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Sep 4, 2014
Duromine is not a wonder drug!!! Sure, it can help you lose weight, but it won't help you keep it off!!!
Duromine will give you more energy and reduce your hunger, but you still have to make lifestyle changes.
Once you lose your weight, your new smaller/lighter body will require a lower calorie intake to maintain that size than what it did at your previous weight, so if you go back to eating all the same types and amounts of foods as you did in the past, you will not be able to maintain your weight loss.
Whilst taking duromine, you need to learn something as well... learn to make healthier choices, learn to eat smaller portions, learn to have a treat when you want it, not to live on them. Just because you are taking duromine and have more energy and feel like exercising or being more active or going to the gym, also doesn't mean that as soon as you reach your goal weight, you can stop all of those things.
If you don't make changes, you won't maintain your weight loss and you will forever be using duromine or some other weight loss trend in a non-stop yo-yo effect.
Please, please, please, if you want to make your weight loss maintainable, learn something while you are losing.
Sorry, but I am so frustrated by the sheer number of people who complain about regaining weight or think weight loss pills or shakes will change their lives! They do in the short term, but you have to change the way you eat and your activity level, otherwise, it is all just a waste of time!
I see and hear it day in and day out at the gym, with the people I meet and also on here.
Maintainable weight loss also requires education!!!
I agree with everything you say FiFiFish. Unfortunately you are right, a great number of people who tried to lose weight or are still trying consider Duromine and other pills of a kind as a temporary helper (even if they have to diet during this period) and then hundreds of complaints about gaining weight back again after they finish doing all that... Frustrating and really painful for me to see and read that. But the truth is that your body loves to stay in a comfort zone and do whatever it likes to do. Plus, the world's progress and easy processed foods, delicious "bad" stuff, fast food, etc. You realy have to have a strong will power to be able to fight against yourself, your desires. I believe, once the healthy lifestyle becomes a habit (work) it is much easier to stay on track and keep dieting lifelong.

The only thing I still don't understand is how people end up with so much extra weight on? Suddenly they realize they are overweight. I mean, how? Don't you look in the mirror every single day and see no changes? Well, I was overweight too, obese actually (LOL) and I have no excuses for me, but you know that was long time ago and that time I thought it's just my heredity thing to look like that at a certain age, like my mother... But young girls of eighteen twenty years, that I do not understand.

P.S. I would add to your post one more advice: Once you achieve your weight loss goal, look after yourself daily, monitor your state, look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. If you see your body starts to change again, do not put off untill tomorrow - start your healthy diet again today.
It's so much easier to lose a kilo or two that you put on after losing weight, rather than 30-40kgs if you truly let yourself go and backtrack! Once the weight is gone it's so very important to keep a close eye on your weight, inches and how your clothes fit.
I am one of those people who lost the weight and since regained it plus more.

I didn't get to my goal and simply go Ahuh all done now back to yummy (bad) good. I stayed at a good weight. What went wrong for me was through a relationship breakdown I stopped eating pretty much entirely for a couple of months so I got very thin and obviously slowed my metabolism down greatly.

That was stage 1 of me moving on. The 2nd was partying. I put some weight back on but there wasn't anything wrong with that. I started to get into unhealthy habits again going out all the time and forgot to make good choices.

Just like you don't see the changes in your body when you lose weight but others do, I didn't really see myself putting on weight. Maybe a little here or there but nothing major even though it was clearly happening. I guess in a way you probably don't want to see it. Maybe you start to cover up a little more hide it a little more.
I gradually just got bigger. It wasn't until recently my sister and I did our measurements that I got a real wake up call. I was as big a she was, I just didn't see it. My perception of myself to what was really in front of me was different.

Now obviously throughout this time of me getting bigger I'd try to lose weight, eat healthier, exercise more but I just couldn't stick to anything. It was hard I had done it before why couldn't I do it now and sometimes I think that even sabotaged myself.

I think others may just accept that as who they are, the fat friend, for some people that is their identity. They probably aren't happy but don't have the tools or knowledge to change it. I unfortunately didn't learn anything from my parents about healthy lifestyle or importance of certain foods etc it wasn't untill I really got into the weightloss they I started looking for answers, better educating myself. Did I put the weight back on, yes, but I know where I went wrong and I'm not going to stand behind any excuse. I ate too much, drank too much of the wrong things and got lazy.

I think it's a little unfair to talk about the younger generation being fat and not understanding it. We learn a lot of habits from our parents (not blaming you), want to be able eat what are friends are eating, and there wasn't to much education really when I was at school and it really wasn't all that long ago. Is the information out there, ofcourse, but I only found it because I looked. There are so many people even on this forum that don't know how to eat properly and ask for advise and there isn't anything wrong with that but I think it shows that one way or another there is an issue with proper knowledge on nutrition.
Thank you, KaylaLouise, for your story. It opened my eyes a little bit on the problem of overweight young people. I guess I just haven't taken into account all the problems, emotional and physical we sometimes have to face in our lives. True. And education, yes. Teens do not bother too much about their health, eating whatever they like. In companies too. Plus, parents yes. You eat what your mom cooks))) Sorry you had to go through a breakdown relationship, but all for the best - experience teaches us best.

Let's hope sources like our forum and other weight loss websites will help a lot of young (and elder) people to be healthier. Because normal weight (everyone has his own) means health.
Yeah there are so many factors that probably affect younger people more than the older people. All the new fad diets, all the different information out there if they are looking at it also just trying to be normal and fit in. Its hard being an teenager in this day and age. All we can hope for is that when i, and others, have children that we've learnt the lesson and can teach them about healthy eating and real moderation and the importance of being active(doesn't mean slaving away in the gym for hours at end).

We certainly do learn from our experiences and I've had a lot of them and a lot of them were hard, just like this one with the weight, but I wouldn't change it cause it really has made me who I am now. And in terms of the weight I ain't ever letting myself get to big ever again.

This forum is really great for anyone needing some inspiration, support or education. It has it all and I think it's really nice that no matter what age everyone gets along and values others opinions and ideas. You've got a good thing going here and I'm really glad to be apart of it :)
Yes, that's true, I would hate to be a teenager today!!!!
My girls are 13 and 15 and they have their daily struggles.
My 15 year old is much the same size and weight I was at her age (156cms, 60-63kgs), short, but with large breasts, broad shoulders and narrow hips. She is far from overweight, but struggles on a daily basis with her body, though admits she is the smallest of all her group of friends.
My 13 year old is totally different (160cms, 73kgs - down from 78kgs earlier this year), she is just going through her growing spurt, but is flat chested, very broad shoulders & thick arms & legs. She really struggles, especially seeing her more petite older sister being able to fit into many of the pretty things which she can't and now she has me passing off my gym pants to her which are too big for me, she is feeling very self conscious and struggles to understand that we are totally different body types and she is going through a growing stage and shouldn't worry about her weight, but she still gets upset and worries about it. Her long, lean dancer friends probably make it worse, though none of them judge her.
I think we are harsher on ourselves than anybody else could ever be.
Oftentimes, the problem is our own perception and our expectations and comparing ourselves to others!
I try to teach my girls about making healthier choices so that they don't have the same struggles that I have been through, but when I do, they think I am getting on their case.... it is a situation where one of us will always lose. I would do anything to be able to stop them from every needing to have to resort to taking medication to lose weight, but in this crazy messed up world we now live in, the choice will ultimately come down to them.
So true, FiFiFish! Your girls should not worry about weight at this growing stage. And I admire you as a mother (myself) that you are growing them in a good care of their bodies. I know teenagers always think you are too harsh on them, since you are their mother))) And yes, one is always a loser in this game. But that's our job. Later they will thank you. Just need to find a balance. There are teens that think they already need the diet pills, but it shouldn't be the case, no way! They are too young to take the pills, it may harm their health. So healthy food choices at this age are perfect to keep the body in the right shape. Thank you for sharing your opinion and your experience, it will help a lot of people here, who have kids. Have a great day! :laughing:
For starters I must say I have had great success with Duromine and would recommend it for sure. Its a great aid for over-eaters like myself. But your health comes first, you need a doctor to prescribe it. There are tests that need to be performed before taking this medication. Blood test, checking many things including cholesterol and thyroid. Blood pressure must be checked plus your doctor will listen to your heart to make sure this medication is safe for you.

So what is the reason that so many people are seeking others leftover Duromine or buying 'who knows what' online??

My leftover medication will be flushed down the toilet. I would not risk someone else's health by giving them my prescribed medication. Giving a prescription medication to another person is not safe, illegal actually! Sorry for the rant, but people need to know that a doctor must prescribe Duromine after assessing that this medication is safe for them.
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Hi, (new Duromine user here), i agree. Some parts of this forum are very sad. The utter desperation is sad.

It's illegal in Australia to supply a prescription drug to any other person for a start, let alone being very dangerous. Some posts I've read here, clearly the person desperately wanting to buy it doesn't need it! If you're 5 ft 9 in and weigh 120 lbs you don't need Duromine!

Maybe so many Dr's aren't prescribing it because the patients don't need it.
Could you imagine selling it yo soneone you don't know and they die because of it? How would that feel?
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People get desperate when they hate themselves and struggle through each and every day. A lot of people would do anything to loose weight, but struggle on their own which just leads to being discouraged. It's a miracle drug for people like that
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Nevertheless, people shouldn't lose their mind because of it! Whatever the reason is, when it comes to your health, you got to be very cautious and serious, think twice before doing something. I see messages from people willing to buy "unwanted pills", leftover pills, etc. every day just like that, without any proof that it is a genuine medication from people they've never even seen before!:eek: I understand why people get desperate, but in my opinion - buying online from random people is extreme.
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Please don't flush medication down the toilet. It should be returned to the pharmacy for them to dispose of it properly. People need to be more careful about flushing goodness knows what down the drain.
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It’s been five weeks since I finished my three-month course of Duromine, I thought I’d pop in to record my success story. I also kept a ‘Duromine Diary’ thread while I was taking it, which you can probably find somewhere on this site.

I started weighing 84.7 kg. As I’m only 154 cm tall, this was significantly overweight. Like most of us, I’d tried many things over the years as the weight crept on! My doctor suggested Duromine, but it took a while before I agreed, I hated the idea of taking a drug. And I was in denial about how overweight I was! Until my doctor said weight loss surgery was also on the table...

I started on 15mg then increased to 30mg. Over 12 weeks I lost 9.6 kg. I was very happy with that loss, the most I’d ever lost on any plan, although it didn’t seem as much as other people lost. The effects reduced over the weeks and by the end I didn’t feel it was working much at all, even though I took a couple of short breaks from the pills. But on the other hand, I didn’t have bad side effects either. Some nausea, and constant dry mouth once I went up to 30mg. But it was worth it.

I was still interested in food the whole time and got hungry at mealtimes, but was satisfied with much less food - at least at first. My portion sizes gradually increased as the weeks went by. And also I was far less interested in junk food. I was responding to real hunger, not cravings. But the other benefit for me was the energy. I never had the manic clean-the-house-at-3am energy but I had enough to not be exhausted all the time like I was before. It was wonderful! I did so much gardening, and just living. I wasn’t sitting watching TV all day.

Another weird benefit was great sleep. I know this was the opposite of most people. But I went from terrible sleep to normal sleep. That probably helped with the energy too.

In the five weeks since I stopped Duromine my appetite has gone back to pre-drug levels and I’m tired a lot again. I’ve regained 1.1 kg (not too bad). Unfortunately I was quite sick with the flu for several weeks at the end of my course and afterwards, so I wasn’t in an exercise routine and haven’t really managed to restart one since. I hope to go back on Duromine next year after a longer break. I hope it works for me again. I am so much more comfortable in my body than I was at nearly 85 kg.
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Well i am at my final day of duromine and I am glad to be here.
I am ending it a bit early because I am just over it and looking forward to getting back to normality.
The euphoria of the first week where I had lots of energy and knew exactly what I needed to do didn't last much past the first month.
I have been having trouble sleeping, laying awake at night then I'm too tired to get up in the morning and exercise. I've done hardly any exercise since taking it.
I've been moody and irritable. Whether just from the sleeping I don't know.
It's been so hard saying no to even a glass of alcohol at functions especially recently with Christmas. Not hard as in I wanted to drink it, hard as in everyone questions it and tries to get you to have a bit. I feel sorry for those people who cannot ever touch alcohol and are subjected to this all the time. I personally will not ever again question someone's decision not to drink. You never know what their reasons are.

However, it did what it needed to do. I lost 7kg overall. I eat more fruit and vegetables and less junk. I eat much much less some days too little. Although I still have a lot to lose I feel much more comfortable in my body now.
I am glad that I did it, it was what I needed at the time. But I'm certainly glad to be finishing too.
Best of luck to everyone starting the journey. I will monitor this post for a few days then will be canceling my membership as I only joined for the duromine support.
Hello Julie! Thank you very much for sharing your journey and congratulations on completing it! I am very happy that you feel a lot more comfortable in your body now and that you managed to develop healthier eating habits! It was a bumpy ride for you, but you did it! Great job, Julie!

Have wonderful holidays and get back on track when they end. Now you know what you are capable of and what you need to do to keep your weight at an acceptable level AND lose extra weight. Stay healthy and happy!

PS. I can totally relate to all the inconveniences you get when you can’t (or are not willing to) drink alcohol. People become insupportable!
Thanks April, and you have been an excellent support to me and many others over the few months I've been on here. Merry Christmas and all the best.
I finished using Duromine last weekend (my doctor won't give me any more) and even though I haven't changed my exercise or eating habits I have put on 1.4 kilos in 5 days. What is happening and how do I stop it?
Wow! @Vikki - firstly congrats on your over 20kg loss - that is amazing!

How long were you on Duromine for and what strength?

In regards to your questions, I have a couple of thoughts:
  • The first was how close is your cycle?
It could be water weight. The week leading up to menstruation is the time that a lot of us start to feel bloated and uncomfortable, the extra water starts hanging out between our tissue and cells as our bodies prepare to menstruate..
  • How much sodium are you consuming?
The more saltier or higher sodium content in our food, the more our bodies retain water to keep our sodium blood levels at a healthier level. The sodium actually attaches itself to the water in our bodies and it can be anywhere up to 5 days, for your body to flush the sodium and return to a normal balance.

If you are using any type of protein shake - just have a look at the sodium content.
  • The recommended dietary guidelines for Americans are no more than 1 teaspoon (2,300mg) of salt per day.
  • Australia puts the guideline at 460–920mg which is no more than 2.3 grams of salt per day. (less than half a teaspoon)
  • Have you started any new type of exercise that you haven't done before?
Sometimes when we start out with the something new, the muscles we aren't used to using give us aches and pains which is actually inflammation, again causing our body to retain water.
  • If your calorie intake is the same - have you introduced any new foods?
It might be worth checking with your food tracker to see if there is an increase in carbs, sugars or salts.

I hope these might give you some idea, and would love to hear your thoughts back

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Congratulations Vicki. I myself found that when I first went off duromine the same thing happened. I didn’t put all the weight back on but over a year about 4kg. I realised that to lose those last few kilos on I was not eating much at all which wasn’t really sustainable off the duromine as I was hungrier! I also think duromine speeds up your metabolism somewhat and when you first come off it the reverse can happen - fatigue , slow sluggish metabolism. I found myself recently back on it to lose those last few annoying kilos but essentially we have to ween ourselves off it and do it naturally.
Rava’s suggestions are all worth taking note of.
I’ve noticed that this time on duromine I am having issues with breathlessness for the 3 months I’ve been on it. So like you I’m going to have to stop and try very hard to maintain my weight. Once you’ve maintained it for a year your body will not put it back on unless you consistently binge.
Years ago I was 111kg I am now 69.5
I have not been above 75 in years as I maintained that weight for a long time
Best of luck

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