Duromine Day 5

Hi ladies, I had a two month break after taking them for three months as per my Drs advice. Over the course of taking the medication you teach yourself a new lifestyle of living. You get into a healthy routine, and this continued for me over the two months break. As for withdrawals, I personally had none. Was lighter happier healthier and enjoyed going about my daily routine without the Duromine. I think it's all about positive thinking and keeping on keeping on! Sticking to the same routine you had whilst on the duromine. just replace the daily morning pill with a vitamin n big glass of Water and Lemon. But we are all different and your Drs only a phone call away if you do experience withdrawals!!! Good Luck!
Hello everyone!

I started on Duromine 30mg 5 days ago and finally am starting to feel the crazy side effects die down. I had trouble sleeping the first 3 nights, I am usually a Nanna and am in bed around 9pm and instead I was still up 11-12. I was awake around 5am each morning also. Last night was the first night I slept decently thankfully!

Energy is there but nothing too crazy. Dry mouth and a rather zoned out feeling affected me the first couple of days but I am feeling a lot better this morning!

My diet consists of meal replacement shakes for breakfast and lunch as I have done before and dinners are meat/veg/salad, very low carb.

Water is key at the moment as I am so thirsty which I know is normal. Still have my usual no sugar skim milk coffee in the morning.

I do tend to feel a little grumpy in the afternoon and I have made my other half aware of this!

I did have a sneaky weigh in yesterday and I have lost 3kg. I know the first week of any diet is always the biggest but it is still a nice little motivator. I have since told my partner to take my scales hostage and bring them out every Thursday for me so I can't be tempted to 'just see' lol.

Exercise seems to be every second day and I will either do 30mins on my exercise bike or a 45min walk/jog.

My starting weight was 66kg, current weigh is 63kg and my goal would be to get to 58kg. It isn't a lot to lose but I feel a small weight gain is very noticeable as I am a shorty at 163cm.

So my fingers are crossed and I will continue to update here.

All the best to everyone on here :)
Hi MissE,
Well done so far. I am on 30mg and today is day 14. I have lost 5kg but I think more in cm.

I had no side effects at all apart from dry mouth. The only thing I have noticed is by the time I get home from work all I want to do is sleep or I have days where I'm hungry. I'm not sure if this may have something to do with the horrible hot flushes I am having cause of menopause, but I will be see my gp about it.

I am also short 158cm and any weight gain is noticeable. I started at 72kg and my goal is 60kg.

All the best and would love to hear how you are going.
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All the best for you MissE!
Hello again!

So week one's results leave me with a 4kg loss! Very happy!

The side effects have worn off but still find myself feeling a tad grumpy in the afternoons and still so thirsty but I can deal with that.

Diet has been 100% on track, have even been baking like mad and just give them to my partner to take to work (haven't even had one!)

I need to ensure I exercise more from now on. I was doing a lot of cleaning and gardening at least.

Will post again next week :)

PS- How are you travelling Mummamooshka? Huge congrats on the 5kg! Looking forward to hearing about your third week :)
Wow! 4kg!!!
Congratulations, MissE!:laughing::laughing::laughing:
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Good work :), I am trying to get to 57kg being a shirty too. Coming in at 157cm, I am at last weigh in 72kg I was 77kg. Weigh in next week, not feeling confident but, had a few slip ups :( . Keep me posted on your journey
Hi all,
I'm 27, 174cm and got up to 95 kilos recently :-( I do 5 gym classes a week, eat clean and 80% healthy, and basically live a very healthy life BUT I am just stacking on weight. I actually have piled 18 kilos on in just under 2 years.
Have been to Drs, naturopaths etc and have had every damn blood test, but nothing is showing up.
I am so depressed about piling on weight, and I have turned to Duromine as a last effort.

I am feeling OK. Day 5 is coming to an end. I have lost TWO kilos as well :)

1) I am sleeping lightly but OK...some nights I've woken up and had lots of issues getting back to sleep
2) I am reallyyyyyyy tired....even though I am eating 1200 calories a day (I usually ate 1500ish)
3) Feeling a tad 'dazed' at times, and I feel a bit foggy
4) Exercising still, but I did Body Attack (very high intensity) and felt like I was going to die!! I was dripping in thick sweat and looked crazily red...

I also would LOVE to know if 1) how long do I stay on the pills? 2) Can you have a few alcoholic drinks?
Everything I've been told it's for 3 months and then a break. I think Kate said something about no alcohol but I'm not sure. I am lucky to drink once a year so that's not a problem for me lol.
As far as know 3 months. I do know you not supposed to be having alcohol, but I have had a few drinks over a weekend and nothing happend I felt fine.
Muscle weighs more then fat hun n u will prob find that you are by working out so much causing this..

Do u know ur messurements well if so have a look see wat it is now..
Hi everyone :) new to this forum. Started taking duromine 30 (took it once before but not successfully) I'm 38, 175 cm tall and stArted at 99.7 kgs. Had put 25kgs on after my hubby left me for someone else. Addressing those things and also come to terms with the fact I'm a compulsive eater. Side effects wise- Struggling with dry mouth big time! Other side effect is tonight I can't get back to sleep (hence I'm on here lol) exercising every day and food cut down to three standard meals and a couple of small snacks..feeling more energetic but the not sleeping a bit of a covers. Only day three though so hopefully it gets better.

Good luck. My main side effect is the insomnia...two nights in a row...i think last night i had three hours sleep all up...very interrupted sleep. I hope it settles down soon...i havent been bothered too much by a dry mouth, a little bit...its the sleep thing! I took my dose at 4.45 am this morning as someone on here suggested earlier and dozed off for a while , so im hoping this helps me going to sleep tonight. Most ppl say the sleep thing calms down after a week or so.
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Thanks for the insight kazzgirl. Really hope the sleep improves as didn't get to sleep until 5am this morning! 3hrs for me but I seemed to manage ok today. Just realised I missed dinner tonight too, must remember to eat though as I know it helps in the weight lose. Feeling more motivated than ever today- ticked off a lot of my 'to do's' which I should have done weeks/months ago so a positive I guess. I finding today I have a very sore tongue (on the sides mainly) I keep biting down on my tongue on the sides subconsciously for some reason? Wondering if anyone has experienced it? Very annoying- having to wear a mouth guard to bed tonight as it a quite painful. Fingers crossed a better sleep tonight

I think it helped as i slept better last night...got about 5.5 hrs ....but would have had more except for my 2 yo!!!! I became tired around 8pm so definately helped but also was probably just tired from poor sleep the two nights before....
Hey all Okay so here we go again but this time I'm determined to stick to it . I took Duromine about a year ago but I guess I just wasn't ready to fully commit . Anyway I have recently lost someone who meant a lot to me , turns out I'm probably better without him . So I'm trying to find me again , and losing all this unwanted weight is part of my journey . Day 5 today and apart from having trouble sleeping and forgetting to eat I'm doing okay - trying not to weigh myself until Wednesday . Last then I didn't join in on the forums but after reading them again and seeing all the support etc , why not hey ! I wish everyone good weight loss on your journey and to talk talk talk and don't let the little set backs and down days get the better of you !!! WE GOT THIS!!!
Welcome Nessa! good luck :)
yes your right, it helps when you chatting to like minded people we are on the same journey :) good luck on yours. :) see you on the boards

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