Awesome job Pach'e!!!! Keep up the good work guys.....lets make it a good week :)
I've decided to move my week in review to my blog so I can consolidate my info.

Will copy and paste here as well
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Good Morning everyone, hope you are all well

Week: Mon 31/03/2014 - Sun 06/04/2014 (only been 5 days since last weigh in)

Weigh In Last Week: 92.0kgs
This Week: 90.8kgs
Lost/Gained: -1.2kgs

Current Stats
Start weight: 95.2kgs
Current weight: 90.8kgs
Goal weight: 70kgs

Exercise Its actually been raining here which is so rare for the outback so haven't been able to do my walks everyday so just went to the gym for my classes. one class on Monday and 2 on Thursday.

Week experience: Dry mouth of course and my skin on my face is all dry and flakey. I have noticed I that I am starting to get hungry which is what my doctor said might happen because im only on the 15mg, so when I go back to him at the end of the month I think I will go up to the 30mg one.

Goals (if any) My first goal is to get into the 80's....only 900 grams to go!!.

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Week: Mon 31/03/2014 - Sun 06/04/2014

Weigh In
Last Week: 89.9kgs
This Week: 89.3kgs
Lost/Gained: -.6 kgs

Current Stats
Start weight: 94.2 kgs
Current weight: 89.3 kgs
Goal weight: 67 kgs

Got in 4 walks this past week. Why is it the last one is always the hardest :)

Week experience:
Had a good week. When we went to the City on Friday I did indulge. How? I shared half a piece of Date, Apple and Walnut cake with my husband. In previous days I would have eaten the whole lot by myself. And then had a nice eat up session at home and started again the next day. Not this time! I had a light dinner when we got home.

Goals (if any)
Just to keep on keeping on. I read someone's blog ages ago and they talked about the honeymoon period. You start off working on losing weight and then after a few weeks you kind of get slack and get over it and go back to your old ways. I don't want to do that. So I want to just keep being consistent.

Good job!! im dreading going back to east coast, we are renovating and usually get takeaway or go to the clubs/pubs for did well to only have one bit of cake, lets hope I have that self control. :)
It is good to see the support on this forum - it goes a long way.

As you will read on my blog - I have thrown in the towel on duromine. The side effects have proved to harsh for me. Good luck to all you guys! I hope it goes well.
Mon 7-34-14 to Sun 13-4-14

Weigh In
Last Week: 89.3 kg
This Week: 87.9 kg
Lost/Gained: - 1.4 kg

Current Stats
Start weight: 94.2 kg
Current weight: 87.9 kg
Goal weight: 67 kg

Didn't do any this week. Why? Totally unmotivated. Lots going on. Stressing. Depressed.

Week experience
While it's been a rough week with my emotions and with the weather I can say that I didn't use them as excuses to binge and eat.

Goals (if any)
Another week of being committed to improving myself.

That is a great attitude Scribbles! Even though it gets tough sometimes, you still stick to you goals, well done!!;):) Please do keep us posted, and good luck for the week ahead:laughing:
Good Job!! after 2 weeks on holidays to renovate a house, im heading back tomorrow. Will get on the scales and so scared to see what it says....ill keep you posted
Hello everyone, just got back from holidays and put on weight :( knew it was going to happen. We were renovating a house and had no cooking facilities so it was all eating out ....only put on 0.2 so I'm ok with that. Back on the wagon now....bring on a good result this week ....hope you are all well

I've been on duramine 30mg for a week today....and I've lost diddly squat! I have been slogging my backside off all week gym 3 days, ride my bike 15km to work all week and extra cardio when I get home.

Diet has been healthy and throwing in protein shakes after intense workouts etc and urinating like a thoroughbred lol.

Just been reading everyone elses experiences of losing 5kg on first week etc and I know im only human and yes it took me 18 months to pile on my 10kg that I need to lose and it is a pantene outook (won't happen overnight. ..but it will happen lol). Working in health I should know better.

Most stubborn 10kg ever! Wouldn't mind 15 though to get me to a solid 60kg :)
The people that lose alot are the ones that have more to lose, thats just the way it works.
Im replying to you because im going through the same thing. And i know how it feels. I only had about 10 to lose. My dr started me on 15mg and i lost only 1kg in my first month. Up to 30mg now and its been over a week and its still the same. I eat great and excercise 5 to 6 days a week. I think it works better if you have more weight to lose. Its expensive and im not sure what my dr is going to do if the 30mg dont work, but there isnt much more i can do. My dr did tell me the 30mg will take a week to kick in. So maybe try to stay positive and dont weigh yourself til the end of the 2nd or 3rd week so that you dont lose motivation. Best of luck.
In my opinion, don't weigh yourself, it will do your head in. Take a full body image (photo) and then in 2 weeks time take another one. You will see slight changes, don't depend on the drug to do all the work for you. By what you are saying, you are exercising, you are going to the gym, remember muscle weighs alot more than fat, so even though you are losing fat you are gaining muscle which means by weighing yourself the scales are now weighing in with more muscle.

The good old way of telling changes is through your clothes, this is what will give you the real deal tell tale sign. Eat 4-6 small meals a day, if you don't feel hungry, please try and eat because the body metabolises better if it is given food on a consistent basis. Healthy food of course :) Also remember at the gym you will need to change your routine around both weights and cardio, the body has an amazing ability to get used to what we do so we need to always suprise it with domething different (it called muscle memory, it knows what to do and just does it without trying) so shock your body every two weeks.

I may just mean to up the intensity of your cardio or even try lighter weights with higher reps or heavier weights with fewer reps. Oh, but the most important thing is, you want to do this, if there is no motivation you're lost the battle, it needs to be a lifestyle not a quikfix. If you have that attitude (and I'm not saying you do, because your here) you will go back to the habits and weight that made you come here in the first place. Rock on say fab, and healthy living. Oh, it is also okay to have a cheat day, what this does it shocks the body and makes it work to process the food which also can be of great benefit.
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Is anyone doing this anymore?

Well my week in review is....

Monday 28th April - Sunday 4th may
Weigh in
Last week 92 ( but on weight on holidays)
This week this week 90.0
Lost 2kgs

My stats
Start weight 95.2
Current weight 90.0
Goal 70

My exercise this week has been back to normal, did not much on holidays as I was sick. But back to my boxing class and pump class. Do 3 classes a week.

I've just gone up to the 30mg tablets as I was finding I was getting really hungry so my doctor thought I could go up as I haven't had any side affects apart from dry mouth ( but that seems he normal)
My first goal was to get into the 80's and I'm sooooo close. But I'll will get it next week for sure.
I'm starting to fit some of my old clothes and people starting to compliment me as I've lost almost 10kgs since the start of the year. It's such a good feeling.

Hope everyone is still going well.
I'm not. I have gone by the wayside and have been so slack with even trying. I get so depressed with my having to deal with all the stuff with my husband's cancer that I have just not been trying.
So sorry to know that :(
Scribbles you've always been the most purposeful and smart weight loss pioneer here. You know how to encourage people when they need a good advice about weight loss journey. I wish you and your husband health. All the best!:)
Today is my first week weigh in.

Sw. 101kg
Cw. 96kg
Total loss 5kg
Gw. 70kg

26kg to go :laughing: Very happy so far. Slacked of a bit the last couple of days by not excercise nag but going to start again today.

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