pains but never to this extreme... Has anyone had similar side effects to this? Im thinking its because i started stressing an caused myself to have a panic attack? I didnt take duromine today as im undecided on weather or not to keep taking it, i was thinking of taking it every second day?
*Any help or advice would be much appreciated!
Thanks x*
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You should go to your doctors and tell him what u r experiencing. I would not wait. Hope u r ok.
I went to the doctors an he explained it was because of the aniexty attack which does make sense id never felt that bad before. When im having heart palpation to try an relax (easy said then done)stressing the worse thing to do. Does anyone suffer from heart palpations and have any advice on how to relax? Thanks :)
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I don't understand why he did not put you on a lower dosage as this may help with the palpitations.
I agree with Tracey. Surely a lower dosage would be better for you? By the sounds of things (ur measurements) u dont need to be on the highest dose.
Can you go back and ask what all thats about?

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