Sell-Buy Policy

Duromine market place was created to facilitate the process of selling/buying Duromine by the Forum users to the Forum users. Unfortunately, the amount of SCAM offers has suddenly increased too much, and current situation requires serious measures, since it is difficult now to understand who is a legit seller, and who is a scammer.

The measures that the Forum administration will take in the nearest future include:

  1. All posts in categories BUY and SELL will be deleted.
  2. Sellers will have to contact the Forum administration to get instructions and conditions for posting their ad on the Forum.
  3. In addition, sellers will have to prove that they have Duromine and are capable of delivering it to people through sending a free sample to one user from the list of Forum users (TBD).
  4. The “service testing” user will provide a review about the service rendered, which will become both the proof of the seller’s legitimacy and the advertisement of his services.

For those sellers, who only want to sell their unwanted Duromine (1-2-3 packs, no more), the following selling mechanism shall apply:

  1. Seller sends the administration (April, Kate) a private message, which includes his intention of selling his unwanted Duromine, with a number of packs available indicated.
  2. Once the seller gets the approval to post and is granted the status of private seller, he starts a thread in the category SELL and nowhere else.
  3. For transparency and to avoid multiple deals with “only 1 pack to sell”, the seller will not have the possibility to PM the forum members and the deals will be discussed in the seller’s thread until the point that seller and buyer come to an understanding.
  4. At this point, the sellers topic is closed and he gets his right to PM back, so that the seller and the buyer can give each other contact information.

These measures, together with all security checks and constant monitoring from the part of the Forum Team, will hopefully bring peace and order back on the Forum AND will provide the users with the possibility of buying Duromine without the fear of being scammed.