Duromine Day 5



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Jan 13, 2017
Wow! :party: Five days have passed since you've started your weight loss journey with Duromine! Most of the adverse reactions are gone. If not, don't worry. You’ll be alright by day 7-10.
By the way, not only are women worried about their health and weight. Men also take Duromine to lose weight. Day by day, they describe their Duromine results and share their life hacks.

Did you know that people take Duromine every second day if they experience severe adverse reactions? Sometimes it really works!

But the most important here is community support. We all are here in the same boat. Some people have already lost several cm, but some experience difficulties and are not losing weight on Duromine. And that's absolutely fine!

Find out more about Duromine on Day 5 in this thread. We’re sure you'll find it informative.
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good luck with ur weight loss! I''m also kinda new to the drug. I take it sporadically though as if i take it every day it makes me anxious and i find it hard to work on. I do control my calorie intake on the days i don't take it.

I find with me it does kick my appetite for a few days although after a while it wears off and i still need to kinda control what i eat.
good to hear from other people and thank-you for your support ! good work on the 3.2 kg loss and keep it up your doing great for not taking it everyday and receiving the full effect i wish you all the luck on getting your goal weight
Thanks orkslayer, it is good to hear from other people, its a shame this forum is so quiet. I'm trying pretty hard to lose the weight quickly so I can get off the meds and start exercising. My doctor has watched me for about 2-3 years lose weight and then get to the last 5-10kg and then put it all back on again. So he gave me duromine for the last little bit. He said its not usually how it is perscribed but maybe it will help me to stabilise my weight for good. He also said that two weeks afterwards to make sure your weight stays the same as if it starts going up during this time ur body weight won't reset so u will eat like you did before and put on the weight.

So its a bit of a journey, but hopefully i will get there soon. Sounds like ur doing great, and well done on the cycling class. I haven't exercised much although my doctor said to only walk as its not good to exercise too hard :)
sounds like you have been on a crazy roller coaster holli up and down hopefully this time you go down it stays on a solid level (losing and gaining weight) :) keep up the good work, also i actually am privileged enough to own a spin bike for myself and a few other gym equipment, which me and my dad collected recently, he also weighed 95ish and is on duromine and is down to 84ish and is on other meds due to diabites which actually make him gain weight so hes doing amazing for still on the first month of 30mg aswell which got me onto them, im going to weigh myself on day 5 instead of everyday so i am excited to see how much i have lost so far
haha sorry i havnt posted in a while but it is day 15 now and ive lost about 7.5 kilos, i have been naughty and treated myself to fast food twice aswell so its quite easy to lose the weight with duromine :) keep up the good work guys you can do it aswell.
Hello all,

I am glad I came across this forum! I want to share as much of my positive Duromine experiences as possible seeing as there is a lot of unnecessary negative feedback. But I suppose it effects everyone differently, I guess I got lucky.

I am a 20 year old female from South Africa and obtained Duromine 30g last week, and as I post this intro, it is my 5th day on Duromine.

I am not by any means overweight, but I have a big problem with starches and sugar... I get severe full body inflammation when I ingest it and no doctor has been able to help me as of date as well as insulin resistance, so shifting and keeping off the weight can become quite the battle. My goal with Duromine is to kick my body back into gear and lose a couple last stubborn kgs, and train myself to not want carbs and sugar again. It can drive me insane! But the pain is really not worth the ingestion. :(

My current weight is unknown as I need to get me a new scale but as soon as I get on I will post my weight as I go.


Duromine 30mg
Starting weight: Currently unknown... but somewhere in the low 60's
Height: 173cm
i have been on duromine now for 18 days
first day within 2 hours of taking the pill i felt as if im on my way to a rave party , that night i didn't sleep at all , the day felt like a year and i didn't know at that time if i would be able to do it for a long period.
for the rest of the first week i experience mild to no effect , its as if i had not even taken the pill... except had absolutely no hunger .
up till now me and my husband ( we are both on duromine) have really been able to take this as an advantage to retrain ourselves also ,by educating ourselves on
proper eating habbits
We have had no need to eat allot , food in general feels more like work now , so we need to remind ourselves to eat and enjoy the good food we are putting inside of us
I really do wonder why drs in most countries dont help obese people in this way ? this has been the biggest blessing in our lives
i am not scared about picking the weight up after the pills as the most important thing about my weight has already been fixed ... the switch in my mind has been flipped towards how i think and react to food
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I could not agree more my sister. So proud of the both of you!! <3
Was just thinking of how quickly doctors want obese people to go have lap band surgery, but they are just so stubborn with giving out Duromine.
Today is the 5th day of taking duromine 30mg. I have been feeling ok apart from mood swings and my jaw always wanting to grind my teeth that is getting anoying. I have been trying to go for a walk each day though the weather hasnt been on my side. My eating has been good just having all bran in the morning and fruit during the day and trying to have something for dinner but just not up to eating. Every now and then i get i slight headache so thats my trigger for getting something into my stomach. Sleep has been ok one night only got a total of 3 hours. When I do sleep and wake up i feel like i havent been sleeping? but im not feeling tired so thats good. My heart rate has increased though getting use to it was bit scary at first. I weighed myself on saturday on some digital scales and I was 81.3 the doctors scales wernt digital so not sure if they were acurate. I weighed myself again yesterday 4 days in just to have a nosey and I am 78.7kg so i weight lose of 2.6kg in four days!! I am pretty happy so hopefully i can loose another 8kgs in 3 weeks Im not really keen on using them longer than a month.

Weight Tracker
Starting 4.8.2012: 81.3
Weight Today 8.8.2012: 78.7kg
Total weight lose:2.6kg
Hi Courtenay, How is your journey going? I see you posted about a month ago, hosw are things now? Im new , my first day on Duromine 30mg today.
Havent updated in a while. Im into week 5 of taking duromine. I didnt take them for a week. Last week I weighed myself at doctors and I am 76kg I was 76kg so a total of 5.3kg in four weeks.Cant complain about that lol I will have to weigh myself tomorrow dont have scales at home so hard trying to find some.My clothes are starting to get to big now which is great and everyone is noticing which is even better.I will keep you updated hope your journey is going well
Hi everyone :)

This is the first time I have tried Duromine. I have tried everything prior including plexus slim and shakes.

This is my 5th day on Duromine. I was a little nervous to begin with after reading some horror stories (must stay off Google!) I feel pretty good. I dont really get the huge 'rush' people talk about. I do today however have a heavy feeling in my chest and a sore back. not sure if they are both related and due to my extra exercise. Im hoping it passes, but I'll keep at it :)
Im also nervous about coming off the pill. is anyone else? I have read about the withdrawls that people are having? Im thinking every Sunday I may leave that as my Duromine free day so my body is not so shocked when I go off it?

looking forward to sharing my journey! p.s 3.5kg down in 5 days :)
I'm with you - stay off google. I've got to stop looking! This is my 3rd day. Biggest issue I've had is falling asleep and funny taste in mouth. good luck ;) not sure what happens when you go off Duromine. It's a good point and I will ask my Dr @ next app.
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I think it's more of a will-power thing. Yes it's an amphetamine, everyone reacts differently, but if it was as bad as some of the stories I've read on google and other forums and searches, then I don't think so many doctors would be so willing to prescribe it. It is a highly monitored drug and you will be expected to have follow-up appointments with your GP. I wouldn't stress, just be strong minded :)
i think to prevent any sort of withdrawal, you should try to wean yourself off it, maybe take it on alternate days for a while, and then maybe a pill every 3 days till you finish your prescription!

i did not take the pill on 2 occassions as i woke up too late. However, i found that i was still okay. Even though the appetite was back, i could still tell myself to control. Also, i ate lesser. I think while taking the pill, i conditioned my stomach to accept lesser foods. Now, a smaller amount brings me satiety when previously i had to have a larger amount of food.

However, i can kind of feel that the pill is not as potent as day 1 when i took it. I find myself beginning to feel like eating something between meals. But... that may be just a habit/mind - i used to eat whenever i feel bored/stressed/upset. So now i will tell myself that i am not hungry, i will only eat when hungry because food is just fuel.
I think earlier during the first few days of duromine, i was really not hungry but i still ate as i knew my body needs it to survive. This has given me the thinking that food is fuel for the body, and it will not help to solve my problems or make me feel happier.
I hope i will continue to apply this thinking after duromine ends :)

ok i originally planned to only write a short comment but it turned into this essay..... sorry about it :p:laughing:
Spet said:
Im also nervous about coming off the pill. is anyone else? I have read about the withdrawls that people are having? Im thinking every Sunday I may leave that as my Duromine free day so my body is not so shocked when I go off it?

looking forward to sharing my journey! p.s 3.5kg down in 5 days :)

Hello, Spet! Welcome, don't be scared and yes - stay away from google)))
The only thing I want to tell you at this stage - you should not skip ANY dose of Duromine! Ladies please do not use self-treatment. Duromine as well as any other diet medication has to be taken regularly, until you finish your course. If you notice any side effects and you think they'll gone once you stop taking the pill for one day, you're wrong. As for a withdrawal, well the best tip your doctor can give you. Please remember that and take care! ;)
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Ladies please do not use self-treatment. Duromine as well as any other diet medication has to be taken regularly, until you finish your course. As for a withdrawal, well the best tip your doctor can give you.

Good point Kate.
I forgot to mention that I consulted my doc about withdrawal fears and he gave the advice of weaning off it so my body could get used to the sudden cessation and prevent hunger coming back with a vengeance.
So the advice written above by me may only work for myself, please speak to your doctor about your withdrawal fears!

If you notice any side effects and you think they'll gone once you stop taking the pill for one day, you're wrong.

I don't understand this part - could you enlighten me?
i'm curious because my aunt used to take this but she hated the side effects (dry mouth and mood swings) so she stopped it and the side effects stopped. Was that wrong?
No, no. :)
I meant if you stop taking and then take it again on the other day. So, like some people do - take it every other day, or once in two days, etc. - not every day as it supposed to be used. I guess your aunt stopped them for good? Therefore, yes her side effects disappeared.

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