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Oct 6, 2011
I went to the dr this morning and asked about Duromine. I will confess I am a bag full of nerves. But I am over feeling the way I am. I am a mum to two little boys aged 1 and 3 ( well almost three). I live in a very rural part of Australia which limits me from places like the gym.

I am not looking to be thin as a rack. I'm not a fan of being too thin, i like curves on a woman. I would like to feel more comfortable about myself, run around with my boys, and feel sexy again. I would love to fit into clothes properly as well.

I would love to be a size 12/14. I do fit into SOME 1 things, but not the way I should be able to. I think i tend to fit into them because I make myself. Any higher than a 16 and I WONT buy it.
One thing I really don't like about my weight are my thunder thighs!!! My thighs are so big I have trouble buying pants! at the moment I live in leggings.

Anyways, i guess i should start with the stats.

CW - 99kg
Height - 164cm ( 5 foot 4)
GW - 70kg
But my first goal weight would be just getting into the 80's or below 95kg, because I haven't been below 95kg in a long time.

anyways i start next week as I have to go into town this weekend to get my prescription. as I said im looking forward to it but full of nerves maybe nerves due to the unexpected or excited i may lose weight finally!!!
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U can do it,as long as u take the pill and doing some activities.it has helped me,i was 92kg and after 15 days im 88kg.I havent seen the changes phyiscally but im already feeling good about myself.im also aiming to lose 25kg.Im just excited,i cant wait really,hope it works out for us,stay positive
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:) I have started reporting too..not everyone wants to share their story but there is always heaps of people reading and its nice that everyone isnt so anti-duromine! As Annah said, U CAN DO IT!

Youll be the hottest country chick in no time.. they wont recognise you next time youre in town :))

Good Luck... dont forget to take it early, eat and drink lots of water.
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Thanks soooo much for the advice guys. Im super excited!!! Going into town on Sat to fill in my script!!! Also going to Sports Power ( a sporting outlet shop) and have a good gander at some weights and a jump rope.
Thanks so much for the replies guys!! can't wait to report back here.
Do any of you know if Duromine affects fertility? I may make another thread???? I know you cant fall pregnant on it, but does it mess with fertility later on?

So I have taken my first pill 6 hours ago.
So far, I can still feel my hunger learking there. Little fast in my head, but that would be all. I'm not as full as beans as I expected. But it's only day 1 so we will wait and see hey.
Oh I am feeling really cold!!! Like freezing cold, did any of you have that?
I took it at 5am and by 730 I was awake, still didn't get out of bed for a while.
Oh well will see how I go. Had some water and lemon this morning. My mouth is a little drier than usual but nothing dramatic. Gosh I hope this pill works!!!!
"I have started reporting too..not everyone wants to share their story but there is always heaps of people reading and its nice that everyone isnt so anti-duromine! As Annah said, U CAN DO IT!"

It is great! I was so scared of taking Duromine after reading feedback on some websites, that my box was sitting in my medicine cabinet for about three months before I finally decided to take the first one today!
Volcom and Irah-blu,welcome to the club,u will make yourself proud.This is beginning of more weight shed,very soon we will be putting on bikinis,how do u like that,i can picture myself already in it.its our time
Yes, I was very uncertain about trying it too!!!!

For the rest of today, TBH, the hunger hasn't ceased yet, my motivation isn't very high at all, headaches YES and headache pain relief does bugger all!!! I ended up having a nice bath rather than doing any house work.
Oh I just can't wait to fit into clothes better!!!! and wearing board shorts or even proper shorts to feel good!!! Right now all i wear is leggings!!!

the dryness in my mouth, is barely here. Im so hungry, and no motivation.
Last night i slept just fine.... hoping it kicks in soon!!
Hi everybody, I'm new to this (forum not dieting), has anybody weighed in lately, and how long can u hold out before u check the scales. Patience is not one of my virtues! What are your expectations with weekly/monthly weight loss? I have to loose about 45kgs, and this time I am determined to succeed!
Hi everybody, I'm new to this (forum not dieting), has anybody weighed in lately, and how long can u hold out before u check the scales. Patience is not one of my virtues! What are your expectations with weekly/monthly weight loss? I have to loose about 45kgs, and this time I am determined to succeed!
I would be happy to lose 25 kg!!! I don't know if I can do that, but as long as I am feeling comfy in my skin and clothes well then I know I have something =)
Im not too sure if its working for me yet though.... Im still hungry and I am not motivated at all and on day three
Hey Volcom, Just looked you up (after I had posted on my thread) to see if it was working for you and saw that you still werent having any luck. I know how you feel, I upgraded to 40s. I dont think that they are the same as they were years ago - not as strong. Keep me posted on how you are doing, do you take any other type of meds? Ill let you know how I go on the 40s too, hopefully we arent the dodgy ones it doesnt work on!!
That would be just might luck..scared of the crazy side effects and hoping I dont get them to bad and then get none!! ha ha!!
Well from what every one else has said... They feel as if they can't sit down, and their hunger dies down and when they eat they get full fast.... that is not me.
I am eating healthy although, MAKING myself go on the cross trainer or run around the house doing house work rather than walking LOL.... what a sight.
Only other med I take is the Pill. Not sure if that's what is causing this or what?
Oh gosh I really hope we aren't!!!! I would love to shed the KG off I really would =(
I have a headache today and had a few snaps at DP which is sad but nothing huge thank goodness.
Hi Ladies

I see what has really helped me was cabbage braised in olive oil with green peppers and onions.
Because cabbage is water based, it digests easy and its filling.I havent touched any carbs for two weeks and never really exercise.
What i am starting next week is cutting out supper and having a meal replacement.

My problem arrear is my stomach and buttocks, always has been... Does anyone know what i can do to get rid/tone my behind...its terrible, its like a whole person with a mind of its own..

Good luck everyone, i really hope it works for us.


Day 2 being on 40's.
My hunger has subsided, not as much as other people have said. I am not go go go as people have said but I do feel more awake.
Maybe I am just that small percentage of people where it does not work. However I will take it for the next month to finish it all off. Even though my motivation with the 30's was beyond crap, and my eating was the very same as before the tablet, i managed to lose 3kg according to the dr.
Oh well maybe in a couple of days the 40's will kick in. I do feel as if I have lost weight even if it is 3kg which hey 3kg is a good thing!!! 3kg less than what I was so I really cannot not complain.
I hope you are all going well.
Oh and one thing about it all.... no headaches, didn't go to sleep till 1 last night, but when i put my head on the pillow to actually sleep and not be on my phone i dozed off, took me ages to wake up from my alarm buzzing at me to take my next tablet though LOL.
I have finished my first lot of 40's.
However during that month I had gastro, a mouth full of ulcers from being so drained, and a head cold!!! I basically stopped exercise, but did way more around the house and outside.
My hunger has subsided not that I had a problem with that in the first place. About half way through the pack, the sleeping affects started lol.
I never weighed myself either.
I had my bad days of eating one night a pizza, and prob 3 times in that month went out for coffee, oh and had McDonalds maybe once.
Noticed my patience had gone down! esp with my partner and the beginning of the day I could be the happiest ever and that night I would be feeling really upset.
Anyways went back to the dr to get my new script... jumped on the scales....


9.5 kg GONE!!!!

So hoping this month will be ok.... however Christmas, partners birthday and my sons....also with Christmas I am so busy to even think about exercise. I really hope I can keep it up.... Also last month I had gastro and wondering if that is why???
People have noticed it and i have as well.... however I have not gone down a dress size at all =(
Hello Volcom,

how r u going?
Hi Everyone,

Soooo happy to be able to join in with you all on this journey!!!
Im 31 and from Auckland, New Zealand, not sure how everyone else found their visit to the dr in order to precribe Duromine. Mine was hard, my dr doesnt prescribe diet pills he told me and it took 2 visits to him in order to get it, he also made me have dietbetes tests, lipids test, cholesterol checks and bp tests, quite full on, but glad they take every precaution. in NZ it costs $85 for a months supply of Duromine 30, and we cant get Duromine 40.

Anyway i have read so many posts on this forum and thats what has brought me here and about to start my course of it tomorrow morning.

i am 167cms and weigh 106kgs, i have been overweight for most of my adult life, having 2 pregnancies didnt help matters, i had pre eclampsia with the first and gestational diabetes with the second, but they are now 4 and 2 years ld and i really want to lose this weight (35kgs to lose) and feel goodabout my appearance again!!

we are also takign our kids to Europe for 3 months in July and i want to look good and not have to ask for a extension belt on the plane (OMG the thought of it!!)

i have a personal trainer at the gym and i see her twice a week for weight resistance training and i also walk with friends who are training for a half marathon, i do 15km with them once a week and also walk casually with a friend ona couple of nights a week too. but really all the excercise has always just made me eat more as i tend to feel hungry after working out, so a hoping the duromine will curb my hunger so all the work i am doing actually works!!!

anyway i am so encouraged by all your journeys i hope mine is a good one too!
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