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Rita cachia

Rita cachia

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Apr 18, 2014
Hi all just wondering if anyone got restless legs. It happened to me before when i took other weight loss tablets . My iron levels must have dropped .
Hi Rita. I am not sure if it is side effect from the Duromine, but restless legs can certainly be caused by iron deficiency. I would suggest a supplement or including iron rich foods (sardines, salmon, dark green veg) in your diet.
Thanks for that Audrey.last night i couldn't sleep with the restless legs and i got up , found my iron supplements and had half with some mashed potato i had in the fridge , cause you must eat something with them,and it was ok i slept the rest of the night.
Hi have had restless legs now for 3 days since been on Duromine. It's keeping me awake at night
Hi I was having the same problem and did some research and found out that duromine decreases your bodies magnesium stores resulting in the restless legs. I take GoMagnesium from my health shop which also helps you rest and sleep. Its safe to take while on duromine. Take one hour before bed and I have little or no problem with sleeping at night as well.
so I had a very successful 15mg on my first month, but had a rocky and slow time when I started on 30mg.
I’ll have my stats from 15mg to starting 30mg

SW 104.7
End of first month 98.6
First month loss 6.1 kg

End of second month 96.4
Second month loss 2.2kg

End of third month 95
Third month loss 1.4 kgs

Total loss over 3 months 9.7kgs

I did get down to loosing 10kgs but the weight crept up during the last week of the 3rd month.
Needless to say my doctor was quite unimpressed with my loss after the first month. Mind you, I didn’t take Duromine for the entire 3 months, I had a week off here and there. I’ve just started on my 2nd pack of 30mg.

Since November we have noticed my iron levels have been very low, I’ve always been low but this was the lowest. So a couple weeks ago my doctor suggested an iron infusion as she was concerned that the lack of iron was working against the Duromine (shown by me needing to nap constantly, despite having trouble falling asleep at night in the beginning).

I had the iron infusion last week, and it was awful. I don’t think I’ve sweated or had my blood pressure that high before. The following week I felt terrible and I decided to stop Duromine and along with that I was eating anything to make me feel like I had energy.

So as you can guess my weight went up and now I’m sitting back up to 97.

Feeling much better, after figuring out that I need a load of electrolytes. I’m back on Duromine 30mg, trying to stay low carb so I can kick some weight off.

I’m wondering if anyone has had an iron infusion and what they experienced? If anyone took it with Duromine? I need some motivation

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