How to lose weight fast on Duromine

Teresa Hong

Teresa Hong


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– Updated November 22, 2021

Have you started taking Duromine and expect quick weight loss results? Or do you want to start taking it because you know that it is effective in fast weight loss?

We have great news for you. It indeed can help you lose weight quickly, but only if you follow some rules.

In this article, we have collected a few simple rules for improving the work of this medicine.

Best way to lose weight on Duromine?

  • How to take Duromine for best results?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the obligatory observance of the regularity of intake and the dosage of the drug prescribed by your doctor. The best way to take Duromine is early in the morning with plenty of water.

We recommend you plan a diet and physical activity at the beginning of your weight loss course. Duromine will suppress your hunger, but diet and exercise will significantly speed up your metabolism and weight loss.

Control the amount of food you eat – stick to a developed plan or get a Duromine Meal Plan designed especially for you.

We highly recommend that you approach the process from both the physical and the psychological sides. A session with a behavioural professional will likely help you understand which triggers are causing you to overeat and eat junk food. It can help you learn how to respond to stress while losing weight and thus develop new eating and exercise habits.

This comprehensive, trilateral approach to obesity therapy can provide longer-term results and help overcome the discomfort of lifestyle changes. It can also help you lose weight faster while taking Duromine.

Want to maximize your Duromine results?

Check out MyHealthyWeight for personalized Duromine meal plans and guidance. Enhance your metabolism, understand your triggers, and fast-track your weight loss today!

How to make Duromine work faster?

  • How quickly does Duromine work?

If you follow the meal plan and exercise enough, positive changes are usually getting visible within 3-6 weeks.

However, be ready that the results on the scale will please you from the very first week. Moreover, there are many cases when the arrow of the scales does not show such significant changes, but the kilograms noticeably melt. Clothes look different on the body and those around you begin to notice changes in your appearance.

You can always help your body tune in to weight loss by following these simple rules:

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to improve your body functions and lose weight while staying hydrated.
Get enough protein. High protein foods speed up your metabolism and burn more calories.
If you have no contraindications, eat foods high in fiber. Usually, they are lower in calories and allow you to feel full for a long time.
If you can’t start doing sports right away, try light physical activity first. Hiking is a great way to lose weight.
If you find it difficult to eliminate certain foods from your diet, start by ADDING healthy foods that you have not eaten before. I.e., do not force yourself to give up something, but gradually replace the harmful with the useful.

Does Duromine increase metabolism?

Duromine does not affect your metabolism, so the principle of the drug action is a bit different. The active substance of Duromine, phentermine, causes the release of norepinephrine into the brain.

This neurotransmitter helps suppress appetite, increase focus, intensify oxygen and nutrient circulation throughout the body, and reduce hunger.

Then why don’t we constantly lose weight due to stressful situations, fear when we are nervous, or engage in energy-requiring activities?

It is because norepinephrine is retained in the body for only a few seconds and then broken down.

The phentermine in Duromine causes a gentle release of norepinephrine, triggers fat burning, and counteracts the body’s natural resistance to weight loss throughout the day.

How to increase the effects of Duromine?

  • How to make Duromine work faster?

Use the correct dosage of Duromine. Take the drug once a day before breakfast. If you forget to take a tablet before breakfast, you can take the pill no later than mid-day.
Increase your physical activity. To maximize the drug’s effect – exercise at least three times a week, for at least half an hour each time. If possible, gradually increase the number of your workouts up to five times a week, alternating between aerobic strength exercises. But in this case, be sure to monitor your well-being, and with an increase in pressure or changes in heart rate, reduce the load.
Change your diet. The food you eat can either interfere with or help Duromine build your new body. Eat plenty of protein and healthy carbs, and stay away from foods high in sugar, salt, and fat.
Pay attention to how you feel and tell your doctor about any sudden changes or side effects you notice. Some side effects disappear quickly or do not appear at all, while other side effects can lead to discontinuation of the drug or a decrease in dosage.

Duromine: how fast does it work?

  • How quickly does Duromine work?

Like many other drugs, Duromine may not have an immediate effect. Sometimes it is necessary to take it for several days until you feel its impact. In most cases, it starts working on the very first day of use.

After oral administration, phentermine reaches its peak concentration in 3-4.4 hours. The half-life of the drug is about 25 hours.

You may suddenly realize that you are not hungry and your activity has increased. It is one of the signs the drug is working.

Great, you have already started to lose weight!


The safest way to take Duromine:

Don’t rush the process;
Monitor nutrition and macronutrient balance;
Don’t forget about physical activity;
Monitor your health;
Don’t miss your doctor’s appointments or routine check-ups.


8 thoughts on “How to lose weight fast on Duromine”
  1. This is super informative! What worked for me was slowly adding healthy foods to my meals, instead of just focusing on eliminating the unhealthy ones. It made the transition smoother for me.

  2. Is it really possible to intensify the effect of the drug? Then why duromin at all if you still need to watch your diet and exercise…

    • Hi Ricky, that’s an excellent question!

      Duromine is indeed a tool to help in the weight loss process, but it’s not a magic bullet. It works by reducing appetite and helping you feel full faster, which can assist in consuming fewer calories.
      However, it’s important to understand that sustainable weight loss is usually achieved through a combination of lifestyle changes, including a balanced diet and regular exercise.

      Think of Duromine more as a booster to support your weight loss efforts rather than a standalone solution. It can be particularly helpful for people who have a lot of weight to lose or have had trouble losing weight with diet and exercise alone.
      I hope this clarifies things a bit!))

    • I went the way of losing weight, using Duromine and I can definitely say that without discipline and control miracles will not happen. the process of losing weight involves certain changes in life, whether you want it or not.

      • I totally agree with you. I lost 12 kilos and it wouldn’t have happened without training. And I didn’t do any grueling workouts at the gym. I did a short morning workout every day.

        • Great results! You are absolutely right about training – it doesn’t have to be grueling. It can be a daily workout, pilates, or even dancing. The choice of workouts depends on your current situation and the results you want to achieve!

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