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Nov 3, 2011
hi all

well done guys on all your success with weightloss.

im sad to say that im on day 9 with duromine and have not seen any loss :(

i try to eat healthily.

bfast - oats / toast & 1 cup coffee with sweetner
snack - fruit
lunch- greek salad with feta or health bread sandwich with boiled eggs,peppers,light mayo
snack- low fat yougart
dinner- curry and brown rice or 1 slice bread.

exercise - normal household chores, running after 2 kids (aged 4 and 2) and 15 min zumba

i would really appreciate any detailed eating plans from you guys ( prefer one that included indian foods) to expierence weightloss.

and any excerise that can be done at home ......

many thanks

i've been on duromine for 1 week but sadly, i have not lost any weight! not even 100grams!

i take 3 meals a day, a fruit for breakfast, a bit of carbs for lunch, chicken and veg, and no carbs for dinner, usually just some fish or chicken with tofu and veg.
i also brisk walked 4 times in the past week for 40 minutes!

i do feel hungry at times but i get full really fast which is why just a bit of tofu and veg is enough for me.

but today i weighed myself and nothing! no results!

has this happened to anyone?

i'm on 30mg btw.
Hi, hang in there, it will work. How's your water intake going?
thanks for your reply! that helps to encourage me a little :)

i'm downing water like crazy, dry mouth all the time. but especially with all the brisk walking and all the water i am losing through sweat, i have been drinking more.
but realised i'm also constipated. have increased my fruits intake to try to combat this.

but i guess i am one of the luckier ones because those are the only side effects i have.
How much exercise are you doing?
swann said:
How much exercise are you doing?

for the past week i had 5 days of brisk walking of 40 to 50 mins each, and 3 days light 20 mins workouts (lunges, sit ups, inclined push ups, squats...)

Thanks for the kind words on my thread. I don't know how much you need to / or are trying to lose but I've noticed that the least amount of kgs to lose the harder it is. Also it seems that you might be building muscle from all the exercise you're doing. If you work out too much, you will not lose any weight, you will actually tone fat!! Be weary of this. Maybe change your routine to working out just 3 times a week (the walking and workouts combined) and gradually increasing from there. Stay positive! :laughing:

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My brother is a a bit of a gym junkie, and he said the same thing to me. Do mainly cardio to lose weight, and then work on building muscle by doing weights. I haven't bothered to do sit ups/push ups while on duromine, but I will eventually do them. I do some weights at the gym to work on my thighs, but nothing for my abs yet. I have a yoga dvd which I was doing before I was on duromine, and that helped with a bit of strength and flexibility, but I haven't had time to do it yet! I guess coz every body is different, the drug works in different ways. I hope it kicks in for you soon!

Whats your daily schedule like? Do you work? Study?
Thanks Mika and Swann!

yeah i think i will cut down on the workouts a bit and stick to more of the walking for now.

i'm working! so usually i do a brisk walk home from work. on my better days i can do it in 40 mins. lazier days takes me 50 minutes :)

i'm actually trying to lose 18kg! i'm barely 150 and i'm 67kg so the doctor advised that for my height i need to be below 50kg. today marks exactly 1 week on duromine for me, i think instead of purely looking at weight loss, i'm also going to measure myself and see if there are any cm loss. that might encourage me a little especially if i have been putting on muscles with all the things i have been doing :)

nevertheless, i would like to see the numbers dropping!
Working must make it difficult because you are probably tired at the end of the day to do a hard workout. I'm lucky in that respect, with my uni timetable I can go to the gym in the morning or the arvo. I need to lose 15-18kg, so we are kinda in the same boat! Do the measuring thing. I think I might start doing that too.
yeah normally by the time i reach home all i wanna do is lie in bed. but with D, i don't feel tired easily so i find the walk home refreshing. was even thinking of adding in a walk in the morning before work since i can't seem to sleep past 7am anymore.

i hope we both hit our target weight!
Even if I'm up at 5am... I don't want to get out of my warm bed! :)
Hi, My name is Sharon i am 43 years old i have been on duromine 30 mg from the 18th August 2012. The first three days was great i lost an outstanding 5 kgs but the last three days i have lost absulotely nothing. I am doing Zumba twice a day the 20 min basic as i started with a weight of 137Kg i am currently 132kg. I am only eating 550 calories a day the most. I am so motivated to loose this weight but now i am wondering are the tablet worth the cost.
Its normal for a large weight imediatly then a few days of no loss . Your body is adjusting to the duromine . Dont get discourage the weight loss will come . i lost 25 kg in 10 weeks . Durmine works just have patiance :)
You really should be eating more than 550 cals a day. Losing weight for women is usually 1000 cals a day.
Give it time. U could be getting mussel, measure ur self instead , u will be surprised :)
I agree with Tracy, you need to eat more. Not only will you have a hard time because your body will go into starvation mode, making the scales stand still but it's also not realistic over the long term which will only result in you gaining the weight back plus probably a lot more. Eat sensibly, make this a life style not a miracle quick fix or you will only be disappointed later when you are bigger than you are today and have to start all over again.
This pill is like a 10% helper, the other 90% needs to come from you through proper food choices and exercise.

Also Mix up your calorie intake, so don't always try to have 1200cals (recommended amount) some days maybe indulge in 1800 then the next have 1000 and maybe the next even 800 if you wanted then back to 1200, but keep your over all weekly amount the same (8400). This way you aren't always doing the same for your body and you are keeping it working, you are in control. Same with exercise, mix it up, don't always do the same, you will get better results.

I'm Sarah, I'm almost 25, 168cm and now 90.1kg. I started 2 weeks ago at 96.7kg.

Now I realise you will all think "Wow, youve lost 6.6kg in 2 weeks, of course its working!". I actually lost that all in the first week. Zero this week despite eating almost exactly the same if not less (due to being broke and having no food in my house that I share with my mother, 2 brothers and daughter part-time).

My problem? I'm f***ing exhausted, all the time. Yes I have a lot going on, but I was this tired before. I'm on 40mg Metermine. I'm not alert, I'm constantly feeling like I'm about to fall asleep. Where is this damn energy boost? What the hell is wrong with me?

I've seriously considered doubling the dose to see if it freaking works because I'm sick of it. Even the "Appetite supressant" part isn't really working anymore.

Anyone had this experience? What the hell do I do? I have had Duromine before. 30mg then 40mg. Lost about 15kg on it within that time and kept it off for months. Had heaps of energy, maybe around week 2 of the 40mg (so a month and a half in to it) it settled down. But I'm actually needing to nap halfway through the day because I just don' have any energy!!!

I've had health tests done on every part of me and there's nothing wrong with me.

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Hello Sarah!

I'm sorry to hear you feel so badly on pills. I can't say about Metermine personally, but you've said you've been taking duromine too.
Well, as far as I understand the worst thing is lack of energy and no weight loss effect so far? You must be disagree with me, but I think your diet is wrong. Because
it's not only about taking the pills and eating NOTHING AT ALL, on the contrary - you have to eat, only small portions, low-calorie healthy foods and 4-5 times throughout a day!
I know, I know you will say I'm sick suggesting you to eat "that much", but trust me, it's not like this. Your body lost 6kg for the first week, true, it was water mostly.

But you should know that any diet pill only helps when:

1. You eat small meals 4-5 times a day (main+snacks) regularly at the same time every day!
2. You exercise (gym, Zumba, jogging, yoga, fitness, etc.)
3. Drink a lot of water (2-4L)

These are basic conditions for successful weight loss. Worked for me. No cheating, no sorry for yourself, just a strict concrete plan. Otherwise no pills will work.
If you eat nothing, your body gets no energy, even though the pills should provide it. Remember this and good luck!


P.S. Everybody is different and many other factors may prevent you from loosing weight. My best advise is to try this plan and maybe you will see the difference. Oh, and one more thing: once you've started to lose weight, meaning you're changing your lifestyle completely, than you should stick to it all the time. There is no way back!
Kate, metermine is the generic version of duromine - they are the same drug!

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