will duromine show on a drug test

Duromine drug test

Ellen Moran

Ellen Moran


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– Updated October 27, 2021

You might have seen online reviews about people who faced a positive drug screening test result while being on Duromine. 

If you take Duromine and know that you need to be tested for drugs from time to time, no matter the reason, it is natural to wonder whether your test will show positive, as well.

The good news is that these positive results are false-positive since Duromine is not a narcotic substance. 

The bad news is that the test simply shows positive, and there is no way for the officer or the lab to know that you’re not a drug addict, and are simply on a slimming course.

Let’s first deal with the notion of ‘false-positive test result’. A false-positive result means that the test has detected the presence of drugs in your body, even though you have not taken them. You should be aware that medications, food, and other substances can cause false positive drug test results.

Does Duromine come up in a drug test?

As already mentioned, it might. Why? Because the active substance of Duromine is Phentermine. It is an amphetamine-like substance, and it’s the main reason for its detection in the test.

FYI, the medication is classified as a controlled prescription substance in many countries of the world.

The drug tests are aimed at detecting various narcotic substances, such as:

amphetamines / methamphetamines,






Hence, the positive results.

Will Duromine affect drug screening?

The active ingredient of this medicine – Phentermine can be found in blood, urine, and hair. 

The ToxWipe 7 (Saliva) Amphetamine Test or Surestep Instant Cup – DGE with Saliva and Urine Screening is the most common test in the workplace or when tested by police officers.

The half-life of Duromine is about 20 hours and it takes 4 to 5 days to completely remove traces of the drug from the body.

Blood – Phentermine is detected by a blood test within 24 hours after use.

Urine – A urine test shows false-positive results within one to four days. It is necessary to stop taking Duromine one week before the drug test. Rest assured it won’t show up on the test.

Hair – Hair follicle drug test can detect the active substance of these weight loss pills even after a few months.

Does Duromine show up in a roadside drug test?

There are confirmed reports that a roadside drug test done by the police on a driver who uses the appetite suppressant containing Phentermine, gives false-positive results for illegal drugs.

What happens in this situation? 

The driver claims the reason for these results to be the use of prescription medicine, which does not affect his ability to drive. The police officer has two options, such as:

apply a driving ban

send the driver for a lab test.

However, you can solve this problem on the spot if you have a prescription for Duromine and ask for a more accurate examination because cheap drug tests are not very precise. 

So… are you sure you haven’t taken anything other than Duromine weight loss pills? 

If you are, you can ask for re-testing and prove that you are not using any narcotics.


There are professions in which the use of Duromine (along with many medicines) is prohibited. But to avoid possible problems, you need to have:

a letter from your doctor stating that you are taking Duromine as a part of a weight loss program;

a copy of the recipe in the car or a photo of it on your mobile phone.


6 thoughts on “Duromine drug test”
  1. Wait, so if I’m on Duromine, I could test positive for drugs??? That’s not cool… Why isn’t there a test that can differentiate between a diet pill and actual illegal substances?

    • I’m not a professional, but from what I understand, the issue is that Duromine contains a substance called Phentermine which is amphetamine-like.

      • Sylas, you’re right. Drug tests are designed to identify certain substances, and unfortunately, they can’t always tell the difference between a prescription drug and an illicit drug if they’re chemically similar. That’s why it’s essential for people on medication like Duromine to inform the relevant authorities about their prescription to prevent any misunderstandings. 🙂

  2. I think the key takeaway is to always have your prescription handy if you’re taking Duromine and know you might be subject to a drug test.

  3. I had a bad situation at work because of a drug test… I was taking duroin at the time. Since then I warned my employers and always carried a prescription with me

  4. All great insights! The key is clear communication with your doctor, employer, and any relevant authorities. In the case of Duromine, having your prescription and a letter from your doctor readily available could save you from any potential misunderstandings. Don’t hesitate to ask your healthcare provider any questions you may have about how the medication might affect drug test results. Your health and peace of mind should always come first!👍

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