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Jan 13, 2017
Crikey! The first week on Duromine is done!:bomb::party:

Usually, all the adverse reactions are gone by week 1. However, some people still experience some of them.
If you :
  • Are unable to sleep on Duromine
  • Experience dry mouth
  • Have mood swings
  • Feel nausea
  • Feel Headache
  • Experience constipation,
Then you'd better increase your water intake, take a walk before bedtime, change your diet (for example, you may eat small portions 5-6 times a day).

But! If you feel:
  • Fast heart beating
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Chest pain,
Then you'd better consult your doctor. We would also recommend you read the list of all adverse reactions HERE.
In this thread, people share their daily weight loss struggle and Duromine experience. You will find how to overcome insomnia and other adverse reactions. You can also ask the community if you can't find the answer here.

Good to know that somebody has also just started. I started taking the capsule today will only weigh on sat afrnoon. Am currently on 98kg my goal is 80kg so being in the 70s will be a bonus for me
Why don't you weigh your self in the mornings.
What exercise do you intend to do?
This no sleep thing is hard isn't it! I'm on day 3.. Have barely slept. Woke super hungry this morning.. Took my tablet at abou 5am hoping that I can get some sleep tonight!!! My start weight was 111kgs at the gym but 110kgs when I started duromine. In 2 days it'a dropped to 108! I need to get to about 75-80kgs to be in a healthy weight range so have a long way to go!

Good luck on your weight loss Kristy :)
Iam so worried and feel this isnt working. You guys have had pretty much no sleep, But Iam sleeping fine. I wake up nearly every hour but I can go back to sleep. I am veeeeeerrry thirsty and dont feel like eating but I am pushing myself to have 5 small meals a day, But I dont finishing eat every meal. I did not stop at all yesterday i kept going and going.

Help!! think its still working for mee???
I think it's definitely working for you hun! I'm thirsty also... I did manage more sleep last night... But your still waking. I think I got a solid 4 hours in which is quite good! I wouldn't worry too much... Everyone reacts differently to it :)
Everyone is different a friend of mine lost 20 kg in 3 months.
When I spoke to her about not being able to sleep and dry mouth she said she slept 8 hrs every night while taking douromine.

I slept 7 hours last night I feel fantastic.
Keep out girls
I am off to the gym
You girls are probably right, I just want this to work SOO bad that when I dont have the side affects everyone else has I think its not working!!

Have fun at the gym Kristy! You go girl!!xx
Start 80.5
Day 2 80.1
Day 3 79.9
Day 4 79.4
Day 5 79.3
Day 6 79.2
Day 7 78.5

Went to the doctor today as he wanted to see me after my first week.
I have lost 2kgs in one week I hope it continues next week.
well done!!! :) fingers crossed it does continue next week!!
I am 97.5kg. We have about the same to lose. I have already dropped about 6 kg in 3 and a half weeks. I hope I can keep this up.
Good luck :)
Well done!! Its so encouraging te see people loosing!! Keep it up xx
6 Kgs in weeks is fantastic
what exercise are you doing
I love Duromine.
I was exercising 5 times a week before duromine and was losing 0.5 most weeks.
On duromine i don't have the energy to train I feel so drained.
Im averaging 2-4 hours of sleep per night.
I can't help but weight my self every morning.
I get such a thrill when I drop a kg.
Im hoping to be 76.XX in the morning.
I have lost 3.4 Kg in 11 days I love duromine.

I haven’t changed my diet
I have decreased my exercise from 5 sessions to 1 a weekand yet i have lost 3.4 kg
Could it be that i have normally have a slow metabolism?
will try and weigh evry morning now. Im confused though i weighed myself last night and i had lost 4kg, this morning i woke up and weighed again and i have gained 2kg back. I dnt knw if am going forward or barkwards. I hvnt been doing any excercis thou just normal mealds in less quantities, my sleep has not been affected .
everytime after drinking the pill i feel like there s a tenis ball in my chest that does not go down no matter how much water I drink, it feel tiering . This week il be doing Tae Bo every morning , can't wat to see the outcome
I haven’t been able to sleep for two weeks. I average 2-4 hours a night.
I weigh myself daily which works for me.
Day 12 76.5 late weigh in at 9.30 instead of 7 I also went to the movies and had popcorn I believe this made me retain fluid the following day.
Day 13 77.0
Day 14 76.8 Two weeks on Duromine and I have lost 3.7 kgs

Watch out for salt
Hi all

I have gained 30kg in the last 7 months on a mood stabiliser that was prescribed for my bipolar disorder. I've always been a naturally slim person so going from 62kg to 91kg is very traumatic for me. I've tried eating right and started exercising with a personal trainer two months ago but still continued to gain weight. I'm finally off the weight gaining drug now but I think my metabolism might still be affected. I also stopped smoking a week ago and fear that that is going to make me pick up weight.

I started duromine a week ago and so far lost 0.9kg. I am very relieved that I am finally going down instead of up. It is not as a drastic weight loss as some of the other threads I've read on this forum. But my hunger only subsided three days ago and I only went to the gym twice this week. So I am very exited to see if my weight loss next week will be more if I put in more effort. I am looking forward to sharing my duromine yourney - I am sure tracking it weekly will keep me motivated.
So this is my second week on Duromine. I am on the 30mg.

Start weight: 91kg
week 1: 90.1kg
week 2: 90.3kg
goal weight: 70kg
height: 177cm

As you can see I picked up 200grams in the second week. I don't understand it as I exercised 4 times this week and ate healthily. I am not experiencing any side effects and think the 30mg might not be strong enough for me. I see my doctor in two weeks time and am going to ask for a stronger dose. Maybe morning exercise will help to speed up my metabolism. I will have to up it to six times a week and be extremely careful about what I eat. I don't want to eat nothing because that will halt my metabolism which is already slow. If any of you have ideas on how to speed up ones metabolism please let me know.
I am very dissapointed with my lack of progress so far :(
Great work! Keep up the effort and you will see the reward!


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