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Mar 6, 2012
I am a 21 year old girl which started Duromine yesterday. I weigh 89 kilos. I was really nervous starting duromine due to all known side affects, but I really did not become affected by any yesterday. I ate quite healthy and did strenuous excersise at night, becides a bit of a head ache and feeling a little "zoned out" I have not felt anything else. I had no trouble sleeping last night. I am on the 15mg. do you think that it may not be working for me? I have not been really hungry but as per information make sure i do eat healthy just so my body does not starve.

I'm worried! help! because I have no side affects does it mean it's not working or am I just lucky?

thanks guys!
hi i just joined and will be posting my story soon, i am on double you are and i'd say i'd love to of been like you and if if you aren't hungry than it is working and if you loose weight then great.

if i was you i wouldn't stress that you don't have side effects, if you don't loose any weight in a week go to the docs.
i think the heavier side effects are from the 40mg users.. im using 30mg and i am on my fourth day, experienced side effects for the first couple of days but today I am feeling absolutely nothing. Don't stress your lucky - not missing out on anything thats for sure.
but if you aren't losing weight then thats something to worry about
Hi, new here and started Duromine one month ago, the first week was great with 1.5kg lost, second week 1kg, third only 300g and fourth nothing. I feel like I have stagnated I was on 30mg and the Doctor has increased it to 40mg which I have taken for a few days. My appetite is suppressed and energy feels fine. I eat two meals a day about 400 calories each and I have a glass of milk in the morning. My only snacks are weight watchers bars 1 or 2 a day. The weight isn't coming off anymore and I feel pretty depressed about it. Not quite sure what is going on! Can anyone help?

I have taken Reductil previously a few years ago and had some success with it although it raised my blood pressure horribly. Duromine side effects seem a lot less and my blood pressure is only slightly elevated.
First of all you do a usual mistake most people do. Instead of 2 meals you should have at least 4-5 a day. Small portions and snacks. Plus lots of water.

You see what happens - once you start your diet, your body has to get used to a new regime - in past you ate what you want and where you want, so you gained weight. But now you eat very little, but your body still needs the energy, so it keeps depositing everything that comes with food, just in case it will not get any food one day. You see? Do not afraid - I went through all this long ago and I know what I'm saying. I lost huge amount, yet it took me quite long...

If you schedule your day - breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, every day at the same time, then you will see your weight is coming off. Don't worry about so many meals per day - if they are small, you will not gain excess calories. Eat more fresh and steamed vegetables, fruit and fat-free meat (except for the pork), add nuts and dairy products - you'll see it will work perfectly.

Oh, I forgot to mention: during the first month of your weight loss, the body is getting used to new lifestyle, so your weight loss is unstable and sometimes seems it stopped.
All in all, I see no reason for despair, you just have to wait and continue the proper dieting. And one more important thing - no weight loss appears without high physical activity. That's a fact. Your calories and hence fat tissue have to go somewhere - exercises are perfect for this.

Good luck, darling!
I am a 21 year old female I weigh 111kg and I'm quite short. I started duromine about 8 days ago. I have lost nothing not even a gram. I exercise, I've cut down on my food intake, I drink water and I have lost nothing. Am i doing something wrong? Please do help as this thing is quite expensive and I don't want to be wasting my time. The only side effects are dry mouth and throat. I am feeling quite depressed and very low. Please do help

My advise is DONT give up. I believe your mindset has alot to do with how you loose weight, try keep positive and soon you will feel in control and happy.

Miss T
Hello dear Phly30M :)

Eight days hm.. some people get used to the pills in a week. Sometimes your body just needs time. Seems you're doing everything right. You said you're exercising, how exactly? Can you describe? Or maybe write down your daily schedule here so we understand what's wrong...
Typically people have no problems with losing if they:

- take the pill early in the morning (at the same time every day); *
- have nourishing breakfast, lunch, dinner and a couple of healthy snacks in between throughout a day (it is important to still eat, however in small portions); *
- drink plenty of water; **
- exercise regularly (walking for 30-45 minutes or attend gym - cardio and strength, pilates, stretch, etc.); **
- make up a healthy diet (veggies, low-fat meat, fruit, nuts, dairy, eggs / no fried, fatty food, no soda drinks, no alcohol, no sweets); **

Oh, sometimes water retention might be a problem. For example prior to your periods. If you are in the middle of your cycle than maybe this is the reason you are not losing numbers on the scales. I would suggest you to wait for a month at least (you have the month-supply of your pills anyways, so keep taking them and wait). One more thing: how do you measure and weigh yourself? It is recommended to do weigh ins once in a week/better two, sometimes once per month, depends on your patience. Better in the morning before having breakfast, with no clothes on. Sometimes in people with that amount of weight like yours, the numbers are going down slowly, but the weight loss process is still running. I hope you got my point.

P.S. I am sure you are no exception and soon you'll be jumping to the ceiling because of your first loss of few kilograms. That I wish you! Good luck and feel free to ask more qustions.

*points marked we do not know whether you are doing this or not
** points marked we do know you are doing, using the pills
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Hi everyone,

So I'll start with myself, I'm 22 years old, 165cm tall and weigh 90kg, I put on 20 in 2 years due to depression and a break up with a long term partner,

I started to do a paleo diet 7 months ago, it was great, I lost some weigh but kept creepy back up the next week, I work 2 very physical jobs, some days my muscles are sore and I'm just too tired to go to the gym,

It went and saw my doctor, cause I'm scared of getting diabetes, as my nan and my dad has it, well she put me on 15mg duromine, she said it should work as I'm already doing everything as is, well it's been just over 2weeks, I feel energised during the day, I don't feel hungry, to the point Iv gotta remind myself to eat, sometimes I feel I'll be sick if I eat, so I would have a meal replacement shake, just to have something in my stomach, my sleeping is good, I drink lots of water, no coffee, only green tea,
Well other then all that I'm still a solid 90kgs, I don't understand what I'm doing wrong?

My aim was to lose 10-20kgs and I'll be happy, I often get teased for my weight, cause I look pregnant, but I'm not, I have everything else average to skinny but my belly just looks pregnant, please can any one help me!!! :(
My Dr gave me 40mg and I'm 69kgs!!
I was pretty wrapped with that! I've lost 1.5kgs in 4 day, side effects have been pretty good! I haven't had time to exercise yet so it may help more if I do that!!maybe see if you can get a higher dose to get you moving!!
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Hiya ellemcg :)
I too weigh 90 kgs and only 158 in height, I started last thurs so I will weigh thurs morn, but the doc started me on 30mgs but u seem to b getting the same effect from the 15mg,, mayb u should talk to ur doctor, are u not eating enough during the day ino u dont feel like it but u need to eat the daily dose of calories to loose weight on ny diet, I dont feel hungry but still trying to eat at same times I normally would have just smaller portions,, best of luck let us no how u get on :)
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Hey, thank you for the replies, and I eat atleast 3 meals a day, I struue with it but I do, and I don't snack,

I'm just annoyed with everyone with great results and in getting nothing, I'll have to speak to my doctor when I'm out of tablets
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How long have you been on it, stick with it sometimes it mitent show up on the scales untill later, can u feel a difference in your clothes yet, and its sounds like ur really worrying about it aswell , uve taken a big step for ur health and wot your doing is fantastic, patt on the bk! U have to start thinking positive !;) Stress actually can prevent weightloss ,need to call ur docter and have a chat,,put ur mind at ease,,:);)
I don't feel bloated, but other then that my clothes feel the same, and Iv been on it since 9th oct, and yea I sorta am stressing about just it's exspensive tablets lol and well if expect sonething out of it haha
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Oh ino and.id b feeling g the same,ill b on them a week tomoro but I ring ur docter just to talk to him/her today,cud b something simple aswell, did u get ur bloods done, it is expensive and just to ave all the right stuff to eat aswell can b more expensive I find
Yea I got my blood test done before she have them to me, I had low calcium, low b12 and high protien, she suggested me a few things to fix it and Iv been doing that but I'll have to get another blood test to see lol, and yea. Iv always been a healthy eater, I don't drink coffee and lots of green tea and water, I eat lots of the nuts and seeds, like pumpkin seed ect, and lots of fruit and vegs, most of the food I eat is non processed or made by hand, so I'm just so confused on what's going on, I had the implanon in but the course was up so got it removed and I know that puts on weigh so the wouldn't of help while I was depressed lol, and now I'm on the pill, does the pill effect it in any way?

Ps sorry for any spelling errors I'm on my phone and autocorretion hates me
So I went off my duromine for 5 days because I had to take anti biotics, and Iv lost 4 kgs? I don't get it I haven't lost weight on them but when I go off them?
It's a coincidence probably. The process was launched and even though you went off the pills, you started losing weight. Not mentioning that when you are sick, your body needs energy to fight the illness. And I am sure you are now keeping the diet, right? Hence your weight loss. I'll tell you one secret: people lose weight when they eat less. Those stories "I tried everything, hundreds of diets - nothing helped...etc" I don't believe them. Because if you stop eating everything like all the time, the body loses extra weight, well of course if the calorie intake is less than calorie consumption. It just takes time, and people not always realize that they eat junk food here and there.

Your example shows that you can lose weight without the pills, just make up a good diet / exercise plan and have patience.
Take care! ;)
Morning lovely ladies.
I have a question, I have been on 30mg for the past two days. The first day I woke up took the tablet at 5 am and went back to sleep, later on woke up at 7am and felt I had energy and went for a walk. After the walk I felt normal again and even napped later on in the day! I also slept fine. Second day, same thing. I feel no different on these tablets, has anyone experienced this? Do I need to give it time or is it just not working? :(

Thanks in advance xxx

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