Startin weight: 91kg
week 1: 90.1kg
week 2: 90.3kg
week 3: 90.4kg
goal weight: 70kg

So I gained 100 grams. I am not too worried as my clothes seem to be a little bit looser. Maybe I'm gaining muscle with all the exercise.
Also it seems that everybody gains weight when they stop smoking. If I can keep my weight stable for the first few weeks it will be great.

Till next week. Hopefully better results then.
Dear Pixie,

It seems as if our journeys are similar. I seem to like holding on to my weight instead of letting it go :p

My exercise has not been as often as I like but I have been following a healthy eating plan that I got of the web (Abs diet) as I like following something that tells me exactly what to eat and when. I am not a whizz in the kitchen and love the simply foods and how quick each meal is. The thing that I wanted to say is not give up. I am five weeks in and a number of times wanted to say what the hell...I give up...I am what I am. My husband has been doing exactly the same as me and has lost 8kgs...I have only lost 4.6kg. I weigh daily and thought you might like comparing to see you aren't alone with the ups and downs:

Week 1: 06.08.12 93.4
07.08.12 91.3
08.08.12 91
09.08.12 91.4
10.08.12 90.4
11.08.12 90.1
13.08.12 90kg

14.08.12 90
15.08.12 90.3
16.08.12 90
17.08.12 90.2
18.08.12 89.7
19.08.12 89.7

Week 3:
20.08.12 89.7
21.08.12 89.8
22.08.12 89.4
23.08.12 89.2
24.08.12 89.2
25.08.12 89
26.08.12 88.9

Week 4:
27.08.12 89.1
28.08.12 88.9
29.08.12 89.1
30.08.12 88.7
31.08.12 88.9
01.09.12 88.5
02.09.12 88.7

Week 5:
03.09.12 88.9
04.09.12 88.9
05.09.12 88.7
06.09.12 88.8

So hang in there... 10g at a time we will get there.

Wishing you a great weight loss week x
Good job. Yes the weight does fluctuate daily....damn those grams lol. I also weigh daily, can't help myself. Like I have said before, slow and steady wins the race. I am sure we will all be happy with the results at the end. Keep up the good work.
Start weight: 91kg
week 3: 90.4kg
week 4: 90.5kg

So I've gained 100grams. But my clothes fit slightly better. Lets hope the weight gained is muscle gain and not fat.

I've enrolled for an adventure boot camp that starts mid October. I'm trading my personal trainer in for boot camp and I honestly think it is going to be a trade up. Will save lots of money in the process. It has been a month since I stopped smoking and in that time my weight went from 91kg to 90.5kg. At least I have not gained weight like so many people who stop smoking do.

I'm seeing my doctor today and am going to try and convince him to give me a higher dosage. The 30mg is just not working for me. This afternoon I'm going spinning and tomorrow I see my personal trainer. So hopefully the exercise combined with a higher dosage of duromine will show better results next week.

See you next week!
Hi Pixie......all I can say is WOW ! Your attitude towards exercise is something I must truly aim for. I wish I could conjure up more energy for myself to do half of what you are doing ! Congrats too on quitting smoking...both my brother in laws tried a number of times and I know how difficult it can be from seeing what they went through. Good luck with the new week and look forward to seeing the results from all the exercise.
Hello Everyone,

Reading your journeys on here has been very helpful and it's inspired me to share mine. I've been so ashamed as of late, since I only recently found out just how much I've gained.

I was a gymnast for 9 years (age 8-17). Because of the strict training timetable and my participation in several school sports, I had never had to worry about my weight before graduation. 9 hours per week of gymnastics, a few of volleyball, a few of softball and sometimes ice skating, made it very easy to eat whatever I wanted without ever looking at a food label. I was nutrition concious, but had, and will always have, a sweet tooth.

Leaving school was monumental for me. I moved countries (Russia to Australia) and began Law School. Unfortunately, the university I attended wasn't athletics oriented at all (unless you count some just-for-fun beach volleyball). I concentrated on my studies and as usual, ate whatever I wanted. I got excellent grades, but gained 20kgs in 18 months. With no previous experience having to 'work weight off', I just started jogging a couple of times a week. I lost a few, but don't recall ever being able to buy a smaller dress size (size 12 after my weight gain). It did bother me from time to time, but I was a very social person and despite being on the Gold Coast, had a great group of friends. After 18 months had passed, my scholarship expired and I had to leave university.

Two years have passed since then, in which I've found a job I love, a great guy and moved to Sydney. Through utter laziness and complacency, I've also gained 30 MORE kgs in that time. It really hit me 6 months ago when, despite having bought clothing throughout this time, I couldn't fit into a single pair of pants (jeans, suit, etc). I would estimate that I have $10,000 in clothing, shoes and accessories that I flat-out can't use whatsoever because I am now a size 16/18(sometimes 20).

My partner is very supportive and loving, but I know that this has to stop. I very rarely feel attractive anymore and often wonder why he has stuck around. I'm not a shallow person, but I see how I look now and can't imagine anyone seeing it as sexy or pretty. His unwavering support is definitely one of the reasons I've begun my Duromine journey.

I started taking Duromine exactly 1 week ago. I thought it would be beneficial to provide a rough picture of my diet before and after(during) taking it.

Without Duromine:

1 Large Flat White Coffee, No Sugar
1 Ham, Cheese, Tomato Toastie on White Bread (Sometimes I would have nutella smeared all over two pieces of toast and a banana)
1 Breaded Chicken Wrap w/Sauce, Veggies
1 Can of Soft Drink
1 Fruit Salad w/Yogurt
1 Chocolate Bar (Picnic, Hershey's etc)
1 Butter Chicken w/Rice
1 Naan Bread
1 Magnum Ice Cream

I don't know exactly how many calories all of this would have in it, but I would estimate about 2700.

On Duromine:

1 Small Flat White, No Sugar
1 Ham, Cheese, Tomato Toastie on Wheat
1 Piece of Wheat Toast w/Margarine
1 Mandarin
1 175-200g Steak w/Veggies
LITRES of water!

Again, I'm not sure exactly what the calories would be for this, but I would estimate about 1000.

To be clear, I spend very little time in the day being hungry. I did not simply stop eating to maximize the effect of the duromine. The reality is, I don't have the willpower to not eat when I'm hungry and even bored. Often, I wouldn't even want the toastie in the morning, but I knew I had to eat something. Sometimes I eat half at 8:30am and then the other half at around 10:30. I've happily cut out the sugar since I don't crave anymore and because of the dry mouth, I drink so much water instead of soft drink or juice.

The only noticeable symptoms are dry mouth and constipation. I've gotten a headache or two throughout the week, but nothing major. I feel AMAZING in the mornings, even on 5-6 hours sleep. I am a 9 hour person, with anything less than that usually meaning my mornings are tired and unproductive.

I joined the gym on Thursday, but haven't yet gone, as I need to buy some properly fitting gym clothes. I'm going to weigh myself on Monday to see what the results are and then I'll post them up! From the look of things, I wouldn't be surprised if I've lost 5kgs (down from 109kgs).

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to do it properly! Thanks for reading. :)

Hi all

My doctor tested my thyroid and the results came out as low. So that should explain my struggle to lose weight. I'm starting thyroid meds tomorrow and will post results again next week.
Hi all

Finally I've lost some weight

Start weight: 91kg
week 1: 90.1kg
week 2: 90.3kg
week 3: 90.4kg
week 5: 89.4kg
Great effort! I am sure you will see a noticable change which will help keep you motivated!
I have also put on weight since meeting my man - at the start of our relationship I had been trying to lose weight and was walking about 15km a day - I had got down to about 73kg (which while I am only 5'2, it is still a bit too heavy) but I was pretty fit and happy with my achievement! Now after eating everything he does and no more walking coz I want to cuddle up on the couch with him - I have put on 10kgs! And the harder I try to lose weight the more I put on! I have my sisters wedding coming up and I am going to see if I can get a script from a dr for 2 months - just to kick start my weight loss! When your constantly thinking about loosing weight and what food to eat and what not to eat really doesnt help the weight come off - which is why I think duromine helps.
I have been on duromine before - it is great while you are on it - but you have to be careful when you come off, I seriously recommend finding a team sport you like to do - unless of course you like the gym, but I find the gym is easier to make excuses not to go, and nor does it have the friends you make when you join. Even a volleyball or netball comp of some sort - trust me it will be a good vice when you come off duromine.
Start weight: 91kg
week 7: 87.9kg
loss so far 3.1kg.

So I've started to loose some weight. Hopefully the thyroid meds will do its thing. I'm not doing so great with exercise this week but I'm starting with adventure boot camp soon and that will hopefully do the thing. Will try and update on a weekly basis again.
An update
I was on Duromine for 2 months
I got down to 72 kgs
and then my dr took me off duromine
during the two months i was able to change my diet and lifestyle.
Getting down to 72 kg gave me so much energy

I have been off duromine for 3 months now.
Since then i have learnt to jog and completed a 5km run
I train 5- 6 times a week
I am 68 kgs and i feel fantastic

What i learnt is duromine helps you get into a routine
Fitness is something you have to work at every day
Hello Everyone. We're starting our Week In Review backdated to yesterday. The general format is as follows:

Week: (fill in the week. eg. Mon 24-3-14 to Sun 30-3-14)

Weigh In

Last Week:
This Week:

Current Stats
Start weight:
Current weight:
Goal weight:


Week experience

Goals (if any)

You can copy and paste from the post the blank template into your post. We'll see how it goes and we can still change it and tweak it if we think of making it different. I'll reply to this thread and I'll see how I go filling it in myself!! :)
Week: Mon 24-3-14 to Sun 30-3-14

Weigh In
Last Week: 90.8 kg
This Week: 89.9 kg
Lost/Gained: - .9 kg

Current Stats
Start weight: 94.2 kg
Current weight: 89.9 kg
Goal weight: 67 kg

I walked 4 days last week doing just over 3 km each time.

Week experience
I had a good week. Keep to my own personal eating plan and did my exercise. Drank lots of water. Had a couple of meals where I would liked to have eaten a lot more but I resisted. Some days it seems quite easy and others a bit harder. Tried to keep a positive attitude and just take it one day at a time.

Goals (if any)
I don't have any specific goal for the new week other than more of the same!

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Week: Mon 31-3-14 to Sun 6-3-14

Weigh In
Last Week: 100.3 kg
This Week: 100.3 kg
Lost/Gained: 0.0 kg

Current Stats:
Start weight: 100.3 kg
Current weight: 100.3 kg
Goal weight: 87.0 kg

I walked 1 days last week 2 km each time.

Week experience:
I started off with Duromine on Tuesday 1 April 2014. Am taking the necessary cautions about drinking copious amounts of water. So far no apparent side effects. I know that it has kicked it because by this time I will be super hungry. I had a small breakfast and a steak lunch. I've read that eating small meals is crucial to success. As always I wish to maintain a positive attitude.

Goals :
My goal is to be a healthy 87 kg.

SW - 100.3 kg
CW - 100.3 kg
GW - 87.0 kg
TOTAL LOST: 0.0 kg
1. Get to 95 kg. - Not yet achieved
2. Get to 85 kg.
Great idea Scribbles!

Week: Sunday 23-3-14 to Sun 30-3-14

Weigh In
Last Week: 70kg
This Week: 68.5kg
Lost/Gained: 1.5kg

Current Stats
Start weight: 70kg
Current weight: 68.5kg
Goal weight: 55kg

Yoga, walking my dog, light weight training, running around photo shoots for work!

Week experience
First week - started great, ended badly!! This is a new week and I'm happy for my weight loss last week and hope to keep on a good path this week!

Goals (if any)
To get to 67kg by Sunday!
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Great going sanjay1. You've started. Good on ya for going for a walk. Looking forward to hearing how you're doing next week. Great loss brightlight. Excellent exercise. Nice to mix it up. You're week. It can only get better from here!
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Week: Mon 24-3-14 to Sun 30-3-14 (weighed in today though as its my first week)

Weigh In Last Week:
This Week: 92.0
Lost/Gained: down 3.2 kgs

Current Stats
Start weight: 95.2
Current weight: 92.0
Goal weight: 70

I do classes at our local gym. I do Hit Box 2 nights a week and a pump class on one. I have been walking 2 days a week after I get home from work and that's a 5klm round trip. I have lost a total of 8kgs since the start of the year and can already feel the difference in my fitness which I am loving.

Week experience This was my first week on Duromine. The first night was not pleasant at all with not being able to sleep until after 3am, bad headaches and feeling sick in the stomach. Very happy that has all gone now. I am not getting the burst of energy others do, maybe because I am only on the 15mg. I do get head spins when I have been sitting for a while and get up. But if that's the only side affect , I am happy. But I will say I love that my clothes are getting a bit too big for me....

Goals (if any)
My first goal is to get in the 80's. I cant remember the last time I was so that will be awesome.
My second goal is to loose 20kgs all up by July...I know its a big number, but im 8kgs down and for the first time in my life I feel I have the tools to do it. I want to go wedding dress shopping in July.
3.2 kg!!! That's awesome!!:) Glad you're getting used to the pills. I made it into the 80s last week for the first time in almost a year. Won't be long and you'll get there.
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Week: Mon 24/03/2014 - Sun 30/03/2014 (weighed today as well as i just finished a week)

Weigh In
Last Week: 82.7kg
This Week: 79.4kg
Lost/Gained: 3.3kg

Current Stats
Start weight: 82.7kg
Current weight: 79.4kg
Goal weight: 58kg

Exercise: I have been going to my local gym 3 times a week. I go on the treadmill for 10 minutes and then do some step and arm exercises. then i do some sit ups for 5 minutes and then cool down on the orbitrek for 10 minutes.

Week experience: Last week has honestly been okay i must say. Couldn't sleep for the first 2 days but after that i was okay and ofcourse i still have the dry mouth. All your motivational messages have helped me a great deal you guys so thank you so much. Lets continue this journey together.

Goals (if any): My long term goal is to be 58kg by June as it will be my birthday. My short term goal is to be under 75kg by the end of this month.
Tamaraj and Scribble you guys are doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work :)

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