Duromine and antidepressants

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– Updated November 17, 2021

Can we use Duromine and antidepressants at the same time?

There is no definite answer to this question. What happens if you start taking these drugs together?

It happens that the combination of antidepressant and Duromine shows to work well for weight loss. But in some cases, simultaneous use of drugs will only worsen the condition and cause unwanted side effects.

Let’s find out more about this.

Сan you take Duromine with antidepressants?

It is believed that people subconsciously try to cope with anxiety and depression through food, and taking antidepressants stabilizes this condition. The emotional background evens out, and they stop comfort eating due to their excess weight or appearance problems, eventually leading to weight loss.

But what happens if a weight loss drug is combined with an antidepressant?

You should know that simultaneous use of Duromine and Zoloft or Duromine and Pristiq is contraindicated.

Pristiq and Zoloft can potentiate the effects of phentermine and cause side effects such as:

nervousness, anxiety, confusion of thoughts;
deterioration of vision;
impaired coordination;
serotonin syndrome, which often includes hallucinations, seizures, and more.

The safe and effective use of antidepressants and Duromine depends on the individual condition of a patient. Each person’s medical history is unique, so it is essential to consult a doctor regarding the use of Duromine and antidepressants.

Only a doctor can decide whether it is possible to take Duromine and antidepressants simultaneously or not; prescribe the dose and frequency of taking the drugs, avoiding the danger of side effects.

The main rule is to avoid self-medication, changing the time of pills intake and the dosage of drugs. Learn more in the Duromine Forum thread

Сan Duromine cause depression?

Many are aware of the Duromine physical side effects, but there are little data on the psychological Duromine-induced depression.

If you are taking Duromine and feel a lack of interest in what has pleased you before, sadness, bad mood, depression, you should know you are not alone with these symptoms.

Why can Duromin cause depression?

This condition may be associated with increased levels of dopamine, norepinephrine, and increased levels of these neurotransmitters usually cause a rise and a feeling of euphoria. But sometimes hyperactivity can work in the opposite direction, causing depression and irritability.

Taking the drug can change your emotional background and affect how you usually respond to different situations.

Patients who are already undergoing treatment of depression may also feel their condition worsening while taking Duromine and antidepressants.

Tips to overcome depression:

If you notice that you become distracted, forgetful, having mood swings, just remember that there are forums to discuss problems similar to yours, where you can find support.

Relax and get some sleep. Sleep disturbances can cause depression and irritability, as well as slow down the process of losing weight. If you have sleep disorders and you can’t manage them on your own, so we recommend you consult a doctor and get a prescription for sleeping pills.

Physical activity, walking, and exercise can help reduce symptoms of depression. And as a bonus, you get excellent physical shape!

Professional help. Mild side effects usually resolve within a few days. But if your emotional state does not stabilize, and even worsens, be sure to see a doctor.

Check out real Success Stories from real Duromine users on the Duromine forum


The combination of Duromine and antidepressants can potentiate weight loss but may also result in severe side effects, such as nervousness, impaired coordination, and even serotonin syndrome. The simultaneous use of these drugs is highly individual, relying on a patient’s unique medical history. Consequently, consultation with a healthcare professional is crucial. Additionally, Duromine may induce depressive symptoms, requiring mindful observation of mood changes, adequate rest, and physical activity. Professional help should be sought if these symptoms persist.


4 thoughts on “Duromine and antidepressants”
  1. Does anyone have any idea if Duromine can cause depression? A friend of mine started using it and I’m worried about his mood swings

    • Duromine can indeed cause mood swings and depression. If your friend continues to experience these symptoms, he should consult his healthcare provider as soon as possible. It’s crucial not to ignore these changes.

  2. In my case, I experienced some mood changes too when I started with Duromine. It’s super important to monitor these things and communicate with your doctor. Taking care of mental health is as important as physical health, if not more.

  3. As a dietician, I see people struggling with these issues quite a bit. It’s important to know that there’s help and support available. Reach out, and don’t try to go through this alone!

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